Thursday, November 27, 2008

Christmas For Payatas

Christmas is almost on us and most Australians are getting ready for the joyous season…especially the children. While we all celebrate this merry occasion with presents and food we must not forget that the children in the landfill of Payatas are rummaging through rubbish to find anything of value to sell for food.

Let’s all get together and help these children have a better Christmas; this is a charity appeal to all Australians to help with donations so they too can have a joyous Christmas like us. There are many prominent supporters for this great cause from footballers to politicians. Let us all unite as Australians and show them that we care. Please watch the video below for more information and donate generously to the Christmas For Payatas appeal. Merry Christmas! make money!

It's less than a month till Christmas and like most people I'm looking forward to it. However I'm not looking forward to Christmas the way most people are in the sense that I'm looking forward to the amount of paid works that traditional a business like mine would be getting.

Yes Christmas time is traditionally the busiest time of the year for us and with business being slow the way it is, at least we can make up for it then. We're not Christians and never really celebrated Christmas wholeheartedly so it is just another time of the year for make money!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


It’s hard trying to loose that extra pound especially for people who are hereditarily heavy. It’s genetic, not just about eating too much. Some people don’t eat much but they still put on weigh so we should get help from wherever we can get it like exercises, good healthy food and a little bit of slimming product like Leptovox can go a long way to a healthier you.

It can only get better

The global financial crisis has hit home hard. We are not immune from the rest of the world, our stock market is on the landslide and businesses are closing down. We're definitely heading into recession.

Personally my own business has taken a turn for the worse also; sales is down by a lot. This month has been the slowest month ever but we can't give up now. We have to hang in there, it can only get better after the worst.

Digital signage

I have been thinking about doing some advertising for the business lately but which medium should I go with? There are so many advertising mediums out there all claiming to be able to sell your products to your potential customers better than anybody else. Truth is I need a high traffic area like a shopping mall with digital signage that attract potential customers more effectively. This I think is how I should go.

Sticking our heads in the sand.

It looks like no one is immune from the global financial melt down. The United States is in recession and so are the European countries. Japan announced that they're into recession as well and looks like Australia is not too far behind.

It is predicted that Australia will be in recession for the first half of the new year despite what everyone is saying about how strong the country is and that we're able to weather out the turmoil. We must be sticking our heads in the sand to think that.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New holiday frames

Well the silly season is almost upon us. It’s less than 40 days till Christmas! Have you organized your holidays yet? Well before you go on your holidays this year make sure you get yourself a new pair of glasses with a choice of different Holiday frames from like I have.

If you don’t already know it is the place to get your eyeglasses at ridiculously low prices starting from only $8. They have a huge range of frames to choose from so you will definitely find the ones you like. Right now with the holiday season upon us be sure to check out their holiday frames just arrived for the season. Don’t just settle for a frame, I got myself a few just so I can wear different frame on different days!

While you’re there at Zenni Optical be sure to check out their women’s fashionable glasses as well. Who say you can’t be stylish with glasses? You must also check out their children’s frames as well if you have kids, also have a look at their bifocal frames, men’s frames and even goggles. But whatever you need I’m sure you will find them there because if you can’t find what you need at Zenni Optical then you can’t find it anywhere else!

One out of a hundred

Things have been going quiet recently maybe due to the uncertainty of the current economic turmoil sweeping across the globe. People are scare of spending their money and rather sit and watch how things turn up. So we had to do something and I've been cold canvassing potential customers across Melbourne by sending them letters and business cards introducing ourselves and hoping to get a bite or two from them. So far I've only gotten two inquiries, I'm not expecting much but if I can get one customer out of a hundred correspondents I'll be happy.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Top careers

With the current economy the way it is a lot of people are feeling the pinch; cut backs and lay offs are leaving the average households in difficult times. We are heading into the worst recession since the Great Depression. Well, all isn’t all glooms and dooms because the economy will bounce back. We just have to hunker down and ride out the storm to come out the other end. And when the boom comes there will be lots of opportunities for top careers in almost every industry.

It never had a chance..

This morning when I came down to feed the fish I was greeted with a shocking sight; a dead fish on the floor next to the fish tank! It must have jumped out of the tank in the middle of the night and through a tiny little gap!

The problem with comets is they swim very fast and will leap out of the water if given the chance. I had one leaping out of the water right in front of me the other day but I managed to grab it and put it back in the water before it hit the floor. Last night? It never had a chance..

Best fat burner

I have a lot of friends who are forever trying to loose that extra pound. Truth is loosing that extra fat is not easy, sure one can do lots of exercise but there’s a lot of factors involved like lifestyle, food and individual’s metabolism. By far the best fat burner will have to be a trip to your pharmacy because you can get a good start with the proper medication to help you achieve that perfect weigh.

What to do?

We've finally got our BAS done; yesterday I received an email from the account with document of our BAS which the account has prepared. All that was needed for me to do was sign the document and fax back to the accountant.

In the meantime we do have to pay the GST owing to the ATO before the 25th of this month or else! Businesses are being used by the ATO to collect taxes from the public and got nothing in return except for the GST claims which isn't much. What to do?

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Save on car insurance

We have 2 cars in our household but I’ve been thinking of getting rid of one of them since we only ever drive 1 car at a time. This way I’m hoping we can save ourselves some money on maintenance like car insurance, registration and services. It’s just getting too expensive to maintain 2 cars nowadays and the price of petrol is forever rising there’s just no point in keeping both cars.

This morning..

We went to see the accountant this morning. We need to get our BAS done and our personal tax returns done too so this way we kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Still it took us about 2 hours to get everything sorted out even though we haven't got much complicated paperworks.

After the accountant we decided to pay a visit to Becky and Peter's bakery shop since we were in the area. We found the place alright but they were not in! Oh well, next time then.