Saturday, October 20, 2007

Finding a mailbox

I think it’s time I get a proper mailbox for my house. Everyday I find my mails strewn all over the ground in the front yard. All I have is a make shift mail box I made from a box I knocked up with a couple of plywood. It’s no wonder the postman wouldn’t put the mails in it because it doesn’t even slightly resemble a mailbox.

So I was looking for a mailbox on the internet when I came across where you can find all sorts of mailboxes like residential mailboxes and commercial mailboxes. You can find something simple as a slot in the door to a grand multi-unit mailbox with post. Commercial mailboxes have even more choices with single security locking mailbox to 4C horizontal mailboxes that can house many units. They even have curbside decors and address plagues as well. As for me I’m just going to get myself a wall mounted mailbox to keep my postman happy.

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