Friday, November 16, 2007

$990 to repair the ceiling

Did I tell you the repairman came to check out the hole in my laundry room before? Well he did and today I got a call from the insurance company telling me that they've been quoted $990 to fix the ceiling!

So it looks like its worth me spending $200 for excess to claim this repair. I have decided to go with the claim and let the professional do it. This way I can blog on the repair! All I'm waiting on now is a call from the repairer to make a time.


Helen said...

Now aren't you glad you bought insurance now? :-P

mama bok said...

Insurance is great.. when you can get money back.. mauhahaha!!

Che-Cheh said...

Wahhhh lucky you!

Wuching said...

helen: yes i am

mama bok: i don't actually get any money, they pay for the repair thats all

che-cheh: not lucky lah