Saturday, June 26, 2010

Need lockers

Never in my wildest dream that when we set up the gardening club three years ago that we would have so many members as we have today. It’s getting to a point that we need to cater to our members when they come for their volunteering work.

At the moment they have to put their bags and stuff all over the place and it’s not safe especially if they have to store their valuables. I was thinking of providing lockers for everyone, like the school lockers or the gym lockers but I don’t want to spend too much money on them since we run on a strict budget. Therefore I’m constantly looking for lockers for sale at the local traders and just asking our members to keep their eyes out for a good buy. Let me know if you see a good bargain will’ya?


We have a new Prime Minister in Australia, actually we have our first female Prime Minister to be exact. Events like this is rare so usually it would be a case for celebration but because of how it came to be that is a worrying sign. The first female Prime Minister got to the top job by betrayal and stabbing her predeccessor in the back so it is not a honorable thing according to me. The Labor Party is in a very bad way at the moment.