Friday, August 31, 2007

How kiamsiap is my Boss?

Since I'm in the mood of bagging the boss I might as well continue with this post about how kiamsiap my boss is. You wanna know how kiamsiap my boss is?

My boss is so kiamsiap that when his car radio broke down, he didn't bother to get it fixed or replaced but instead he took a portable radio with him in the car so he can listen to it. It runs on batteries but that's OK coz he just listen to the talk radio and doesn't listen to cassette tapes. Way to go Boss! How can you beat that?

Live Search

When we do a search on the internet using a conventional search engine we are actually given results that are in the past, meaning they’re based on events that have already occurred and may not be current to your query.

Besides that the search results may also be limited by bias on which search engine you are using because search engines seek to be more appealing to users by giving higher rankings to sites that are more popular.

Introducing a new revolution in internet search engine, the mylivesearch search engine turns your computer into a search engine and is controlled by you. The information retrieved is in real time as it appears on the web and relevant to your query. The power is in their programming that goes deeper and further than any conventional search engines. This innovative new search engine plug-in for IE or Firefox can be downloaded free from so you can experience it for yourself today.

Zero Is More

Life’s more fun when we have friends and family with us and what better way to enjoy it than having Coke zero at any parties.

Head over to where you can direct your own movie and send it to your friends later to compete with other movies to be the highest rated. Coke Zero: Life as it should be: Real taste zero sugar.

Dreaming of Saint Lucia

Of the entire Caribbean Islands one island that never ceases to amaze me is Saint Lucia, a beautiful tropical island that has all the right spots for my vacation.

I’m looking forward to the day when we will be flying there for our long overdue vacation, the dazzling coastlines, exotic beaches, the friendly people, food and snorkelling.

For now we are lucky to be able to plan our up coming trip at where everything we want to know about this tropical paradise can be found including the hotels, airflight info and all the major attractions. So if you’re planning on visiting Saint Lucia in the near future then this site is a first place you need to visit.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Nut Bag

You've always heard me complain about my boss, truth is not only is he kiamsiap he is also a disgusting geezer! Look what I found at the factory the other day and it's still there after so many days.

This is his old 'nut bag' which he used as a rag to clean God knows what! That is so gross but I'm not going to pick it up and put it in the bin, you do it. No you do it! No you do it! No you do it! No you do it! No you do it! Let's see how long the nut bag going to be there for ay...

Free Vouchers!

Wouldn’t it be nice to get something free for a change? Well we all can thanks to who is giving away free voucher so we can save money doing our online shopping.

There are thousands of merchant’s deals and rebates on their site so you’re bound to find something you’ll need. Best part is they’re all free!

Hairless Dog

It's not everyday I get to see an unusual breed of dog so when I saw a particular rare breed I was quite fascinated by it and I wanted to take pictures of it to show you.

It's a dog with very little hair! It's almost completely bald except for the head, paws and tail and I believe they call it the Chinese Crested Hairless which actually didn't originated from China but rather Africa.

Chinese trading ship stopped along the coast of Africa and picked these dogs up because they make good rat catchers on their ships. Later they renamed them Chinese Crested and the name stuck till today.

I tried my best to get it to turn my way so I can see its face but it was more interested in sniffing it's private part to notice me! No amount of tapping on the windows was enough to catch it's attention.

Though it's late winter and the weather is getting warm the owner is obviously worried about the hairless dog catching a cold and thought it needed a jumper!

Great Gift Idea For Him

With Father’s Day coming up it’s hard trying to figure out what to get for your Dad or for the man of your life.

Lucky for us there’s where they sell cufflinks and other great gift ideas. There are lots of stunning cufflinks to choose from starting at just $8.26 till sold out. Or you might like to get something more sophisticated like the Blue Millefiore Venetian Glass Square Silver Cufflinks at $49.99. And while you’re there you must check out other gift ideas like wallets and key chains.

Great Christmas Gift Ideas

How time flies! Can’t believe it but it seems like just yesterday when we had the relatives over for the holiday seasons almost a year ago and now it’s that time of the year again.

First there’s Halloween which is the kids’ favorite, then Thanksgiving and before you know it its Christmas already! So much to do so little time but thank God for that’s going to save me some money on all the presents I need to get for the whole family.

Let’s see, I might get some Kmart coupons for the missus since she likes shopping at Kmart so much, some of these coupons can save us up to 50% off the clearance clothing. Then I might get some Spring Hill Nursery Coupons for the father-in-law since he likes his gardening so much and I might just get some Discount Office Supplies coupons for myself. All my Christmas stockings done!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Microwave Popcorn

Here's a snack you can make in 3 minutes. It's the Uncle Toby's microwave popcorn! They come in different flavours but I still prefer the butter flavour.

Each box comes with 3 flattened packs of popcorn ready to go. I like the butter flavour because of their savoury taste, I don't like those popcorn with sweet caramel coated one. Yuck!

When you open up a pack try to un-flatten it the best you can before placing it in the microwave for 3 minutes on high heat. The instruction says 4 minutes but when we tried that it came out burnt!

While the corns are popping away in the microwave you can see the bag inflating. I always wonder how corns can pop under high heat, I've never seen how they do's fascinating!

And here it is; hot steamy popcorn straight from the microwave to you in 3 minutes. Cheaper than buying them at the shops especially in the cinemas who charge an arm for a bucket!

True this is not a large serve but you can always throw another bag in the microwave if you want more since they're so cheap, it's $1 a bag nia!

List your blogs

Do you have a blog or a number of blogs but don’t seem to get as many hits as you like to? Blog hopping is one way of gaining popularity to your blogs but how much blog hopping can you do and it’s tiring work. Sure there are many ways to help boost your blog’s traffic but one of the best ways is to get your blogs listed in a blog directory like Alive Blog Directory.

Alive Blog Directory is created on an established main Alive Directory resource that offers comprehensive selection of blog categories and choice of standard or deep link on yearly or permanent submission options. If you’re like me who’s not too familiar with SEO but still want to make the most to increase traffic then this is the best way to go. Submit your blogs today to take advantage of this great directory and watch your traffic soars. Prices start from $49.95 per year payable with major credit cards and paypal.

Romantic Getaway

When was the last time you and your partner had a romantic weekend away from the hustle and bustle of city living?

Why don’t you take a long weekend off and head off to the Northern California Coast and stay at Mendocino bed and breakfast inn at Schoolhouse Creek. Here they have distinctive cottages offering all the amenities you need to relax, unwind and enjoy the ocean views, fireplaces and hot tubs. So clear your entire schedule this weekend and reserve your place at Mendocino now!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Enjoy them while they last

Apart from the daffodils, jonquils and tulips that seem to be in abundance right now if you see cherry blossoms along the streets it means Spring is finally here!

I'm not entirely sure if these are the real cherry blossoms or not cause some people call them Prunus which I think doesn't sound as nice as Cherry Blossoms so for now just humor me and let's just call them that okay?

Aren't they nice to look at? They only flower this time of the year and don't last very long either so must enjoy them while they last. I would grow one in my garden but they don't flower often and they are deciduous meaning they drop their leaves in winter and we only get to see the flowers for a few weeks of the year. So just enjoy them in the streets while they last.

I enjoyed today

Today was a glorious day, blue sky and sunshine with a top temperature of 22.6C first time in a long time the temperature went higher than 20C and I got to wear a short pant and t-shirt!

So with warm weather comes spring cleaning, I did a lot today. Vacuumed and mopped the floor, change the water in the fish tank, cleaned out the canister filter of the fish tank, cleaned out the fish pond outside, water the gardens and washed the car. When the weather is warm like today I just spring to life and want to get stuck into doing anything around the house and I'm glad I did so I'm very proud of what I've achieved today. Good for me! Tomorrow will be a similar day as today so I've already planned to mow the lawn and do some other gardening stuff. This is the sort of weekend that I like and enjoy. Y'all have a good weekend now y'hear!

Learn Mind Control

I’ve always marvelled at how hypnotists are able to hypnotised and make willing participants do whatever they’re told to do, like on TV!

I wouldn’t mind having this power over other people so I can get my way around and lucky for me I’ve found Dr Michael Masterman at who teaches ordinary people like me the art of hypnosis.

Imagine with the ability of hypnosis we would be able to help people overcome their fears, control people’s thoughts and even to change our own thoughts to kick off our bad habits! So go check out this site now and learn hypnosis to change your life, you can even use it to better yourself as well as people around you.

Good blogging tips from blogging sifus

I got tagged by Clement & Bernard on the same meme. Good lah, can kill 2 tags with 1 meme so I'm happy to do it. Its a meme comprising of all the good blogging tips for anyone wishing to venture into blogging from professional bloggers like us!

-Start Copy-

It’s very simple. When this is passed on to you, copy the whole thing, skim the list and put a * star beside those that you like. (Check out especially the * starred ones.)

Write your own blogging tip for other bloggers.Try to make your tip general.

1. Look, read, and learn.***

2. Be, EXCELLENT to each other.****

3. Don’t let money change ya! *****

4. Always reply to your comments.****

5. Blog about what you know & love.****

6. Don’t use filthy language-buy a dictionary.***

7. Blog about something educational**

8. Be yourself; others will follow

9. Don’t have too many blogs that will become a chore to maintain*

10. Keep it simple, user-friendly, interesting and organised!***

11. Keep the blog simple and sweet!! **

12. Share with others your thoughts and don’t be shy!

13. Never ask for link exchange. Blog hop to increase traffic.*

14. Blog about something uniquely you. Or post some unique pictures ;-)

15. Avoid too lengthy posts e.g. less than 200 words if you can help it.*

16. Avoid Doing Tags..

17. Remember to go to the toilet when nature calls, don't just sit glued to the computer or you'll shit in your pant!

–End Copy-

Now to tag 5 more sifu bloggers;

1. Che-cheh

2. Ah Bong

3. Helen

4. Jomel

5. Jamy

Keep your identity private

The internet makes our lives easy in a lot of ways like shopping, communication and finding information. With all these modern convenience there is a matter of privacy which we need to address.

Every time we send an email or visit a website we are actually broadcasting ourselves to the rest of the world via our IP address which can then be traced right back to us.

There’s only one product out there that can help stop this and that is using software that can hide IP address of your computer thus stopping would-be hackers from gathering information from your computer. Go to now to learn more about this software and buy it today for peace of mind. Your identity is private so keep it that way.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Just get it over with!

I posted about the sunroof of my car rusting at my new blog. I really need to get it fixed before it gets any worse and starts to leak so I've been looking around for quotes from different places.

The cheapest quote I got is $350 from a smash repair shop in Alphington and I decided to go with them. I've been there and shown the guy David the roof and he has confirmed the quote and we've made an appointment to drop my car there on Monday morning. It will take a few days but so be it. If it needs to be done it needs to be done. Just get it over with!

Viva Las Vegas!

Viva Las Vegas! The city that doesn’t sleep, the excitement, the lights, the casinos and the girls…

I love going to Vegas whether just for the weekend or a bit longer and every time I’m in town I like to stay at the Bellagio hotel where I can enjoy the luxurious world of AAA Five Diamond Award-winning distinction. So next times you go to Vegas be sure to stay at the Bellagio and you’ll know what I mean.

Get out of the rat race

Get out of the rat race, stop the never ending workload and take up a business opportunity in jewelry selling.

You can work from home at your own pace, save money on gas traveling to and from work and you could make $2,000 or more every month just selling jewelry that practically sells itself. So say goodbye to stressful work and say hello to your own business!

Home Office

My wife had decided to work freelance so we decided to turn one of the rooms upstairs into a home office for her where she can do all her work.

Thanks to we found the most stylish studio RTA furniture that seems to fit perfectly in that room. We got a computer desk, bookcases, filing cabinets and chairs all from that one store and they deliver for free also!

Furniture for our new home

We moved into our new house with just our clothes and no furniture. We worked out that it’s cheaper if we just buy new furniture instead of getting all our old junks shipped here.

This way we can enjoy designing our new home with different type of furniture to get later. We found a place that has all the home furniture we need for our new house at an online furniture store that will deliver free to anywhere in the country. They have beautiful furniture there and we’re very happy with our brand new furnished home!

Romantic Weekend

When was the last time you took your partner on a romantic weekend getaway in the countryside? If you can’t remember then it’s time you did!

Go to Virginia and enjoy that southern hospitality, spend good quality time with your partner and stay in one of the many Virginia bed and breakfast inns scattered all across the state. Visit Williamsburg for the historical Civil War past and frolic on the shores of Virginia Beach but most importantly have a great weekend!

Vacation in the Midwest

If you ever thought of taking a vacation in the Midwest then Branson should be your destination choice. The town with the friendliest people offers everything you need to plan your fun-filled vacation.

There are lots of museums to visit like The Titanic which is a striking landmark attraction, water rides, miniature golf and the great outdoors like the Dogwood Canyon Nature Park. There’s simply too much to do there that keeps you coming back year after year. I’m off to Branson now!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Get a better credit card

Tired of paying high interest on your credit cards? Maybe its time to get rid of your current credit cards and get a better credit card deal from Mint.

If you join now you can get no interest on balance transfers for 13 months from your old credit cards and enjoy a low variable interest rate of 14.9% with Mint credit card.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Story Of D Part 8

To read previous chapters;
D likes to play online poker at work but he only plays for fun, not real money coz he has none! Whenever he plays his poker he will get really absorbed in it and would play for hours at a time forgetting about work.

Yesterday was no different, he started playing his poker and despite his mother telling him to stop he continued playing. After much nagging on his mother's part D threw a big tantrum and started swearing and yelling abuse at his mother. He also kept on ranting about how he lost his business to his parents (read part 1) and so forth and so forth. Reluctantly he went back to work and after an hour's time he left work. His mother went home as well clearly upset with D and complained to D's dad. D's dad rang up D and gave him a grilling on the phone.

This morning D's dad said D won't be in for the rest of the week due to his duty at the voluntary fire brigade in doing back burnings. Funny how D's wife rang up asking to speak to D and was told he hasn't shown up nor called, seems like the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing!

Keep cool this summer

Summer is coming soon and it’s time to prepare for the hot weather ahead. Air conditioners are good but are too expensive to buy not mentioning the cost of running it also. Plus it contributes a lot of green house gases to the environment so nowadays I tend to shop with the environment in mind as well.

Here’s a better alternative; ceiling fans. Yes, ceiling fans make great cooling effect in any rooms and a good place to start is at where you can find any brand of ceiling fans out there like Casablanca, Ellington or Craftmade fans just to name a few. Not sure which brand or type to choose from? Then why not use their ceiling fan customization system to help you in configuring before you order them to the exact specification with all the accessories.

There are so many types of modern ceiling fans to choose from so why not give them a look today and choose the right fans for your house. Do your bit for the environment as well when you choose a ceiling fan to an air conditioner!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Solution to a problem

I've blogged about my suspicion of possums eating my roses before. Since then I've pruned away most of the rose bushes but with the warm weather approaching they are starting to shoot new growths.

The problem is with new young tender shoots comes the return of these obnoxious creatures, they've been nibbling on my young tender succulent shoots!

So to find a solution to this problem I've started spraying the young shoots with Poss Off a deterent that works by giving the shoots a strong odour and hot taste of chilli which hopefully the possums will find unappetizing and leave my plants alone. I'm still trying out this product so don't know if it's effective or not. I've also installed sensor light in the back so if anyone of them comes in the night the light will come on hopefully scaring them away. Fingers crossed and pray!

SMS for dates!

Hey guys, are you looking for some hot girls for dates? This is what I do when I want to meet some girls; text GIRLS to 19922200 and I’ll receive a MMS profiles with pictures of girls.

From here I can browse and choose which girl I like, I will then ask for the girl’s number which will be sent to me via SMS for a fee. How easy is that? Whenever I feel bored and like some company all I need to do is my mobile phone and I get to meet so many hot girls so come on guys, you don’t have to be alone tonight!

Signs of Spring

I can feel it in the air, the weather is changing. The temperature is rising and daylight is getting longer as well, signs of Spring are popping up everywhere.

Like my daffodils are starting to bloom, can't wait for Spring. It's been a wet and cold Winter but it's good, we need the rain to fill up the dams but we still need more and hope to break the drought but I think it's still going to be another dry Summer this year with stricter water restriction and moreover, we are getting a rise in water charges! Damn John Brumby, the premier of Victoria.

Jeans will do me fine.

I’m a jean person all my life. Nothing looks better on me than a pair of sexy jean. Jeans will do me fine.

That’s why I was pleasantly surprised to find Hudson Jeans selling on this online boutique where you can find not just jeans but all kinds of fashionable brand name clothing. I wear Hudson Jeans for their comfort and their styles so I just had to get a few pairs for myself!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Ngak Kuai Lou

Last Friday my kiamsiap boss 'wind brain' and took us out to lunch. This is a rare occasion when he would pay for lunch so must take full advantage! He took us to this Chinese & Malaysian restaurant.

But aitelyu if you ever see this restaurant better go eat elsewhere coz the foods damn terror lah! I ordered curry laksa but they put all the wrong ingredients in it like broccoli! Who ever put broccoli in laksa wan? But then hor this restaurant 'ngak kuai lou' wan lah coz they dunno. As for me I'm never coming here again! Hehehehe

Save on printer ink

Inkjet printers have come a long way and prices are dropping like anything. Most of them are easily affordable to just about anyone nowadays. Sometimes I wonder how printer manufacturers make their money. The truth is they make their money later from the ink cartridges that we all need to buy after the initial ink runs out.

Ink cartridges can get a bit pricey so it pays to shop around for the best price on the market. Lucky for us there’s where we can get cheap UK printer ink delivered free anywhere in the UK. Here they have all the major brand names ink cartridges like Epson, HP, Brother and Canon but they also have the generic brands like Ink Rite, Jet Tec and Print-Rite which would save us further on our hip pockets!

So when you need ink for your printer you just need to log on to for the best deals in ink cartridges either genuine brand names or generic brands.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Plan your travel

Thinking of your next overseas holiday? Not sure where to go or how to get started? Why not get some insights from real travellers who will be your travel guide at

Here you can read all about what real travellers from all over the world talk about their travels, how they planned their trips, where to get cheap accommodation and what tickets to purchase. is the only travel guide you need for your next overseas trip. It is written by real travellers, who can show you all the places they’ve been to and give you positive or negative reviews of those places.

So make use of this travel guide to plan your trip with their free trip planner and save some money with some travel deals selected by their editors. You can also share your travel with their free travel blogs thus helping other travellers with their trips.

Friday, August 17, 2007

British Gas Launches Greenest Energy Tariffs

At last something positive is happening to help save the environment. I’ve just heard that British Gas has launched two new green energy tariffs in response to the increasing demand for green energy products. The first is Zero Carbon aims to reduce household energy carbon emissions to zero through Kyoto compliant offset schemes. The second is Future Energy which offers green alternative electricity and renewable energy technologies to UK schools. Check out the press release below;

Press Release:


9 August 2007: British Gas has announced it is launching two new green energy tariffs, Zero Carbon, which will be the greenest tariff available on the domestic market and Future Energy. British Gas has launched the tariffs, in response to the increasing demand for green energy products.

Householders signing up to the Zero Carbon tariff will:
• reduce their household energy carbon emissions to zero through Kyoto compliant offset schemes which will meet the new Defra requirements
• help fund a direct increase in investment in renewable energy generated in the UK
• contribute to the new British Gas green fund which will:
o invest in developing new renewable technologies such as wave power
o oversee a programme to help schools in the UK reduce their CO2 emissions

GearĂ³id Lane, Managing Director British Gas New Energy said,”Our new tariff responds to consumer demand for truly green energy solutions. It is essential that customers have confidence in green energy tariffs and that their credibility is not damaged by tariffs that claim to be green but in reality do not deliver any incremental environmental benefits. Green tariffs are moving from niche to mainstream products and we’re leading the industry by offering a tariff that will do more for the environment than any other product currently available.”

Under the government’s Renewables Obligation (RO), electricity suppliers in the UK are already required to produce an increasing percentage of their electricity through methods such as wind farms which, unlike traditional power plants, produce zero carbon emissions. For 2007/2008 this figure is set at 7.9%.

In a recent report, the National Consumer Council (NCC) raised concerns that some energy suppliers are packaging electricity which is produced under the RO scheme as “green”, yet it delivers no additional environmental benefits. The NCC called on energy suppliers to take steps beyond their legal requirements and offer green energy tariffs that provide genuine additional environmental benefits, in particular CO2 emissions reduction.

British Gas worked with Global Action Plan and The Climate Group’s “We’re in this Together” campaign to develop Zero Carbon which goes further than any other green tariff in meeting these requirements offering consumers the only zero carbon option on the market.

The tariff carries a premium of £84 per year, reflecting the higher cost of producing energy through lower carbon emission schemes.

Virginia Graham, Chair of Global Action Plan, said, “The British Gas Zero Carbon tariff delivers on all three of the essential requirements of a green tariff which are: additionality, transparency and verifiability. As such it is a very welcome new offering in the market. Consumers signing up to the tariff can be confident that they are getting 12 per cent more renewable energy than they would otherwise have got. The carbon emissions from their electricity and gas will also be offset with emissions reductions from projects accredited by the United Nations.”

Zero Carbon is one of the first initiatives launched through the ‘We’re in this Together’ campaign, which was launched in April 07 as an alliance of some of the UK’s biggest brands who are all working to help their customers reduce their impact on the climate.

Dr Steve Howard, CEO of The Climate Group and founder of ‘We’re in this Together’ said, “We’re committed to offering people ways to make a real impact on climate change through We’ve worked with British Gas to ensure that Zero Carbon is a genuine step forward in delivering more environmental benefits than any other tariff currently available.”

British Gas’s second green energy tariff, Future Energy, offers an alternative green electricity tariff at a premium of just £20 per year. Customers signing up to this tariff will contribute to a green fund which will provide solar panels and other renewable energy technologies to UK schools. Money from the fund will also be invested in development of future renewable technologies and sources.

To sign up customers can call British Gas on 0845 604 0055 or visit

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Story Of D Part 7

Sorry about the last post, I was feeling down but I'm feeling much better now. Life goes on whether we like it or not so just deal with it! Nothing makes me feel more good than writing another story of D and here's part 7;

To read previous chapters;

By now if you are a follower of this story then you should know by now that D is a real person and I'm not using his real name coz everyone deserves his privacy and so does D.

D has a grown up son A about 18 which is of legal age now in Australia. Though he's not D's flesh and blood he loves him as his own. A has recently moved out of the house to stay with some friends.

One day A borrowed D's golf clubs and shoes to go play golf with his friends. D has a golf game coming up this weekend so he asked A to return his golf gears. A said he's got the clubs but he has lost his golf shoes which D paid $200 for!

So to make A learns responsibility D told A to buy him a replacement shoes so today he bought him the cheapest and fugliest shoes D has ever seen! It costs only $80 and it is fuggling ugly! A said he's got no money to buy him an expensive shoes so this is all he could afford.

If your adult son lost something of yours, would you tell him to buy you another one or would you just tell him off and wouldn't worry about forcing him to buy you another one coz you're his father?