Thursday, October 04, 2007

You scratch my back...

This is great! I'm using my work's PC to download bittorent movies overnight after work and they're all good quality recent movies. On top of that my boss is okay with it because I'm also downloading movies he wants for his grandchildren so it's a matter of you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours.

Recently the boss has been naughty; first this movie downloads and next was DVD copying and he has asked me to help him do it. He watches those classical music concerts DVD which bore the hell out of me but I don't mind helping him because like I scratch me back... But the problem is there's only one laptop in the whole office that has a DVD burner and the boss' wife has it. Sometimes she doesn't come in so I can't do the DVD copying then. It's taken nearly 2 weeks and still I haven't copy any DVD for them. Never mind, if they want it they will have to let me full use of that laptop because I'm not taking them home to copy!

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mama bok said...

Yalor..! donch bring home.. otherwise.. he would expect it everytime.. and then you very the sian lor..!