Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Three days have gone past and we haven't done much. I have my scale model to work on while Terese likes to read her books. So tonight we thought we go out to eat just to get out of the house a bit.

We went to our favorite eatery in Richmond and we ordered soups for starters. Terese ordered the Vietnamese sweet and sour prawns. She likes soups like that but it's a bit too sour for me.

I'm a wooz, I prefer something tame like asparagus and crab meat soup. Tastes good but it's can soup I believe. For $4 they're not going to cook fresh one lah. Then we had crispy skin chicken and seafood hot pot with rice. Too hungry to take anymore picture sorry ya!


Serenity said...

i would go for the asparagus/crab meat soup too. haha! i know...u thot all girls are into sourish stuff but not me. terese's soup looks good too though.

mama bok said...

Hahhaha!! you wuss..!! muahahha!!

Wuching said...

serenity: goodie, you're my friend then

mamabok: yalor, i'm big time wuz!