Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Life insurance medical exam

I saw on TV one day an ad selling life insurance. Now that’s nothing unusual about it except the ad claims you don’t require a life insurance medical exam to apply! Now that can’t be right, can it? I mean how can you insure someone without knowledge of his health? It’s just not responsible on the part of the insurer because the insured could be riddled with all kind of health problems which the insurer will have to pay which will eventually be paid for by other members of the insurance company! Now that’s just wrong.

Growing daffodils

Daffodils (Narcissus spp.) are planted in autumn, to flower in winter and spring. They grow in full sun to semi-shade but do best in a position with sun during winter and spring, when they bloom. Daffodils also need plenty of sun when they’ve just finished flowering, as this is when the bulbs are taking in energy for the following year’s display. They are an ideal choice as an underplanting for deciduous trees that are bare-stemmed in winter. Some varieties need a drop in temperature to induce flowering.

Well-drained soil is vital for longevity of bulbs. They may rot if soil becomes waterlogged, especially during summer, when they are dormant. As daffodils and other narcissus grow and flower in winter and spring, bulbs generally survive on rainfall alone, especially in areas with reliable winter rainfall, such as southern parts of Australia. In regions with dry winters, or where bulbs are grown in pots, additional watering may be needed during the growing season but, generally, daffodils are waterwise garden plants.

Friday, September 24, 2010

My year in Los Angeles

When I was living in Los Angeles last year I bought myself a second hand Honda Civic so I could get around mainly from home to work and the occasional trips to the beach. The reason I bought a second hand car instead of a new car was because I was only expecting to be there for a year so a new car would depreciate in value too much.

The right choice was a second hand car but the problem with second hand cars is they tend to break down quite unexpectedly. Fortunately for me it was quite easy to find a Los Angeles auto repair shop near my place. The worst case scenario for me was when the head gasket blew up on me on the way to work one morning. Luckily for me I didn’t have to go too far to get it fixed but I did have to take the morning off work. I had a very understanding boss, I wish to go back to LA to work for him again soon. Hopefully next year unless I renew my contract with my present work.


Camellias have glossy, mid- to dark green, toothed leaves and bear short-stalked flowers that bloom during the colder months, many in mid-winter when the plants are semi-dormant. Of the many cultivars, most adopt a formal, upright, shrubby stance, though smaller, bushy, less formal cultivars are becoming increasingly popular. There are a number of flower forms and sizes, and the general color range is white, cream, yellow, and pink to red-purple.

Camellias can be quite frost hardy, but since many are winter- or early spring-blooming, prolonged winters can damage the flowers. Shaded or semi-shaded positions, acid to neutral soils, dry winters, and wet summers suit the majority. A freely draining site and purpose-designed potting mixes are essential for all species. When planting camellias, be mindful that they are long-lived; allow adequate room for their growth. Propagation is by grafting, or from cuttings taken in late summer to winter.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Diet pills for women

A lot of my women friends ask me what kind of diet pills I would recommend since they need something that is natural and wouldn’t be too expensive. Hello! Like I’m an expert in women dieting? Well maybe I am since I blog on and on about diet and weight loss and stuff like that. Well I tell them to keep reading my blog because whenever I come across good diet pills for women that work I always blog about them.


Roses are arguably the most beloved flowers in the world. They symbolize love, friendship, and sympathy with an elegant beauty. They're also known for being one of the most fragile and time-consuming flowers you can attempt to grow on your own. They can catch diseases like they can sway in the wind, right? So why take the time to learn to grow these beautiful, elegant flowers? Because they are beautiful elegant flowers! Plus the rumors are not all true - any gardening enthusiast can successfully grow gorgeous, healthy roses with just some reliable information...and a little tender loving care as well.

Indoor tanning lotion

We’ve all known for years that tanning ourselves under the hot sun is bad but nowadays they’ve since discovered that indoor sun tanning under UV light is also a health hazard. So what be a safe alternative to great looking skin tone? The solution might just be the indoor tanning lotion that makes our skin darker without the harmful UV rays that causes skin disease. All’s not lost, we can still look good.


Hippeastrums are big, bold, voluptuous and brassy and their strong colours work particularly well in our bright Australian light. Wild species grow in South America, but the varieties sold today are the result of years of intensive hybridising. Blooms are now large, flared trumpets in a dazzling range of colours. Plant hippies in clumps, en masse or in pots and you'll be rewarded with a flamboyant display that will bring cheer and happiness to your garden.

Phentermine review

Someone told me about a diet pill called phentermine that is supposed to be very good with weight loss. However I have never heard of this name until today so I will need to do a bit of homework before I give it a go. I mean I’m all for diet pills that are safe and work but I will need to read up more on the phentermine review from an independent source.


Cumquats grow and fruit well in pots they are suitable for topiary, standards, hedging or specimens the plants have attractive dark green foliage and fragrant white flowers the fruit can be eaten fresh, or used to make marmalade and preserves or cumquat brandy.

A position in full sun is best. Keep trees well watered when the fruit is forming in spring and early summer. Trees growing in the ground should be fertilised in August and February. Complete Citrus Food alternating with Dynamic Lifter would be suitable. Feed citrus growing in pots every six to eight weeks. Once again alternate Complete Citrus Food with Dynamic Lifter, or use 3-4 month Osmocote applied in spring and early summer. Water well before and after fertilising. Keep the area beneath your trees free of grass and weeds. Mulch with compost or other organic material, but make sure that the mulch does not touch the trunk of the tree.

Vitamins for weight loss

I know I should really start to take supplements like vitamins instead of relying totally on my diet. But then again I heard about these vitamins for weight loss that one can get these days. Instead of just getting normal vitamins I can get these special vitamins that not only help me with my health but also help me loose some kilos! That’s killing two birds with one stone.

The tomato story Part 2

"What are you doing?” I asked. My friend looked bewildered. "You’re not growing tomatoes my friend, you’re growing leaves.” To his protest, I quickly found a pair of gloves and some cutters. I spent an hour in his garden and chopped all the leaves off his tomato plants. When I was done, there was nothing left. Where there were sprouting bushes of green leaves before, were now bare skinny stems, as if winter had come and took everything off in an hour. He came back and yelped in horror at what he saw, "Stan! What have you done to my tomato plants? You cut everything off! It looks horrible! They’re going to die.” I told him to wait and see. In 3 weeks, when I was back at home, he called me all the way from Florida to say "Stan, I can’t believe it, I have so many tomatoes! I’ve started giving them away to the neighbors; I don’t know what to do with all of them. ”Told you so!”

Women's apparel

Even though my webpage is quite straight forward I still get people asking me exactly what we do. Some people think we are designers and some think we sell patterns. I always have to explain to them that we make patterns instead of designing them; any patterns we can make from women's apparel to kid’s clothing. Still we keep getting people asking us the same questions again. I seriously think most people don’t bother reading the text on the webpages.

The tomato story Part 1

About 20 years ago I was visiting a friend in Florida. He lived far away from the city where there were a lot of crops and lots of fertile land. When I got to his house, he quickly took me to the garden to show me his tomato plants. When he took me to the garden, I shrieked! Where I expected to see tomato plants, I saw instead, my worst nightmare as an experienced tomato producer. Tomato Plants WITH Leaves!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Free credit score

Going through life one of the most important score we need to build up is our credit score. It determines whether we can get the all important mortgage when we want to purchase our first homes and also if the financial institutes would lend us money for personal or commercially for our businesses sometimes in the future. So whatever we do in life be sure to build a good credit score and from time to time take advantage of the free credit score to see how far you’ve come.

Spring is here!

Spring is here! Time to put away the winter coats, snow boots, and mittens. Take out the dustpan, mops, and buckets for a little spring cleaning as well. Time to clean out those cobwebs. Time to take out the gardening tools and start planting those seeds…

Maybe it’s also time to think about awakening some new ideas for your business. Or maybe it’s time to think about starting your own business. There are seeds for new ideas and innovation all around us.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Mortgage life insurance

Times are tough, no doubt about it. If you are employed then thank your lucky star because a lot of people loose their jobs and their homes. Then again life is unpredictable because although you may be alright right now, things could change so to protect your family and home it’s best to have a mortgage life insurance so that when the inevitable does happens, you’re ok.

Growing gerberas

Gerberas are perennials and do best in full sun, in well-drained soil. They will grow in most parts of Australia but are happiest in a warm climate. In cool or moist areas plants need excellent drainage and shelter from the cold. If your soil is poorly drained, grow the plants in a raised garden bed. If you experience wet autumns and winters plant gerberas where they will keep dry during the colder months.

Monday, September 06, 2010


My dear friend whom we have known since childhood had a major accident that renders him disabled. He needs help from wherever he can gets it; from the government as well as family and friends. He has no clue on how to go about organizing his ssdi claims and I must admit I’m not too sure as well. I’m sure there are people that can help him with his dilemma. If only I have a guide from above.

Bring it on

Talk about the drought in Victoria..we just had the biggest downpour of rain the state has seen in a long time. Now most parts of the state is under water and the SES is working overtime just to keep up with the demand of people stranded and houses under threat. We need the water badly but not in one go for goodness sake. Bring it on a bit at a time will'ya Mother Nature?