Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Its here!

This morning I was lucky to be still at home when the postman came or else I'd have to pick up my parcel from the post office again. Its the Slave 1 scale model kit I've been waiting from Japan and its finally here.

It took 20 days for it to arrive where as the last parcel I received from them was sent via EMS and took 3 days only so I must remind myself not to send via SAL anymore.

This is a popular kit modelers around the world are raving about and it is twice as large as the other models I've made even though the ratio is 1:72. Anyway looks like I'll be having a lot of fun with this one but I won't start on it till I finish the snowspeeder I'm still working on.


Etchen said...

Exactly how many parts are in that? That looks hard!

Wuching said...

there are over 100 parts!