Saturday, October 06, 2007

Mountain Ghosts

I'm trying very hard to remember an old grandma story that I heard from a few people when I was very little back in Malaysia. I think a lot of people would know this story but I just cannot remember everything about it. I hope you do so you can tell me about it too coz I tried asking my mum again about it but she said she cannot remember it either.

I think we used to call them "mountain ghosts" literally translated from Chinese. They are little child spirits that live in the mountains or forests and like to play with little children. When children went missing back then these so called mountain ghosts were to blame.

They would take the child into the forest to play
and feed them frogs but the child would be blinded by them and thought they're eating chicken instead. They would also plug mud into the child's ears so they can't hear people calling for them when they come looking. But after a few days these mountain ghosts would usually release the child when they're tired playing with them. That's why when the grown ups find the missing child he or she would be all covered with mud because the mountain ghosts did that to them!


clement said...

isn't that where the term si kui kia comes from?

mama bok said...

Eeeeewwwkkk..!! eerie..!!

Jonzz said...

Wah, you have so many types of ghost stories!

Helen said...

Children today got nothing to fear. The garmen are tearing down the forests like no tomorrow..;-(

Wuching said...

clement: is it? i dunno

mama bok: like a scary story?

jonzz: not anymore, i forgot lots of them

helen: then there's always the urban ghosts!