Thursday, October 25, 2007

No way I'm giving them another coat lah!

Che-cheh wants me to show her these pilots after I've finished painting them so here they are. Don't laugh at my skill ya, I'm just a novice and this is the first time I've painted something so small!

Took me a couple of hours to paint them both, one to sit in the cockpit and the other just standing there. I did my best not to shake my hands when I paint but from here they look okay lah hor.

But if you look closer they look shocking; pretty crappy job! So hard to paint such small objects lah, my hands were shaking so uncontrollably leh. Had to use magnifying glass summore.

Also painted the back as well, I think the back look better than the front but the jumpsuits look like they need a second coat. No way I'm giving them another coat lah!


Etchen said...

They look great! How long did those take?

Che-Cheh said...

Not bad wor. But like you said, the jumpsuits need another coating la.

me said...

no woh. up close also look ok woh.

keeyit said...

wah.. not bad ma.. orange color is sharp to match your X-wing fighter..

You can even paint the goggles.. so tiny.. |*salute*|

back side also got white lines somemore.. :P

Wuching said...

etchen: took me all night!

che-cheh: dunwan! so hard to paint!

me: tenkiu! tenkiu! *flutter eye lashes*

keeyit: coz i follow instruction to the tee!