Monday, November 05, 2007

Condor Options

Are you into options trading but tired of non-performance? Maybe you just need a little help from Condor Options who can provide you with an options trading newsletter service that helps you generate consistent 10% monthly returns which will compound to grow your account. All it takes is 10 minutes a week and their strategy is using iron condors like professional options traders do and now they’re recruiting new members.

Condor Options trade the iron condor once a month so you won’t be bogged down with complex variations of options strategies and confusing trades to implement. They will email you every trade alert so you won’t miss out on new trade or update. You can also read all about the alerts in their subscribers-only weblog and their market commentary and strategic analysis. Recruitment of new members is limited to 50 members so get in quick so you won’t miss out on this good opportunity.

1 comment:

Brad F said...


These guys are very unprofessional and unethical!
First, if you cancel they continue to bill you and REFUSE to reimburse you! Second, they go into unprofessional rants about their competition. They name call and slander, it get’s pretty intense. I did not sign up for that. Third, they have nothing to offer. If the market goes against you they offer no advice on how to hedge your position. Just sit back and loooose, you do not have to pay $139 a month for that!