Thursday, November 29, 2007

All for $30

At work we use Fiskars scissors a lot. They are good scissors; easy on the hands and good for cutting but there's a spring in the scissor that keeps breaking all the time. We have 5 of these scissors all with broken springs but they do have limited lifetime warranty on them.

The kiamsiap boss sent Mrs. kiamsiap boss to buy another pair today but later found the office of this scissors' company so he called them up. To everyone' delight the company decided to send over 5 springs to replace the broken springs. Everyone's happy and the kiamsiap boss decided to return the new scissor he bought today. Not after he's opened the packaging and used it already. He's going to attempt to re-pack it back into its original packaging, held with sticky tapes...all for $30. Kiamsiap to the max!


mama bok said...

Muahhaha!! i really admire your kiamsiap boss.. ! seriously.. i wished i could be like this too..!

Che-Cheh said...

maybe business no good he must be kiapsiap all the time.

Wuching said...

mama bok: they're worse than any tight ass ppl I've ever known

che-cheh: nolah, he's naturally lidat one