Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Larling I lafu you!

This is a special post for the competition held by Lilian Chan. Sorry ya larling, I didn't know you were having a competition, now I know I must give face lah...I dun care if I no win coz I want to support you only! kekekekeke

So what should I talk about? Oh yes, I wanna talk about Lilian lor; despite what she calls herself as the most obnoxious blogger and what her enemies call her she's actually the best friend anyone can have. If there's one good thing that came out of my blogging it's finding a friend in her. I'm so glad I met Lilian nearly 3 years ago now. We started off on the wrong foot when I commented on one of her post which she found disagreeable. But like what us chinese say; no fight no friend lah so now I can say she's one of my closet blogger friends.

My wife saw those love hearts curtains she posted not long ago and straight away she also wanted. So die die I also must beg Lilian to get for me lor..and Lilian being the angel that she is went and bought 5 for me and shipped them over as well! So you say lah, she good friend onot? Larling I lafu you! *muaks*

So go enter the competition also & give her face! Go now quick!

1 comment: said... ping PPS somemore. Later all my angmohs boyprens jeles..How lah.