Saturday, October 06, 2007

Lunch was good

Well lunch was good, we had ciabatta toasts with shaved Virginian ham, avocado and tomatoes. Yummy...we're going to see the accountant later and to hand over some paperworks and his fees for doing our taxes. We've been using the same accountant to do our taxes for many years now. He's an Italian Australian and his wife was from Malaysia.

We're expecting some refunds from the tax department this year so I can hardly wait. Hmmm...what should we do with the refunds? Spend it on more Star Wars figurines? Maybe but most likely we'll need it to pay off the credit cards since we put everything on the credit cards nowadays. They earn us Flybuys points but we need to be careful we don't overspend.

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mama bok said...

We never ever get any tax refund..! suxs..! big time..!