Monday, April 30, 2007

Gotta' Get Goals

Mr. 56K himself eat full nothing to do goan tag me with this meme. Its the 5-10 goals I gotta achieve before I grow old or mati katak whichever comes first! OK lah, since he lafu me so much I have to lafu him back by doing it also.

Anyway if you also eat full nothing to do and wanna do this meme also then you must read the rules from here first lah, don't just chin chai chin chai do, OK? Now back to my goals, I'm just gonna do 5 enuff liao lah so here goes;

1) I wanna eat as much of my favourite foods as I can like those foods that need good gigi to bite wan like meat and jambu batu lidat lah before I lose all my teeth when I grow old!

2) I also wanna go shake my booty at the nightclubs or discos or whatever you young people call it nowadays before arthritis sets in and cripple my body till I'm wheelchair bound then how to party?

3) This one I wanna do long time liao but no discipline lah me but die die I wanna achieve also before I grow old and that is to get that killer body I always pretend I have every time I look in the mirror before I grow old and my muscles go all flappy on me!

4) This one I oredi started on my goal and that is to enjoy all the eye candies I can possibly enjoy on the beach before cataract clouds my vision when I grow old later! Then what to see?

5) And lastly I must make my billion dollars so that when I do get old I can marry someone young like Anna Nicole Smith who married her old old wanna-konk-out ledi husband!

Woohoo! Tag done! Take up this meme if you dare!

I have Summer on my mind

I love summer with the hot weather and balmy nights. That’s the time I would hang my hammock out in my backyard and laze there all summer long! If you’re looking to get one for yourself then you should check out before you go out and buy one.

There are many different types of hammock you can get like camping hammock that is more convenient to carry around than a full size tent, chairs hammock so you can sit in wrapped like a cocoon and portable ones that you can move around just to name a few. There’s a choice of different materials used for your hammock like cotton, polyester or canvas depending on what you need your hammock for but for leading brands look for Hatteras or Pawleys Island which are the better ones. Go get one today and get ready for summer!

Video On Demand

Wouldn’t it be great if you could watch any video you want from the internet while surfing? Well now you can with LePlayer streaming video player from

Leplayer also allows you to search the internet for the video you want so you are not restricted to a particular website just because you need to watch the video there. It also allows you to save any video on to your computer, phone and any media device. You can also watch flash video with it. Browse over millions of video from thousands of categories and watch them on demand.

LePlayer is a freeware so download it today for free. There’s no adware or spyware attached to it so it’s pretty safe to use. It can be used on any PC with 300 megahertz or higher processor, 128 MB or more RAM, XVGA or higher resolution video, 256K or faster broadband connection and Windows 98 platform or newer. Go to to download your free copy now and while you’re there you can also submit your site to have your own video listed.


Learn About Webinar

In today’s business it is not enough to just have a website for your business but knowing how to market your business using various tools is essential to your business growth.

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Sunday, April 29, 2007

It's raining...finally!

After the long dry spell of summer, boy am I glad to see the dark thunderstorm clouds looming ominously over much of Melbourne and the whole state of Victoria this weekend.

Though Melbourne didn't get much of the rain, the state's northwest had plenty of downpour which is where it is most needed. Now that's gotta be a huge relief for a lot of the farmers who're doing it tough with the drought.

Not to say my garden doesn't appreciate what the Almighty could spare us here. Every drop is precious so I thought I might just save some for later! Don't laugh, you would do the same if you don't get rain in your part of the world.

Free Stuffs!

Hey you! Do you like free stuffs? I know I do and if you’re like me then you should check out to try out your luck at winning some cool prizes.

It’s free to sign up and there are heaps of prizes to win like Ipod players and cell phones. With so many prizes available you are bound to win something! So go on, check it out. What have you got to loose?


Saturday, April 28, 2007

What Club is That?

There's this place near my work hor, say if you are not from around here right, then you probably dunno what this place is because from the outside it only has Club 25 written on the front and nothing else. It doesn't advertise what kinda business it is and its painted dark blue.

So lets play a little game and see if you can guess what kinda business this place is for hou m-hou jek? The winners will get a mystery prize from me! I'll even make it easy for you and give you multiple choices answer so your chances of getting correct also increase liao! So pick the right answer below;

1) Nightclub
2) Mickey Mouse Club
3) Gun club
4) The local knitting club
5) Whore house

Good luck!

Calling Home

I call my family back in Malaysia quite often but it also means hurting my hip pocket. That’s why whenever a cheaper alternative to the normal phone is available I get excited!

Vonage offers VoIP which saves me heaps on overseas calls. And if you sign up now you get to save up to 50% on your phone bill and there’s lots of great features like 3-way calling and personalized voicemail. Check it out now.


Friday, April 27, 2007

The Neighbourhood Cat

There's this cat that spends its time roaming my neighbourhood like a predator searching for its next victim.

I think its a tom cat and it travels from one house to another along the fences. Its very good in balancing itself on the narrow fences that divides the properties.

Blardy meow meow comes into my garden and shits everywhere on my flower beds! You know how stinky cat poos are? If I ever get my hands on him I'm going to skin it alive!

Once one of my goldfish died in the outdoor pond and I suspect it was his doing coz I've seen him eyeing my goldfish! The dead fish looked like it had a claw wound on its body and since then I've put net over the pond and there hasn't been any fatality since.

OK lah it does do some good for the neighbourhood by keeping the rat population down but then hor, it also kills native fauna like birds and other smaller creatures which is bad!

I want to get a catapult or slingshot so I can shoot it down next time it comes to my backyard. But its damn hard to catch him coz he's very quick!

Today is his lucky day coz he's only getting shot by my camera but next time might be a different story!

Winners Are Grinners

Have you ever won anything in your life? As for myself I don’t think I’ve ever won anything nice ever! How nice would it be if I could win a new Plasma TV or a new computer? Lord knows I need a new computer now! My current computer is so old it makes a grinding noise from the power supply fan every time I boot it up, not to mention how slow it is!

A new computer with the latest CPU would be ideal for me. I would definitely keep my prize because I need it more than anyone! Anyway there’s a way I can win all these and more from the unique site that lets you bid on cool products in a fun way. Here’s the cool part, the lowest unique bidder wins the auction! To find out more go to to find out how you can win all those prizes you never thought you had any chances of winning!


Thursday, April 26, 2007

I Got U Babe!

I'm having a blogger's block today so I have nothing to post! My life is so boring nothing sexciting happened so I'm going to recycle my old post. This one is one of my favourite and a lot of people liked it too. I'm sure a lot of you haven't seen it before but you can enjoy it now! Make sure you watch the video!

These are a couple of adorable puppies singing "I Got You Babe" by Sonny & Cher only cuter!

Aren't they just the cutest pair of doggies you've ever seen! They sing and shake their heads to the tune also, so what are you waiting for? Watch the video and you'll be glad you did!

The Ultimate Couch Potato's Dream

The ultimate couch potato’s dream! No more getting off your butt to get your beer from the fridge, the fridge will toss it to you!

How about that?! A beer tossing fridge! What more could a man need, sitting on his couch in front of the TV with the game on and have the fridge toss beer to you when you want it, I want one too!


Find Your Customers From The Internet

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My New Gaming Club

Whenever my uncle comes to town the one place I have to take him is the casino. He loves his casino games. I enjoy going to the casino with him too so we can play all night!

My uncle loves all the different games but I like my blackjack. I used to play with my friends and we had a small gaming club among friends but nowadays its hard to get everyone together so I play at the casino when my uncle comes, he’s my only gaming partner now! Then my uncle would go back home and I’d have no one to go play my games with. But now I can play my online gambling thanks to this Gaming Club I came across on the internet. Now I found my new gaming club! All in the comfort and convenience of my own home so I don’t have to worry about when to get home and the wife is happy I stay at home most nights too!


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Anzac Day March

Today is ANZAC Day in Australia. ANZAC stands for Australia & New Zealand Army Corp...I think. It is the day Australians pay tribute to the men and women who served in the armed forces from the very First World War to the Iraq War now. More importantly for me it means holiday!

These brave men and women went to wars so we don't have to so the least I could do is pay them my respect today so off I went to the city to cheer them on as they marched from the city to the Shrine of Remembrance.

There were servicemen and women from all the different arm forces but what everyone's come to see were the old 'diggers' who fought in the older wars.

A lot of them couldn't even make it today. Some passed oredi, bless their souls...but some were persistent, wheelchair bound also want to join the march summore! Good on you boys!

This is far easier than the wheelchairs or walking, no sweat. Top speed 30km/h!

But some get too tired after a few yards so they got to sit on the vehicles and just wave to the crowd and enjoy the cheering!

But this digger die die also dunwan to give up! Must march by himself, with the help of his walking frame and carer accompanying him also. God Bless!

Find Your Credit Card Online

Don’t know about you but I can’t live without my credit cards. In these days and age credit cards are a part of our daily lives, either for the convenience of not carrying cash around or as an emergency to fall back on when one is short on money.

But where would you find the right credit card for your needs? How about trying first! Here with so many type of online credit card available you are bound to find one that is tailor made for you. If you already have a credit card and have a good credit history then you should definitely find a credit card that will offer you a lower interest rate than what your current card is offering. If you are a student and have practically no credit history then you can find a credit card specifically tailored for students. Or you might even find a credit card that offer rewards like frequent flyer miles. But if you are unfortunate enough to have a bad credit history then you can find an online credit card that will offer a way to rebuild your credit history to get you back in the black! Whatever your reasons may be you’re sure to find the right credit card to suit you.


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Display Your Photos, Digitally.

Not so long ago we used to take pictures with our film cameras and printing them from a photo lab to keep in our family album. Nowadays almost everyone is using a digital camera and viewing our precious memories on the PC which might be a little inconvenient if you intend to show the pictures to a large group, all huddling around your PC!

Well the time has come for us to be able to display our happy snaps in a digital picture frame anywhere in our home. The pictures are constantly changing so you can view hundreds of your happy memories from one photo frame. Apart from photos you can also view Divx and Xvid movies that you’ve made and even MP3s! You can also set the period of time you want your pictures to display and the transitions between each picture. The digital picture frame can be placed in any areas of your home, on the walls of the living room, side table by the bed or at the entrance of the front door. It is the next best thing since digital cameras! Go to to check it out.