Saturday, October 20, 2007

What have I done today?

OMG! It's 5.45 pm and what have I been doing all day? Let's see...I woke up around 7.30 am, had breakfast, wrote paid posts, work on my scale model, vacuumed and mop the floor, changed the fish tank's water, water the garden, wrote more paid posts, worked on my scale model again, wrote more paid posts, worked on my scale model again and am now writing this!

I'm still in my pyjama that I wore last night and haven't had my morning shower yet though it's evening now. Where have the time gone? It's so much fun doing the scale model that I've started to neglect my blogs. Shame on me...but I still managed to write lots of paid posts though. Have to get paid so I can get more model kits!


mama bok said...

Shame..! shame .. you ..!! that would be what my brat would say.. muahahahahha!!
Well.. shame .. shame me too..! i didn't do half as much as you did.. muahahah!

Wuching said...

mama bok: never mind lah...weekends are supposed to be for doing nothing leh