Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Melbourne Cup Day

Its Melbourne Cup Day today the reason for my 4 day weekend which ends today. Didn't expect me to say this but I'm quite glad to be going back to work tomorrow because I've been cooped up at home these 4 days doing not much at all.

But surprisingly I've done the most in these 4 days; I managed to wash the 2 cars, mowed the lawns front and backyard, did a bit of gardening, write a couple of paid posts and did a bit of scale modeling also.

Its a 3 day week this week so the working week is going to fly through real quick and before I know it it'll be the weekend again!


everydayhealy said...

Oh1 hre in Malaysia has public holiday. It's Deepavali tomorrow. :)

Anyway, you've got tag. Check it out, k?

Serenity said...

Melbourne Cup time. i bet they must be showing reruns of Phar Lap on Aussie TV? i thot i had escape Phar Lap but it's Sea Biscuit for me these days. haha!

Wuching said...

everyday healy: happy deeper valley!

serenity: no after sea biscuit came out they don't show phar lap anymore