Saturday, October 20, 2007

Back's playing up

Damn! My back's playing up again. Must be all the carrying buckets of water that I've been doing. It hasn't been raining recently so I have to resort to grey water from my showers to water the garden. Well I have to keep doing it if I don't want the garden to suffer.

Speaking of which one of the waratahs I planted isn't doing too well. It has a few yellowing leaves and falling off. Could be hungry for water? But I thought they don't like too much water. I've poured in heaps of water today and will be keeping an eye on it. Hope it'll pull through, fingers crossed.


mama bok said...

Well.. hope the back gets better soon..! suxs to have back pain..!

Wuching said...

mama bok: yes it'll come always does

Bengbeng said...

you have to do back exercises to strengthen yr back. there is no other way. if you don't take care, it might get progressively worse. my back pain is no longer there.

it comes with specially targeted exercises