Sunday, February 28, 2010

Used golf balls

Living right next to a golf course we tend to find at least a dozen or so golf balls in the backyard. So far we’ve been lucky we haven’t had any broken windows yet, that would be most unfortunate. After so many years we’ve collected quite a lot of used golf balls and every now and then we would sell these golf balls back to the golf course!

Last day of CNY

So we celebrated the last day of CNY with a big bang; went down to Glen Waverley where they were having a big CNY festivity going on. First time we went there for the CNY festival even though they have it every year. A bit disappointing in term of attractions, there were mainly food stalls. Well we actually went to see the niece performs on the stage. She was in 3 dances organised by the dance studio. Lucky for everyone the weather held up pretty good. There were menacing dark clouds with strong wind all day long but no rain came. I would rather it rain coz the water reserve is a bit low now.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Auto insurance quotes

It’s that time of the year again; my auto insurances are expiring and I need to renew them or get new quotes from other insurers. From my experience as a insurance policy holder it pays to get multiple auto insurance quotes from different insurers. The more quotes you can get the better because you will always find a cheaper quote somewhere, never go with the first quote you get. Always shop around.

The 15th day

Chinese New Year is almost over..come this Sunday marking the 15th day of the annual celebration. So to mark the festive day a few friends are going to gather at someone's place and probably order takeaways. How boring..I know exactly where they're going to order their food from; Jade Kingdom. Seriously I'm getting sick of Jade Kingdom's food, I'd prefer some home cooked meals. I have an idea; chicken soup with long life noodle..but the missus thinks it's going to be hard getting a big pot of chicken soup over to their place and suggested cooking the chicken dry and served with rice instead. Not my first choice but I am willing to entertain the idea.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cholesterol treatment

I admit I’m one of those people that never bother about what I eat till it’s too late. Just been to my medical checkup and was told my cholesterol is high and I need to change my lifestyle. Indeed I need to take better care of my body because I’ve only got one. First thing first; time to lower my cholesterol. I need to find a natural cholesterol treatment to get me back on track and then I’ll start eating right and exercise more. That’s my new year resolution.

Back to the drawing board

It frustrates me when I can't get something working. I'm working on this machine to get it going with the digitizing table but so far I have no joy. Why wouldn't it work? I've got the driver for it and the program and still I can't get it working, frustration! I know it should work because I heard from the experts that it does but I just can't get it going. What am I doing wrong? Back to the drawing board.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Ultimate fat burner

I’m in a bit of a desperation when it comes to loosing weigh; yes I exercise everyday and watch what I eat but yet I find it difficult to loose the weigh. I need more, I need the ultimate fat burner but there are so many out there that clam to do just that and most of them are just out to rob me blind. I need to find one that will definitely work, I need an unbiased independent reviewer of all these products.

CNY been and gone

Well CNY is over and done with. On Saturday which was CNY eve we were invited to the in-laws for dinner. That was the most expensive invited meal all year because it costs a few red packets! The next day on the first day of CNY after eating too much meat the night before it was good that we were going to have some vegan food for the day. We had lunch with some friends in Doncaster easting mock meats. After which we wanted to see some lion dance and firecrackers but we didn't know where to find them. We just guessed that we'll see them in Box Hill so off we went but sadly we were disappointed. There was nothing there so we decided to just have coffee and cakes at Selwyn's house. And that concludes another CNY for the year.

Monday, February 08, 2010

London vacation rentals

I’ve never been to London before or the UK in general. Maybe it’s time I make the effort while I’m still young to enjoy it. I don’t have any family nor friends there so I’ll have to find some accommodation if I don’t want to sleep on the streets. Instead of hotels I’m thinking London vacation rentals that involve luxury apartments and homes to make my stay a lot more comfortable. Yes, time to start packing.

Valentine's Day & CNY

This year Valentine's Day falls on the same day as Chinese New Year's Day on the 14th of February. So what does it mean to me? Probably nothing since I don't celebrate either. Ever since I've came to Australia CNY has never lived up to the expectation you'll get from the celebration in Sibu so why bother? And Valentine's Day? Just another day the big corporations drum up to rip money off the general public I reckon!