Monday, September 28, 2009

Business gifts

Some of my clients’ staffs are real gems. I lost track of how many times they’ve help me with doing business with them. So come this Christmas I must not forget to put them on Santa’s good list but the problem is deciding what to get them. I have to get something that’s appropriate but at the same time claimed as business expenses. That’s why business gifts from Charity Choice Donation are the best way to go about it.

Fingers crossed

Don't you just hate it when the brand new furniture you've just assembled had a nasty scratch visible enough to be seen from the moon?! Arrggghhh!!! That's what happened to me last night; bought a bedside table from IKEA and was really careful assembling it but when it was all done I noticed a really nasty scratch on the table top. I think I must have done it when I turned the table upside down to put on the wheels and inadvertently scratch it. So today I have to lie to my teeth to IKEA trying to get an exchange. Fingers crossed.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Moving companies San Francisco

My cousin is moving from New York to San Francisco next month for his new job. He wants to do the moving himself. Bad idea I told him! Is he kidding himself? Moving all his worldly possessions across the country all by himself? Get yourself a professional removal cousin, here I’ve found one for you; moving companies San Francisco. They’ll get the job done for you with peace of mind.

Spring has sprung

Spring is definitely here; the sun is shinning, the flowers are blooming, the air is warm with fragrances from the flowers and I can see my roses that I've pruned back in winter starting to shoot new growth fast.

I think this is my favourite time of the year but I do not look forward to summer. I do not look forward to the hot dry weather. My garden will suffer and worse still bush fire will return.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Time to dig out my tuxedo

Friends of ours are getting married, time to dig out that tuxedo of mine that I only wear once in a blue moon. Sometimes I wish my life was like James Bond’s so I’ll get more wear out of my formal wears. What a waste of money getting something that only get worn so infrequently and it usually has to be altered to suit since I’d have probably put on more weigh by then!

Starting small

It is also a good idea to get a small website done for your business so online customers can check you out first. The website would then be linked from the business listing sites. I would suggest a free but simple website to start with & later get a more elaborate one should you choose to. Google provides free websites & so do a lot of other places, I would suggest Google since most people use them so will most probably be able to find you. You just need a simple but effective website that provides your details to your customers so even a blog would suffice too. You can get a free blog from which is owned by Google.