Saturday, March 31, 2007

Saturday's Short Post

Sometimes it's not a good look...



The End.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Time For A Change

Time for a change, changes are good. Been using that old template since the conception of this blog so it's bloody time for a change...hope you like it too, not too noisy, easy on the eyes and not slow loading. Will continue to customise the template over the weekend...have a good one!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Kendo Warriors

A long time ago in Japan warriors used to settle their differences with kendo or sometimes with real katana swords! Today I show you what can happen on such a day.

Warrior 1: Niasing! You disgrace my family name! I'm here to teach you a lesson and to take back my family honour!
Warrior 2: Do your worst! I'm gonna whack you so hard you're gonna run back to your mother crying!

Warrior1: Ketsunoana!(You asshole!) Eat my sword! Yahhhhh!!!!!

*swords clash*
Warrior 2: Impressive, most impressive. You have anger, now release your hate and come over to the dark side!

Warrior 2: You're skills are no match for me, young foolish one. I will beat you like a dog that you are and have the pleasure of seeing you beg for mercy!

Warrior 1: Never! *swords clash summore*
Warrior 1: Fellow brothers! Help me teach this Kisama(Lord of the donkeys) a lesson!

Warrior 1's friends: Taikor! We will help you! Die Roba(donkey) die!
Seeing Warrior 2 was outnumbered, his friends came to his aid as well and we have a blood bath!

Five minutes later...
*Aiyo..sakit wor!* said one warrior.
*Tau tiah* said another.
*They played so rough wan! Next time donwan to play anymore lah!* said the next warrior.

The End.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Wadaiko Rindo

Went down to Docklands over the weekend for the Osaka Festival. This year they decided to have it with conjunction to the Melbourne Osaka Yacht Race which is held every 4 years.

I wasn't disappointed when the band I came to see was there. It's the Wadaiko Rindo, a Japanese Drum Troupe. I first saw them last year at the Osaka Festival in the Treasury Garden, then at Moomba Parade and last time was at the Moomba Festival. See the guy in the front? He's name is Toshinori Sakamoto who established this Wadaiko team.

He also hold classes for anyone interested in it and the good ones get to play at festivals like today. Anyone can join, when I see them play I feel like joining also but I worry I might break the drums!

I could never get enough of watching them beat their drums, it's energetic and exciting, loud like thunders. If you ever get a chance to see them perform, don't let it pass you by or you'll regret it because they're that good!

This shot was taken at the Moomba Festival, I took heaps of photos and videos of them but I'll just put one here for you to enjoy. You will love it too, trust me!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Melbourne's Longest Cake

A busy weekend chock full of major events and festivals in Melbourne these couple of days. I was on my way to the FINA festival when passing through the Crown Complex and saw something that I've never seen before.

It was the longest cake in Melbourne! It is actually a series of long cakes that makes up to nearly 200 metres. This is a fund raising event of the Cerebral Palsy support network in conjunction with the Royal Children's Hospital.

You can can buy a slice of the cake for $10 and the money will go into the support fund. The cake is made by Crown's head honcho of food and beverage, Walter Wagner and does not contain nuts in case some people are allergic. You can find the recipe for the cake here.

Wouldn't you like your birthday cake to be this long so you can have half of it for yourself and the rest for your guests. Don't get too sick eating it all ya!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

I Had A Dream

I had a dream and in my dream I saw a city, a spectacular white city with unusual skyscrapers jutting out from the ground. Never have I seen such an amazing city.

Could this be a city of the future? Am I getting a vision of the future of what the city will look like? Wow, this is too overwhelming. This vision of the futuristic city is like something from the sci-fi movies.

But why is the whole city white in colour? And why can't I see any people around or vehicles? If this was the future then where are all the flying cars? The sky should be buzzing with activities but it's so quiet...

...maybe something happened to the city? Maybe there was a great war and the people had abandoned their city. That would explain the eerie silence that seems to haunt the city...

...then I woke up from my day-dreaming and the city turned out to be made of Lego blocks at the National Gallery of Victoria. All are welcome to create whatever you feel like, just let your imagination guides you.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Water Savers

As many of you may already know, Australia and Melbourne in particular is suffering from a long dry spell of the drought. Rain has been scarce and water level in the dams are in their all time low. With no rain over the long hot summer many trees in Melbourne are suffering and dying.

The council has decided to save these hundred year old trees by watering them with a simple but effective way using road barriers that are supposedly for road blocks.

The road blocks are made of plastic so are light to move around but filled with water to make heavy thus stable where they stand. One road barrier is placed on each tree and setup to feed water to it.

A rubber tubing is connected from the water discharge outlet so the water can flow out slowly at a steady rate giving the soil around the tree a good soaking .

The tube is punctured with small holes at interval lengths to leak water onto the ground and the tube is placed strategically around the tree so that the tree will have a good drink! This is a more effective way of getting water to the tree roots with minimum water wastage because we don't have much water to waste anymore.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Cynthia & I

This post like most of my previous posts is long overdue but better late than never right? So here it is. A couple of months ago Cynthia came to town and Terese and I had the honours of spending the day with her.

This picture was taken when we went yumcha. Cynthia said; "Smile a bit more." Sorry Cynthia, this is the best I could managed, a smirk! Not intentional to be so fierce, just the way I was born with! Hehehe...

Cynthia is one of the most bubbly persons I've ever met, she has a great personality with a great smile! You can feel her vibrancy when you're with her, I so wish you live here in Melbourne so we can go yumcha regularly!

Cynthia is added to my list of interesting bloggers I've met this year and I hope she won't be the last blogger I get to meet. Cynthia, come down to Melbourne again soon. And this time bring Kian along, I wanna count how many words he can utter from his mouth!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wakeboarding Fun

Here's something I found at the St. Kilda Festival that seems like a lot of fun...

Wakeboarding competition! Wakeboarding is a surface water sport which involves riding the wake of a speed boat on a single board or in this case pulled by a cable. It was developed from a combination of water skiing, snow boarding and surfing techniques. (Source)

They created 2 pools on the beach from tons of sand and sea water for this event. The riders are towed by cable from one end of the pool to the other end of the second pool. On your mark, get set, go!

Surfing across the water as the rider is pulled along by the cable. This is where the riders are judged by their skills in maneuvering from the start till the end.

Get ready for the rail...

Jump out of the water and onto the rail...

Skidded across the rail and watch him flies through the air! If he's good, he can do a somersault just before hitting the water again.

But they all end up in the water at the end. Watch the video below, more exciting than looking at these pictures lah!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Belly Dancing Silais

Golly, a week has gone by since Moomba and I still have heaps of events to post on that weekend. Oh well...I can only do so much a day. Here's one I'm sure you'll like, especially for the guys!

Check out some belly dancing by some very talented silais. I forgot who they call themselves but I think they run a belly dancing class somewhere. As usual I was too busy with the cameras.

Belly dancing is fun, sexy and you don't really need a fantastic figure to get into it but it obviously doesn't hurt to have a great figure since you'll be showing lots of skin.

So ladies, let these hawt silais show you how you can keep your men from wondering astray. And guys, sign up your ladies to some belly dancing classes so you can have your personal lap dance at home. No need to go to where you would go! Watch them seduce you with their moves below.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Miss Songkran 2007

How time flies, it seems like only yesterday when I wrote a post on the Thai Festival of Songkran in 2006. Now it's here again but this year the organisers have decided to hold the festival a month earlier so as to take advantage of the warm weather while we still can.

I thoroughly enjoyed last year's event even though the weather was quite miserable with the cold and the rain. However I must admit this year's event was a little under par compared to last year's. There were less Thai dances but the all time popular Miss Songkran Beauty Contest was still on!

This is contestant number 1. Don't ask me her name because I've forgotten, I was too busy taking pictures than paying attention to the MC announcing their names as they paraded onto the stage.

This is contestant number 2. All the contestants were sponsored by Thai restaurants and businesses all over Melbourne and entry is open to anyone who likes to give it a go.

This is contestant number 3. There are 12 contestants this year as compared to 13 last year. The winner will be crowned by special guest Miss Natalie Glebova, Miss Universe 2005.

This is contestant number 4. I'll let you feast your eyes on these lovelies and make your own decision on who should be Miss Songkran 2007.

Contestant number 5.

Contestant number 6.

Contestant number 7.

Contestant number 8.

Contestant number 9.

Contestant number 10.

Contestant number 11.

And last but not least, contestant number 12. So? Do you have a favourite?

Can't make up your mind? Have another look, contestants number 1 to 6.

And contestants number 7 to 12. Don't ask me who won the title because I left early after the first round. If it was up to me, they're all winners!