Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Is the unit at your house?

This morning I got a call from the air con installer. He said he had a cancellation this afternoon so he can do my job this afternoon. Yippee! "That's great, when are you coming?" I asked him to which he asked "Is the unit at your house?"

I said no, I said the salesman said the installer will pick up the unit from the shop when he comes to install it. Then the installer said he'll call the shop first and I just wait for him to call back. That was this morning, I have yet to receive another call from the installer. So you say leh, tulan onot? Potong stim nia, I thought I'll get my air con install today but then I get disappointed liao. KNNCCB.


Helen said...

Air cond sure syiok... is it in your bedroom or studyroom?

Ianfluenza said...

Air con in your toilet? Damn leung song while you pang sai?

Wuching said...

helen: its for bedroom so we can do it everyday even when its hot outside!

ianfluenza: not in the toilet lah