Monday, February 23, 2009

Jobs in IT

I’ve been noticing that most school leavers when asked what they want to do is getting jobs in IT or IT related. I supposed a lot of it has to do with computer games and applications kids been playing with since very young age. Its one thing to wanting to get a job in that field but another to have the qualification to get into it. Usually they have to take up another course to help them land the jobs they want so eventually they end up back in school!

No credit card

It was quite an eventful day yesterday. Being Sunday Mui decided to have Andrew's 21st birthday party on the day instead of the real day 11 days ago. Everyone chipped in and I was in-charge of picking up the roasted pig from Richmond in the morning.

I arrived just after 10 hoping to pick up the pig which was sitting there waiting for me. Being a restaurant I thought they would take credit card payments as well as cash since I didn't have enough money on me. Bad luck, they wouldn't take my credit card so I had to drive around town looking for my bank's ATM before picking up the pig which cost me a good half hour.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Everything but the cash drawer

When we bought our business from our former employer we had to move the business to our home to run it from there. During the last week at the old premise we managed to take almost everything with us, everything but the cash drawer were taken including the plotters that weighed a ton each. The computers were quite easy because they were lighter but the filing cabinets were killers on my back!

Its raining

After nearly 2 months without rain it has finally come. Yippee! This morning I woke up and greeted by dark luminous rain clouds blanketing the sky. Then I heard the sound of pitty patty rain dropping on the ground and it lasted for 2 minutes!

Damn it we need rain desperately! My garden depends on the rain water so I wouldn't have to card out shower water everyday breaking my back. Well at least there's no heat wave like we had a couple of weeks back.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Slot cars

Jessie’s nephew Ethan is only five or six I think but like most boys his age he’s mad into cars. Everything involving cars and he’s into it. He likes all the car movies and TV shows like The Fast And The Furious franchises and the ever popular British TV show Top Gear. So at least it makes buying presents for him easy; just get him toy cars like slot cars, remote control cars or even model cars!

One week on

Its been over a week since that terrible day in Australian bushfire history. Though the weather has turned for the better the fire is still burning in parts of the state. For the last few days Melbournians been waking up with blanket of smoky haze choking the city.

The official death toll now stands at 189 but is expected to rise further. There are still many more people missing and there are still a lot of bodies to be identified by the coroner. Some of the bodies may never be identified due to the severity of the fire. I hope we never see another day like the Saturday on the 7th of February.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Omega watches

Thinking back when I was on holiday in Malaysia when we went to visit Chinatown in KL where you can find products that you thought you would never be able to afford like designer bags, watches and jewelry. It was a shopping haven where you can let loose and shop till you drop. Of course these are all imitation products so I think I will save up my pennies to get those Omega watches that I’ve been wanting since I was little.

Another scorcher

Gosh! Not another hot day coming up this weekend! It is forecast to be a scorching 43C again this Saturday, the day everyone's invited to celebrate a one year old birthday. This is not good, where would all the guest hide from the heat? The house isn't big enough to put everyone in it.

The last time we had a one year old birthday party there it was a good day and all the guests were seated outside. But this time it is going to be a disaster, I hope they postpone the date to Sunday where the temperature is only predicted to be 25C.