Thursday, May 31, 2007

Regain your independence

As we grow older and less mobile or if a family member has a disability that hinders our daily life it’s time to consider getting a new single storey house so we don’t have to walk up and down the stairs or alternatively we could just install stairlifts in our home thus giving us the freedom and independence without the hassle of moving from the home we’ve so grown attached to all our lives.

There are a few stairlifts to choose from when deciding on the ones to get like a straight stairlift which is the simplest of all that travels from downstairs to upstairs in one direction. Then there’s the curved type for staircases that are curved if you have a few floors. There’s also the outdoor type that can withstand the elements and even ones that let you stand as well as sit on them. So it might pay to do a bit of enquiry before you purchase and the best place to ask is at You might even be able to get a reconditioned one at a cheaper price if money is an issue.

No more dry skin

Winter is here and I can feel the cold and dryness in the air. With the heater on inside the house no wonder my skin is drying out like nobody’s business not to mention the dry sore throat and itchy skin! But there is a solution to this problem and that is to get a humidifier to bring back some moisture into our house.

Before we jump the gun and go out and buy ourselves a humidifier it pays to do a little homework on what types of humidifier to get and this site I found has all that you need to know about them. There are different type to choose from like warm or cool and your personal choice will decide ultimately what you want. There’s also the different features you should look for in a humidifier like whether it has a built in humidity meter, ease of use, noise level, water indicator, speed settings and automatic shut off system. There’s also consideration on whether to get a single room humidifier or one for the whole house and also the brands like Aprilaire, Holmes, Honeywell or the Hunter carefree humidifiers. Sounds daunting but will make it easy for you.


Wednesday, May 30, 2007

One Two Three Four Hi 5!

Criz Lai tagged me with this Hi 5 meme so c'mon let's together gather sing along to the Hi 5 song now; One Two Three Four Hi 5! One Two Three Four Hi 5!

5 things found in your bag
Chey! I'm not a woman so I don't carry a bag and no I don't even carry a man bag either! OKlah I do have a backpack that I carry around with me when I go out sometimes lah so;

1) My silver tripod I bought secondhand from the Salvation Army Opp Shop which is broken now! The blardy screw that screws onto the camera is 'screw loose' ledi so the camera sits on top but wobbly wobbly lidat how to shoot steady?

2) My Gorillapod which is better than that stewpig silver tripod I mentioned in #1 but I don't get to use it often enough. Best $40 I've spent on my camera accessories.

3) A small Clinique cosmetic bag Terese gave me to put all my little USB cables, phone charger, USB stick, battery charger, phone earpiece, etc, etc...

4) My Traveler DV5040 mini DV camera I bought from Aldi for $179, great little camera but best use in bright light or else too dark cannot see anything. Too bad I don't use it too often, not even for home video!

5) My double sided dildo...oops! lau chui!

5 things found in your purse/wallet
Aiyo why you wanna know what's in my wallet oh? So kaypo can die! I'll tell you but I'll have to kill you later so;

1) My driver's lesen lah, you want to see my pikchure onot?

2) My credit cards lah, you want to know the credit card nombor?

3) My Flybuy card, video rental card and Medicare card lor though why i bother carrying the Medicare card I also dunno since I use it only once in a blue moon.

4) Lots and lots of cold hard cash in denomination of hundreds, fifties, twenties and fivers. Oh, that's from my wishlist meme, dunno why it got mixed in here.

5) My unopened specially 'ribbed' for pleasure and more satisfaction condom from my bujang lapok years. Oh wait, it's not...just my satchet of viagra tablets.

5 favourite things in your room

Apalah lu! Now moving into my bedroom pulak! I shy shy wor...

1) My jockstraps and thongs in my top linen drawer.

2) My personal lubricant.
3) My secondhand iPiaoMei I bought from Tan Sri Linpeh.

4) My collection of ladies underwears.
5) My money hidden under the bed.

5 things you’ve always wanted to do
Why? You wanna do with me issit?

1) Ménage à Troi
2) Go to Mars

3) Win Malaysian Idol, Singapore Idol and Australian Idol.

4) Perform miracles like Yehsou.
5) Live my life from the start again.

5 things YOU currently into

Oh so you can help right?
1) Blogging lor.
2) Eating lor.

3) Sleeping lor.

4) Pangsai lor.

5) Tah Fei Kei lor.

5 people WANT TO tag comes the fun part;
1) 5xmom again, don't care if she done or not done before.

2) Dabido again coz he good sport wan.

3) Clement lor coz its revenge!

4) Kayatan coz she didn't do my last tag.

5) Neo just becoz he foochow mah.

Get A Better Deal On Your Credit Card

So how long have you had your current credit card with your bank? And how much are they charging you on interest? If you think you’re getting a raw deal from your bank then you might want to consider a different credit card deal that charges less than what you’re paying now.

Heard of Mint Credit Cards? They have a very attractive introductory offer going on right now and recently just lowered their typical APR to 14.9% only! This fantastic deal won’t last for long so grab it now while you can, you can apply online at to get your special deal. You get 56 day interest-free period on purchases and shop securely online with your new Mint Credit Card.


Nothing To Post How?

Aiya, today I have nothing to post lah so just chin chai chin chai post can onot? Can lah coz I very the boring life one wor, nothing sexciting ever happen in my life, just blogging and collecting Star Wars figurines only wor.

All you Star Wars fansees out there, did you know that last Friday the whole world celebrated the 30th analversary of the first Star Wars movie? Yes, 30 years ago in a cinema not so far away from you...Star Wars came into our life and stayed there till today! There were plenty of Star Wars parties going on over the weekend but if you ask if I went onot...sorry lah, I'm not that crazy yet.

I'm not as crazy as these people are of Star Wars. They live their lives through Star Wars and I bet when they filled out their census forms the last time they put down Jedi as their religions also! The Force is indeed strong with them.

But then hor, today during lunch hor, I went to buy lunch but came back with this figurine of Princess Leia. Judging by the condition of the box this item has been on the shelf for gawd knows how long so they reduced the price to $8.50 but I tell you a secret hor, this is considered vintage liao!

And with vintage collectibles lidis for sure can fetch more money than what I pay for on Ebay wan lah. Doesn't matter the box not nice anymore but the figurine still good so can still fetch good price! So, how much you wanna pay for this? I'll take bids now...

And then lastly hor, just now when Terese asked me to go to the butcher to get some minced pork and look what I also brought back, this one spesel comic book pack one, got 2 figurines and 1 comic book summore. Reason I got it is becoz of the clone trooper lah coz you oredi know I like to collect them so when I saw this spesel ARC clone trooper I want liao! OK lah, I go read the comic book now...hopefully tomolo I have something to post.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Optimise Your Site

So you have a business and decide that you want to sell your products or services online. You buy a domain name; get some web hosting and a great web designer to create this fantastic website. The website is complete; it has your company logo, colours and looks very professional. You launch the website and wait for the sales to roll in, however this never happens. Weeks go by and still no visitors to the site; you wonder what could be wrong?

Many small businesses that enter the online scene don't realise that having a website does not automatically mean it will be found by search engines. What needs to be done is to put your website in front of these people that are actively searching online for your service or product. This process is better known as search engine optimisation and is offered by Melbourne IT.

Melbourne IT offers search engine optimisation solutions that aim to deliver. They cater for all types of businesses and provide an exceptional level of service and reporting that is easy to understand. As well as search engine optimisation Melbourne IT offers a complete online solution which includes domain registration, web hosting and web design.

For more information please visit or call 1300 654 677

Dehumidifying Your House

Last summer was the hottest and the most humid summer I’ve ever came across. When it’s hot and humid at night it is almost impossible to sleep but there are ways to correct this situation and one way is to get yourself a dehumidifier to lower the humidity.

But before you run out to get yourself one you should get some tips on what to get from the dehumidifier buying guide so that you have an informed idea of what you should be getting. Some of the things to consider when buying a dehumidifier are whether it has a built in humidistat that can control the humidity in the room, a frost sensor that will switch itself off if it gets too cold and noise levels so you can get a good night sleep! You must also consider whether you want one for the whole house which will require a whole house dehumidifier or a small portable one for a single room, the basement or even the closet only. It’s good to know there is help out there to help us choose the right dehumidifier.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Shady Ladies

First of all I would like to thank all of you who gave me some suggestions on what I should plant in my backyard the other day. Your suggestions were very much appreciated and helpful in my decision on choosing the right plants.

I've decided to plant these waratahs which belong to the proteaceae family, a native Australian plant. They will grow to 3 meters tall and 1.5 meter wide thus giving some kind of screening from the neighbours behind us.

The scientific name is Telopea speciosissima x oreades but the common name for it is Shady Lady. There's 3 colours to choose from, pink, red and crimson and I bought 1 pink, 2 red and 2 crimson coz I needed 5 to fill up the whole back fence. They have big showy flowers when they bloom and the flower buds are ready to open soon!

I had to plant them out equally spaced along the back fence so I used a measuring tape to equally measured up the distance between each plants and marked the ground with plastic tubs.

Then one by one I dug a hole just wide and deep enough to accommodate the root ball and then back filled with soil. Don't plant too deep or you'll smothered them!

Here's a tip, make a mound of dirt surrounding each plant so that when you water it the water will gathered inside the mound and seep into the ground where the plant's roots will be for a more efficient watering.

Remember the bearded iris I propagated before? Well I though I plant them in between the waratahs making use of the empty spaces between them before they grow big. I'm hoping when spring comes everyone will be thriving fast and blooming.

See how some of the bearded iris are already started growing their leaves. Both these plants are very hardy and will do well in dry condition so hopefully they will be maintenance free once established in a couple of years. And that concludes my little project, thank you for reading.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

What's Hot This Spring

So you want to get a new phone? Any ideas what kind of phone you want to get? Maybe a Nokia 5300, LG Chocolate or the Sony Ericsson w810i? Can’t decide? Then why don’t you go find out what’s hot this spring at Wirefly’s top 10 cell phones to see the latest and sexiest phones. Bold colors seem to be very popular nowadays with more and more people opting for bold colorful as well as stylish phones like the Motorola RAZR or the Blackberry Pearl.

Topping the list this year are the Motorola RAZR, follows by the Blackberry Pearl and LG Chocolate which all come with different colors contributing to their popularity. Following closely are the Samsung A900M, Motorola i850, Motorola Buzz ic502, Sanyo Katana, Sony Ericsson w810i, Nokia 5300 XpressMusic and Motorola v325i. My favorite has got to be the Motorola RAZR with its sleek razor-thin stylish designs. Its only half an inch thick with feather-touch precision crafted keypad, comes with 1.3 megapixel camera that takes print-quality stills and video clips, Bluetooth wireless technology, removable expandable memory card slot, built-in music player and watch on-demand Axcess TV and radio as well as broadband speed web access! Definitely my next phone to get.



This is the first time King's Wife tagged me and if Her Royal Highness hands me a task then I must do my darnest best! This meme is about My favourite food in my state or country but since all my favourite foods are mainly in Malaysia I will tell you about my favourite food here in Australia and that is pizza cooked in wood fire oven!

This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago when the in-laws came over and we decided to feed them pizza instead of slaving in the hot kitchen. We get our pizza from this place in our suburb and they have the best pizza cooked in wood fire oven man!

When i started writing this post the first picture made my drool so I had to order one straight away, beh tahan ledi. This pizza is Terese's favourite called Mia Amore topped with ham, olives, some kind of mushrooms and pesto I think. Terese requested pineapples with it coz she likes her pizza with heaps of pineapples.

See the pizza base? It's thin, not thick like some bad pizza restaurants like Pizza Hut! Ahh...nothing like pizza hot out of the oven, crunchy crust but soft inside. Drool yet onot?

Some people don't like olives, I was lidat too but now learned to like them also. Nice and savory when you bite into them with the melted cheese and the sweet juicy pineapples...oh! A mini orgasm liao!

Now I will tag 5 people so the lucky winners are;
1) 5Xmom again coz I lafu her deep deep!
2) Bengbeng coz he missed out on one of my tags last time.
3) Clare coz she said I didn't lafu her so must lafu her this time.
4) Paris Hilton coz she lafu me back before.
5) Dabido coz I've never tag him before.

**Start Copy**

Proposition: What is your favorite food in your state or country?

Requirements: Find some info about the food and show delicious pictures of it.

Quantity: FIVE PEOPLE.

Tag Mode: You leave their blog and post link and add to the list below.

Mybabybay loves Asam Laksa from Penang, Malaysia
JustMyThoughts loves Penang Char Koay Teow
My Lil Venture loves Laksa Sarawak
Monterssorimum loves Teluk Intan Chee Cheong Fun
Chinnee loves Melaka Wan Tan Mee
PeimunLeah loves Hakka Lei Cha
Hui Sia loves Crispy duck skin from China
Karen loves Pan Mee
Simple American loves Cheese Enchiladas
Nicole Tan loves Char Tau Kueh
velverse loves Otak-Otak
Giddy Tiger loves Dim Sum
Kenny Ng loves Jawa Mee
Erina Law loves Wan Tan Mee
may loves Roti Bakar
King’s wife loves Dai gau mee

Wuching loves Wood fired oven Pizzas!

**End Copy**

Go Direct!

News flash! There’s a new version of called PayPerPost Direct where us bloggers can deal directly with the advertisers cutting off the middleman PPP. Well, not entirely cut PPP off but it sure will save everyone time and money!

See this way the advertisers can ask you directly to write for them and you get to negotiate with the advertisers how much they should pay you. All you need to do is specify your minimum amount of what your post is worth, stick a widget on your blog and when the advertisers find your blog and decide to approach you directly to write for them they just click on the badge attached to that widget to make an offer and PPP gets a 10% cut. This is a much easier way for you to make money blogging. Simple!

Seasol the seaweed solution

The people at Seasol are going to love me for posting this unpaid review of their product. This is Seasol the seaweed solution for your garden.

I bought this double pack a while back but I have been lazy to use them, it's better to use them during the warmer months like Spring when the plants are growing anyway.

Seasol is made from seaweed and it's a organic liquid fertiliser for your plants. It comes with a special nozzle where you can attach the garden hose to it and just spray it directly onto the plants.

But because of water restriction I cannot actually do that so I'll just be diluting the solution in a watering can to make a weak tea to apply manually to the plants.

Just a bit of the Seasol solution and plenty of water to make a very weak and tea like colour solution. You can apply Seasol to just about any plants you like and they'll love it.

I like to apply them to the foliage of my rose bushes because the solution also makes the roses more resistance to black spot fungi disease. Give Seasol a go, you'll like it just like I do!

*This is NOT a sponsored post*

Start Your Engines...

Fresh From Florida, the organization that brings food from the state of Florida to the world is the proud sponsor of this year’s Rev It Up motor racing coming to Florida.

Check out the video here and let’s all get behind this event to show our support for the importance of Florida’s Farmers.


Keep those invaders out!

Here's a quick update on my little project which you may or may not know about. If you do then good on you but if you don't never mind coz it's not important that you know.

This is a roll of Edge Barrier from Nylex. It's a 8 metre long plastic for keeping unwanted roots from your neighbour out of your garden bed. I've finished digging up the ground and now I'm going to lay this barrier along the wall.

First I dig a trench all along the fence to a depth of about 300 mm, lay the plastic barrier and backfilled with soil. Keep those invaders out! Hopefully this will keep the neighbour's tree roots out of my yard for at least until my plants are established enough to fend for themselves. The soil is impoverished so my next step is to improve it with manure, compost and anything that will enrich it. Stay tuned!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Windows Coverings

So you’ve just moved into your brand new house, everything is perfect but yet something is missing…windows coverings! That would be a perfect finish to a beautiful room.

But what should you consider? Curtains or blinds? Definitely blinds cause curtains are so old fashion and they gather dust and difficult to clean. Blinds however are modern, sleek and easy to keep clean but there are so many types of blinds to choose from, roller blinds, roman blinds, vertical blinds, wooden blinds or my favourite the venetian blinds! Go check out to see all the different blinds available and you’ll be sure to find the right ones for your house.


Thursday, May 24, 2007

Wuching vs The Aphids

It seems like I'm posting a lot of what I did in my garden posts lately but that's exactly what I've been doing all these times when the weather has cooled down heaps and I haven't been going amywhere.

As a rose grower would know it when the weather has cooled down so has the problem with aphids. These little critters love sucking up the saps of the young shoots and rose buds of my roses.

They multiply by the millions and can spread really quickly in just a few days. I once watch a documentary on TV on how fast they can reproduce, I was shock to see little babies popping out of the mother constantly like in a production line!

I hate these critters, sometimes I beh tahan so I squash them with my fingers and end up with green fingers...literally! But with infestation like this it's best to spray pesticide on them to keep them under control.

I've been using Malathion on them, this is powderful stuff, very lethal and only need a little to mix with water to make my toxic spray. Should wear protective clothing, face mask, gloves and goggle when using it but I lazy and just spray lidat! And never spray when windy else you get sprayed on. One time I sprayed when windy and the wind blew a bit into my fish pond and 1 fish died! I'm going to hell...

Motivation Buddy

Are you like me who needs a bit of motivation every now and then to stay focus on the goals you set for yourself? Well it’s always a good thing if we have a motivation buddy to help us along the way. Well now you can get a motivator for free!

Just hop over to to download your free fully licensed motivation software that helps remind you of your goals and to focus on achieving them. Once installed on your computer it works by displaying messages onto your screen at set intervals that motivates you towards achieving your goals. The software is free because good things are usually free in life and rest assured it doesn’t contain adware or spyware.

An Even More Twisted Meme

I still got 1 more meme I haven't done yet tagged by 5xmom. It's the twisted meme written supposedly by the imaginary Mrs. Wuching about the 10 bad or annoying habits Wuching has that detest Mrs. Wuching. So take it away Mrs. Wuching!

Hi! I'm Mrs. Wuching and I'm honoured and would like to thank 5xmom to be given this chance to write instead of Wuching. However I cannot seem to find any annoying habits about Wuching wor...he's just perfect lidat! So instead I'm going to list 10 good things about Wuching that I love about him so here goes;

1) Wuching is so hansem and when I first met him I was oredi head over heel in lafu with him ledi. I've never met anyone as hansem as he is! *readers shocked*

2) Wuching is a SNAG or a sensitive new age guy. He's the modern man that all us women look for in a real men, so sensitive to my feelings and understanding. What more could I ask for...wait, there's more! *readers feeling nauseated*

3) Wuching works hard to provide for our household. I work also but that's just to supplement our income but should I stop work one day I know he will continue to put food on the table for as long as we are together! *readers beh tahan liao*

4) Wuching is very well domestically trained. He doesn't like me doing all the houseworks and he insisted on doing most of the houseworks like doing the vacuuming, scrubbing the toilets and mopping the floor. *readers shaking heads*

5) Wuching grows flowers for me. Some men buy flowers for their loved ones but Wuching goes one step further, he grows beautiful flowers for me so I can go outside and pick any flowers I like anytime I want. *readers feel something churning up their throats*

6) Wuching cooks up a storm in the kitchen. What more can I say? He cooks so I don't have to, what a man! *readers going bwok bwok noise trying not to spill their lunches*

7) Wuching takes me shopping every week coz he knows how I love shopping. He would accompany me and carry my shopping bags around like a bell boy and he lets me spend as much as I like. *readers put hands over mouths to try hard not to spill*

8) Wuching takes me on holidays in exotic places. I'm not from Malaysia but he takes me there so enjoy all the wonderful foods and fruits from the tropical paradise. *readers cannot hold anymore and its starting to leak through the fingers and palms*

9) Wuching is such a hopeless lomantic. He would whisper sweet nothing in my ears, prepare lomantic candle-light dinner, rent girlie movie to watch at home and make popcorns. *readers vomit everything from their stomachs, breakfast, lunch and dinner*

10) Wuching is a stud. He would go on and on and on like the Eveready rabbit. He turns me inside out every night! *readers vomit blood*

Well that's all. This is Mrs. Wuching signing off, take it away Wuching.

Your Fitness Buddy

Nowadays more and more people are getting more aware of their health and nutritional intake which is a good thing for all of us. But there are times when we need some help in the form of information of the foods we eat or the type of exercises that can help us.

This is where comes in, here you can get all the information you need in regards to your personal health, nutritional value of the foods you eat and the type of exercises that you can work out on. They have a free calorie counter that teaches you the nutritional contents of your foods so you can make an informed decision on what foods to eat. It’s free to join and there are heaps of great ways to help you stay healthy. There’s also a page for all their members who are just like you that you can share ideas and lend support whenever you need them. Come check it out now.


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wuching Playing With Shits!

I meant to post this on the weekend but I forgot so here it is now. It's just an update on my little project in my backyard, I'm re-cultivating the garden bed down the back fence so I can grow something else to replace the plants that's died over summer. I've dug up the ground and laid the root barriers and now I have to feed the soil before I plant anything.

There's this ahpek who sells sheep manure by the roadside not too far from my house on the weekend. I've bought sheep manure from him before, he gets them from the farm and sells them here.

I bought 2 bags costing $8 a bag. When I first bought them years ago they were only $6 but now...anyway they don't smell too bad because they've 'aged' so don't have that terrible smell shit has! Still, shit is shit and my garden loves shits!

This is soil wetting granules, they help the soil if the soil does not soak up water anymore which is what mine is doing so handfuls of these will help the soil absorbs moisture better.

This is blood and bone made from the leftovers from the abattoirs. Basically animal remains like bones and blood from cow, pig, chicken and all those animals we eat for granted! It also will feed your soil very well and it does not smell at all.

This one will smell a bit but I don't really mind coz I'm used to it ledi! It's chicken manure made into pellets sold as Dynamic Lifter but shit is still shit OK?

So then I poured all those things onto the flower bed, raked them in and mixed them all up. Back breaking work but I love doing it, so much fun. I could dig and dig and dig till the sun goes down.

Here's the end result, the soil is revitalised and ready for planting. I don't know what I should plant there yet, maybe you can help me decide. Tell me what I should plant there and then I'll make up my mind later.