Friday, May 28, 2010

Sleeping pills

I guess I’m lucky because I don’t have this problem of not being able to fall asleep at night. I do know some people who can’t sleep at night so they’re always tired at work during the day and need sleeping pills when the problem gets really bad. I don’t know why but the older I get the easier I can fall asleep; I mean I can fall asleep just sitting down and watching TV!

The new iPad

The long awaited iPad is on sale today. There's long queues outside Apple stores eager to get their hands on this new technology that will set you back around $800. Not surprisingly there are all men. What is it with men and their gadgets? I'm just as guilty; I like new technology and anything new but I don't think I want an iPad though..what am I going to do with it?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Joint supplement

As I grow older I think it’s just a matter of time before I’ll start getting joint pain. Such is life and old age. All I can do is look after myself better; exercise and take joint supplement to keep my bones strong and active. The quickest way of getting old is doing nothing and I don’t think I want to be old yet.

Stop whingeing

I'm very busy at the moment; there's lots of work to be done. Lots of cardboards needing cutting and I only have a week to do them all! I hope I can finish in time, looks like I'll be working on the weekends and late into the nights as well. Oh stop whingeing! It's all income for me!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I have a little transistor radio that I plug into my ears everyday to listen to my daily talk back radio shows. It's great because I get to listen to my radio and not disturb people around me like my wife who hates talk back radio. She prefers to listen to her music so she has an iPod that she plugs into her ears. Happily we can work together without interrupting each other. LOL!


I must admit, I am an ex-smoker. I pick up this stupid habit when I was very young when my friend started smoking. I can be classified as a moderate smoker; going through a packet of 30 cigarettes in two days. Some of my friends smoke cigars which I never pick up. I tried it once but couldn’t stand the taste and aroma of a cigar. Too strong for me so I stuck with cigarettes until years later when I gave it up for good.

Websites down

Damnit! Both my business and personal websites are down. Well maybe not completely down but I can't get in them. Funny how my friends in Malaysia can still get in to both of them. I tried resetting my modem but that didn't help. It is possible that the server which the two websites reside is blocking my ip address. But why though? I'm getting Bryan my webhoster to help oin fix this problem.

Entertainment centers

Nowadays with big screen TV and home entertainment systems getting cheaper every day, more and more households are setting up their own entertainment centers. If you’re buying a new house the builder would probably has built a special home theatre room just for this purpose. Soon everyone will be staying home instead of going to the movies. Then the cinemas would be up in arms calling for the stop of home theatre sales!

What the heck

Heck! I couldn't stand it anymore; I've been putting up with the earphone of my transistor radio working on one side for the last few days. First I thought of getting a new radio because to get a new earphone costs $7 while I can probably get a new radio for a few dollars more. But the radio I have still works fine, just the earphone's no good. So this morning when I was at the supermarket I just bought the earphone, to hell with a new radio.


A friend of ours just bought a new TV for his house and it’s a stunner! It’s a big step up from his old one; I think it’s a Samsung plasma 50 inch. I went along to help carry it back from his house the other weekend. He also got a bench for it to sit on so we got everything done on the same day. Once it’s all installed and we turned on the TV we were blown away by the sheer size and clarity of it.

I don't miss it

It's such a drag running my own business; I have to keep chasing up my clients for payment on a daily basis. In an ideal world I wouldn't have to worry about it and they'll just pay me on time. Wouldn't that be terrific? But unfortunately I don't live in an ideal world and I have to keep chasing after my clients for money because if I don't they think I don't miss it!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Insurance blog

Insurance is the one thing in life that we all need but hate to take out. Sure it costs us a fortune but without it we might find ourselves in deep financial hole when misfortune finds us. There are so many type of insurance I need in my life like health, house and car. And to find out what money I can save on my insurance I found a nifty insurance blog that is full of resources and information on the topic. Just what I need.

Flirt your way out

If you're a woman then do you flirt to get yourself out of trouble? Like if you got pulled over by a cop for speeding do you try to get out of it by flirting with the cop? Of course you can't actually use this if you're past your use by date. Just look in the mirror to see if you can go this way. Fear not if you are because there's another way; cry. That's right, shed a tear and that usually work.

One thing all women hate about their bodies is cellulite. It seems to be the most dreadful thing that can happen to every woman. There are many so called remedies and cures for cellulite but I doubt if they’re any use at all. To take the first step in tackling this problem every woman should visit to learn more about this problem and learn how to reduce or prevent it.

Waiting for my BAS

I hope the accountant would send me the amended BAS today because the dealine is drawing near. I got the BAS from the accountant about 2 weeks ago but the figures don't match so I've emailed the accountant and called twice. I hope he'll get it fixed for me before my dealine or I'll be in trouble with the Tax Office!

One a day vitamin

Even with the balance diet we eat on a daily basis our bodies still need supplements like vitamins which can be lacking in our food. Therefore it is good practise to take regular multivitamins to keep ourselves in tip top condition. Unfortunately for me I’m too lazy to take multiple vitamins throughout the day, I prefer a one a day vitamin so I don’t have to worry about it again. I’m too busy to worry about taking my vitamins.

I wish

I'm back from doing some delivery down to a client in Prahran. Took around an hour for the round trip which is good. Normally it would have taken an hour and a half with the traffic but somehow today's traffic is quite good. Why that is so I don't know. I thought Friday's traffic is usually bad but today is obviously an exception. How I wish everyday's like today.

Betastax side effects

There are so many diet pills on the market that claim to help you lose weight. Somehow I’m a bit concerned about what side effects they can have if you take them regularly. Betastax is a popular choice at the moment but I’m sure you will get betastax side effects also. If it’s a pill it will have some kind of side effect whether slight or serious.

Boring yeah?

Its coming up to the weekend again. The week's gone by quick. That's what happens when you're busy. So what's on for the weekend? Nothing at the moment, I hope to get some house work done like the mopping up and scrbbing the toilets. Been putting them off for a while but I really need to do those chores. Dinner with Heng and his family on Sunday night, that's all we got in out weekend schedule. Boring yeah?

Ab workouts

Years ago when I was a skinny young lad I didn’t need to work out to have a six pack. I was so skinny that I had a six pack naturally! But now that I’m older and put on some weight I have a fat tummy and gone is my six pack. I miss my six pack and I want it back and the only way to get it back is ab workouts which I think will be too hard for a couch potato like me.

Winter around the corner

With winter just around the corner there's less need for me to water the gardens. Therefore there's also less need for me to collect more rain water. My rain water tanks are all full and during the warmer months I used to collect the water in buckets after the tanks were filled. Now that watering is not needed as much I don't have to anymore because I wouldn't be able to use up all the water now, unlike in summer.

Fish food

Most of you would’ve known for years that I keep goldfish for pets. I have an indoor fish tank and a half wine barrel pond outdoor. When I started I had quite a number of fish and feeding them was tedious; I used to buy special fish food for them like pellets, live shrimps and even ground up peas! Now after many disappointments and deaths with just a handful left I’m losing my enthusiasm in choosing their food.

They're back

They're back; those nasty caterpillars. I found them yesterday on my brocoli chewing away on the lease leaving pin holes all over the leaves. They're tiny and hiding under the leaves so are hard to find. I thought I had eradicated most of them but I don't think I can get rid of them completely and I would have to keep an eye on them from time to time.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


My most successful DIY story is the potting table I built myself a few years back. I didn’t have to spend too much money on the material; just some timber frames and an old kitchen sink I pick up from the side of the road that someone threw out. The sink serves as the table top with the sunken section for potting mix. Its great!

100% success rate

Growing your own vegies is great, I do it and so do a lot of people. But gardeners are always facing the problems of pest and diseases that devastate your crops constantly. A good way around this problem is setting up a green or glass house and growing your crops inside it. This way you control the weather, keep the nasties out and have 100% success rate everytime you grow!

Quick weight loss

There are a lot of people wanting to lose weight fast just to fit into a dress or to show off to their old classmates on that all important reunion day. I’m sceptical about losing weight too fast; I don’t think that’s a good way of doing it. It might have an adverse effect on your health or you might just put that weight back on as fast as you lost it. So no quick weight loss program for me thank you.

Dreaming of Malaysia

Its been a few years since I last went back to Malaysia. I've been wanting to go back again but never seems to find time to go. My mother and others keep asking me to go back but I just don't have any time to do it since we've started this business. If we go one holidays there's no one to look after the business and we might loose our customers if we send them elsewhere when we're on holidays. Running your own business is damn hard.

Best acne treatment

I’m not one that gets bad acne but every now and then I would get a couple here and there. The best acne treatment I found is actually something not made for it. It’s Vicks vapourup! Yes I couldn’t believe it at first but after the first try I’m a believer. Terese put me up to it and now whenever I have an acne I go for my Vicks vapourup.

Goodness me

I bought a Japanese Iris in summer which I put in my wine barrel pond. It was doing well until now when the cold weather has settled in. The leaves are turning yellow and flopping over and I don't know what could've done that. So I did some searches on the net for this plant and I found that you're supposed to take them out of the water in autumn and winter or else the roots will rot! Goodness me, glad I found out about it now so I've take it out of the pond.

RV repair

Thinking of getting an rv so we can go fishing on long weekends and do other things with the convenient of sleeping in our rv than booking into expensive accommodations. I saw a second hand one which looks quite enticing but it does need a little work. Just a little rv repair and I think she’ll be right. I think I’ll go see the owner tomorrow and see how much he wants for it.

We shall see

I need a haircut again, it's been 6 weeks already since I had my last haircut? Anyway I need another one now and I was hoping to get it done today but we're busy with work and I'm not sure I can do it. I might, see how it goes. I may have to go there myself. Usually Terese comes with me so she can go to the library there. We shall see.

Unique gifts for her

I drag Terese’s birthday, anniversary or any other days when I have to find a gift for her. You see she’s very fuzzy with her gifts; I can never get her the gifts she likes. She’s very hard to please and sometimes she’s not even happy with what she buys herself! The I found this place where I think I can get unique gifts for her that she would definitely like.

Office makeover

We've just had an office makeover; we changed all our computers to the new ones and changed the settings and moved the furniture around. Its finished now and it looks good, Terese calls it an office makeover but more importantly it has to be easy for us to work in. I think it is and I think it is efficient use of space. I think we will keep it this way for a while.


When I finished school I didn’t quite know what to do with myself. Back then we didn’t have help like we do now where you can go for help on finding the choices of careers school leavers have. My grade wasn’t good enough to go to University and I didn’t have the guidance to choose a trade that I could use for the rest of my career life. But I’m glad my life turned up quite good I must say.

Good business

Well its the weekend again but it won't be much of a weekend for us because work has pick up again after a fairly quiet month. Its a good thing but it also mean we're going to have to work long hours and right into the weekends just to keep up. Don't want to risk a burnout but on the other hand its good business.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Most effective diet pills

Seems like I’m forever looking for that miracle pills that would magically zap my fat away and give me a body to be envious by others. But so far I have no luck finding ones that work. Where can I find the most effective diet pills out there? There’re so many on the market all claiming to help you but how can I be absolutely sure?

Last day of training.

Well today's the last day of training. I hope the instructor turns up though, she does have a habit of forgetting her appointments and postponing them. We agreed on today last week so I just hope she put it down in her diary. It's been a long time since we started training and I just want to get it over and done with. Beside training she also need to bring the license and installation disc for the older version of the programs so I can install them on my new PC. Now I'm just waiting for her to show up.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Best fat burning exercise

Some people like exercising vigorously. I’m no such people, in fact I’ll work up a sweat just looking at people exercising! Yes I know I’m bad at it, I need to get off my butt and work out more. Got to get rid of some of this extra fat around my waist. I need to know the best fat burning exercise so I can just concentrate on that and forget about the rest. Would that be enough for me to keep fit?

One term government

From the way things are going it looks like the current government is going to loose the election this year. This is going to be the one term government, something not seen in this country. At least I've never seen it. When the Labor government took power back in 97 the economy was at its best and though the previous government was considered harsh in border security we managed to keep the illegals from coming. Then everything went wrong once the Labor government took over, we see it in the boat people, the bungled insulation program and the ETS. The only card this government can hope to gain some favor with the voters is that they managed to keep the country away from the GFC. Other than that they have nothing to show for.

Urban clothes

When it comes to clothing I prefer casual clothes to formal wears. It just makes me feel more comfortable and confident. There are some really nice urban clothes that I like out there and I think it’s time I go do some shopping for clothes. That’s the other thing about me; I’m lazy when it comes to buying clothes! Usually the missus gets them for me; I hope she gets the ones I like.

A great day

Yesterday was Mothers Day and we spent the day at the Mother-In-Law's place. Everyone was there and we all brought food for steamboat. Heng was in charge of bringing meat, Cecily in charge of veg and we the stuffed tofu. Well that was the plan but as usual everyone bought way too much and we had too much to eat and like all asian dinners we had plenty of leftovers. So overall a great day!

Friday, May 07, 2010

Basement dehumidifier

The problem with basements is that they can get very damp and humid if you don’t take precaution to keep them clean and dry. It’s the one place in the entire house where all the plumbing are hidden so we really need to keep the humidity problem at the minimum if you care about your family’s health. Use a basement dehumidifier to get that smelly humid air out of your basement and then maybe you can even use it as an extra room!

Silly me

I thought I was pretty good with technology and can deal with most computer related issues than most average people. I was wrong; yesterday I stuffed up the computer I was trying to install Windows XP on. Originally the PC came with Windows Vista and I had to remove it and install XP on instead because I want to use this PC for running the programs we use at work. Little did I know that with new technology of SATA drives which are very different with the older IDE drives I completely bugger up the hard drive when I deleted the partitions on it. So now I have to wait till Sunday when we'll see my brother-in-law to get it fixed since he's a tech by trade.