Wednesday, November 30, 2005

XiaXue & Kenny Sia Made It To Australia!

I've always thought I'll be safe in Australia from the hoo haa of XiaXue and Kenny Sia. Imagine my surprise this morning!
What a shock I got this morning when I opened my Herald Sun newspaper to be greeted with a picture of XiaXue and Kenny Sia! The thing is the article doesn't even relates to the picture! Some dimwit journalist obviously thinks XiaXue is hot so had decided to use her photo in his article, Kenny just came in for the ride..So I guess if they can appear in an Australian newspaper, they must be doing OK then. Well good luck to them!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Did Someone Drop One Of His Balls?

Did Someone Drop One Of His Balls? Would the owner please come to claim it at the City Square.
Bring your other ball so we can do a positive id of the matching ball. If no one claims it, it will be removed after Christmas. Thank you for your attention. Please continue blogging.

Monday, November 28, 2005

The New Improved Melbourne Central

Melbourne Central used to be the center of the universe of retail therapies for Melbourne shoppers.A few years ago with the demise of Daimaru department store and the development of Southbank, it suffered and shoppers dwindled away. But recently the place has undergone a major overhaul and business is slowly returning.
Hoyts Cinemas Complex is the latest tenant here along with many other variety stores. Even the musical clock was taken off and undergone some refurbishment and repair and now is back on its rightful place. The clock is very popular with everyone both the locals as well as the tourists with its music playing every hour on the hour.

The Shot Tower is still there, the original building before the complex was built over it and a glass cone was built to cover the whole tower. It was good to come back here for a stroll, haven't been here for quite some times myself..

Sunday, November 27, 2005

No Photos Please!

Myer in the city has a whole level dedicated to Christmas and today I decided to capture some of these wonderful displays for my readers..As soon as you step out of the elevator, you're greeted with all these wonderfully decorated christmas trees and lights..
I was busy snapping away with my camera when a salesgirl came up to me and told me that I'm not allowed to take any photos here! No photos? Where's the christmas spirits gone? Did you think I'm a spy from one of your competitors? Or maybe you think I'm a terrorist taking surveillance photos of your elves and santas so I can bomb them later?

I've seen people taking photos inside the store too but I didn't see anyone stopping them so why me? Do I look like a suspicious character? Wait a minute, some guy taking pictures in department store..yes, I'm not surprised you think I'm weird!

Ok so if Myer doesn't want to play I'll just leave. It's no big deal, with the threat of terrorism and privacy issues going on at the moment, people are getting very suspicious of everyone.

So I went to the National Gallery of Victoria to check out some arty-farty stuffs coz its free to enter..

Of course knowing me I just can't resist taking more photos of the exhibits when a security guard came up to me and said "No photos please!" This has not been a good day for me, getting told to put my camera away twice in one day is just not fun. What you think I've come to take photos of your exhibits so I can make counterfeit copies to sell in the black markets? You think I'm a art fraudster? A boot-legger? A terrorist? A commercial spy? No man, I'm just a humble blogger looking for materials for my next post and I think I've got it.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Guess who's coming...

My apologies to my regular readers for the lack of updates recently partly due to my busy schedules and laziness!
I'm currently busy at work as well as busy at home because some family members consisting of my mother, my brother and his wife with their 2 daughters will be coming to stay over in December. Basically I've been rearranging the whole house around to accomodate the extra guests!

I've just moved all my computer equipments downstair and setup everything and next will be cleaning up the rooms for them! It's hard work! Hard work!

OK..gotta go, more work, no rest for the wicked! Will try to update as soon as everything's a bit settled..

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

More Christmas Displays...

Here's more pictures of the Myer windows christmas displays that I took when I was in the city last week..That's Myer on the left in the Bourke Street Mall with the christmas decorations.
I don't know who these are but they are kind of cute..maybe you can enlighten me!
Part of the Santa Kid displays..the little princesses I think..
...and the nice doggies!
Mother Mary and Baby Jesus.
Damnit..who the f**k is this guy blocking my view of the elves infront of the windows displays!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

The Kid Who Saved Christmas

I like to call this a follow-up post to the post I did 2 days ago about Santa quiting on Christmas. In this post you will find out why Santa Claus lost his belief in Christmas and how a little girl named Chrissy saved Christmas from the Giant Corporation. These pictures are taken from the Myer Christmas Window Display and the story is based on the new book by James Patterson called Santa Kid. You can also view a short video clip of the display here. I hope you enjoy this post as much as I enjoy putting it together for you!This is a story about a little girl called Chrissy and how she saved Christmas from the Giant Corporation.
Chrissy loves Christmas and today she's going to see Santa Claus with Rudolph the red nose reindeer and one of Santa's elves.
This is Vernon Ransom the CEO of Exmas Express who has flown into the North Pole to buy it off together with Santa's Toy Factory and Christmas itself!
When the elves in Santa's Toy Factory heard about the news on the television they were devastated because things are going to change for the worse!
The new boss brought with him sweeping industrial changes, everything is all about dollar and cents now, profit margins and cost cutting!
The new boss made the elves work double and sometimes even triple shifts and forced them to use poor quality materials to make their toys. Soon all the elves lost their morales and productivity drops too!
Chrissy saw what had happened and decided to ask Santa for help but Santa Claus doesn't believe in Christmas anymore after Vernon Ransom bought over North Pole. He just spends his times sleeping all day!
With Santa out of the picture, Vernon Ransom has plans to send the presents out of the North Pole by trucks but the trucks were stuck in heavy snow..looks like the children are not going to get any presents this year and Vernon just got really mad!
Chrissy could not stand by and let Christmas go down the drain so she decided to deliver the presents to the children herself! Much to the disgust of Vernon Ransom.
So with great courage and determination, Chrissy delivered all the presents that Christmas eve with the help of Rudolph and all the other reindeers!
And all the children in the world found their presents under the Christmas tree that Christmas morning!
Santa was so happy with what Chrissy had done that it restored his belief in Christmas again! So on Christmas day Chrissy, Rudolph, Santa and all the elves had a wonderful Christmas!

With Santa believing in Christmas again he vowed to stay on as head of North Pole and all the elves cheered "Merry Christmas Everybody!!!"

Saturday, November 19, 2005

It's Begining To Feel Like Christmas...

What did we do today? Well..we went to the Federation Square in the evening taking advantage of the extra daylights thanks to daylight saving.
There was a Turkish festival going on with a Turkish band playing Turkish music and singing Turkish songs.
We had dinner at one of the nice restaurants there called Chinotto and we had antipasto and spicy chicken pizza washing them down with apple juice and ice lemon tea. It was good...

When it started to get dark around 8.30 pm they turned on the lights for the Christmas Tree! Christmas spirit is creeping up everywhere in the city..only 5 more weeks till Christmas boys and girls!

Friday, November 18, 2005

Santa's Gone On Strike

Santa Claus has gone on strike! He's had enough and left so he won't be coming back any sooner!
He's sick of whining children, he's sick of spoilt little brats wanting this and that and he's sick of kids crying and chucking vomits on him when they sit on his laps! But most of all he's sick of parents telling the kids what to ask for their presents and instructing Santa what to tell the kids they should be getting this Christmas! He's just sick of everything, he wants out, he wants a new career but bringing presents to children is all he's good at so he's gone on strike and no one cares.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Women And Shoes

What can I say about women and shoes or rather their obsession with shoes. Kmart is having a 20% off footwears sale today so a trip down to Kmart is a MUST after work.

Fine, got there and start rumaging through all the shoes. Every female customers have to rumage through these shoes and made a mess everywhere for the staff to clean up.

Man: Right, find a pair you like so we can go?

( No!)

Woman: This pair looks nice but doesn't have the right colour..

I rather like that one but they don't have my size..

What do you think, should I get this one or that?

Man: How would I know? I'm no shoe expert, just get both then!

Woman: Let me have another look around.

(Man rolled eyes)

Moral of the story is; gentlemen, let your women shop for shoes by themselves and you go do something else! And ladies, don't bring your men shopping with you, just his credit cards!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Tis The Season To Part With Your Money...

Tonight Myer Department Store is opened till 9.00 pm so they can have a special Christmas sale! Stores normally close at 5.30 pm here except for Thursdays and Fridays so this is a big deal to us!So we decided to check it out but we got there early and business was quite slow.
There are many discounted merchandises to lure customers to part with their money!
One department that interests me is their Christmas decorations department which reminds me of a couple of posts Ashk1n did some time back so I thought to myself I have to do one too to get into the spirit of Christmas!
This Myer store I'm in is just a suburban store which mean its not as big as the city's store which have more to see as was in Ash's post.
Despite being small they still have the decorations needed to tempt you to buy, buy, buy!
Its just not Christmas without the christmas tree and its balls!
More decorations.
Gotta have the 3 wise kings.
I think Santa's lost some weight this year, maybe Mrs Clause left him with one of his elves and nobody cook for Santa all year.

We didn't stay long after buying a couple of "little" things before we went home..nothing exciting at all.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Let's Shoot Some Animals..

Sunday was a beautiful day, not cold and not too hot, a good day to go shoot some animals..with my camera!Haven't been to the zoo in years and since they've a promotional reduced entry fee we thought we go for a day out at the Melbourne Zoological Gardens.
As soon as we got there I had my camera ready to shoot all the animals we see, starting with this hippopotamus wallowing in the mud like a dirty pig.
Next is the Red Panda sleeping all day in the tree.
Another lazy primate..
Some queer looking monkey with long white coat and tail.
Santan the old orang-utan.
A tree kangaroo chewing on some leaves.
Brother Bear..
Gay tortoises...
A rattle snake trying to escape from its cage.
A gecko trying to warm itself from the lamp.
Baby crocodiles.
Slithery snakes...
Sleeping wombat in its burrow.
An echidna that's sort of like a porcupine.
A wallaby(kangaroo) eating some carrots.
Giraffes, the tallest animals in the zoo.
Asian otters foraging for food.
A colourful cock?
Pelicans on the island.
A Butterfly in the butterfly enclosure.
Baby elephant eating grass.
A silverback gorrilla, the alpha male of the gorrilla group.

Last but not least the meercat sentry watching out for danger.