Thursday, November 01, 2007

Yau mou kau cho ah?

This morning I had to go see a doctor near my work. My Achilles tendon was killing me with sharp pain and its been going on for 3 days. Last night it got better but when I woke up this morning the pain returned. Plus after I've carried bucket loads of water down from the shower upstairs it got worse so I thought it must've been the strenuous water carrying that caused it.

However the doctor didn't think it was the carrying water that caused it. She diagnosed it as tendinitis and prescribed me with some anti-inflammatory tablets. She said to just take it for about 5 days and my tendon should be back to its old self.

I went to buy my tablets from the pharmacy next door but the instruction on the bottle from the pharmacist was to take these tablets until finished. Ha? There's 50 tablets in the bottle and I can only take 2 tablets a day so it will take me 25 days to finish the bottle! Yau mou kau cho ah?


Helen said...

I swear by voltaren too. I don't see the doctor. I just buy it from the pharmacy. Usually 2 days for me. lol

Che-Cheh said...

Don't eat all yo...just take the right amount until your tendinitis heal.

droooldirectory said...

the medic company sure want you to eat more la, then only they could get more sales ma

Wuching said...

helen: it really works; i'm all good now!

che-cheh: i feel fine now, can i stop now?

droooldirectory: yalor...& that pharmacist must get kickbacks also!

mama bok said...

Unless they are anti-biotics.. i never finished my medication. Stop as soon as the pain goes away for me.. ;)