Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I will fly AirAsia!

About a month ago I wrote a post on how AirAsia was going to refund the flight that I did not fly. Initially I was just claiming for the taxes that was owing to me but in the end they decided to refund me the whole ticket because if I had taken that flight I would've missed it since it was rescheduled to an earlier time without notice.

I was a bit skeptical at first when they said I would get my refund in 30 days. I thought maybe someone was playing a trick on me but yesterday I checked my credit card statement and found that they had indeed refunded my ticket! They even refunded the cross border assessment fee of 56 cents, currency conversion assess fee of 13 cents and the international transaction fee of $1.05 on top of the ticket fare of $69.88 totaling $71.62 in Australian currency. I'm very impressed with AirAsia! From now on I will fly AirAsia every chance I get!

Acne free skin

Don’t you just hate pimples? Most of us will get pimples and acnes throughout our lives and there are so many products out there that claim to be the cure-all for acnes and pimples but nothing really stands out like Triclear. Triclear is an acne treatment that’s been proven to treat acne quickly and effectively so you can get on with your acne-free life.

Triclear has a unique triple action formulation to treating acne, the first involves the purifying cleanser that cleanses your skin, clears pores and removes oil and dirt. Secondly the repair gel helps repair damaged skin caused by acne and controls excess oil and thirdly the revitalizing cream moisturizes and soften your skin while actively prevent future breakouts.

All three formulas should be used together to treat acnes, clears blemishes and prevents future outbreak. Triclear will reduce pimples and blemishes by 91% and also decreases oil production by 54%.† Seven out of ten people surveyed said they prefer Triclear to Proactiv or Clearasil so it’s a safe bet that this product really works in acne treatment! †

† Results gathered from a study of 242 individuals following a comprehensive home–use test that involved photographic analysis, personal interviews and questionnaires. Individual results may vary.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Save money with ecoupons

I don’t like going shopping at the mall; it takes up all my time when I could be watching the games on TV. I’d rather do my shopping online. It’s fast and easy and they deliver right to my door. So naturally when I heard about ecouponcodes.com that gives free online coupon codes which will save me heaps of money while I shop online I’m loving it already!

They have thousands of money saving coupon codes online for over 1000 stores so you are bound to find something for yourself. You have nothing to loose giving them a visit, I’m sure you’ll see something you like too like maybe coupons for Target or Knetgolf. My favourite store at the moment is Dell since I got my new Dell notebook. I’ve been looking for gadgets to go with my new notebook and lucky for me they have lots of coupons that will save me money there.

They also update their products and coupons regularly so you can always find something new when you visit. The missus is happy with the FrangrantNet coupons where she can save 10 to 15% off all purchases. I’m just happy she doesn’t have to drag me down to the mall again every weekend so I can stay home and watch the games!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Lazy Sunday

Today was a lazy day, I didn't go out except to get lunch and then spent all day lazing around the house with the notebook everywhere I went in the house, on the sofa, upstairs, downstairs bar the toilet!

Isn't it nice when everything just work? Yesterday was a pulling out my hair day trying to get the router working but today I was able to relax peacefully at home reading blogs and enjoying my new notebook. But tomorrow is Monday and a work day...

Saturday, July 28, 2007

It's all good now...

Tonight's been a busy night for me all because of the stewpig tech support guy from Netgear. Go read about it here in my new blog that I posted earlier in the evening.

But its good to know that everything's working now. I got the Netgear wireless modem/router working to its full capacity serving both the desktop which is hard wired to it and the notebook wirelessly with encryption no thanks to Netgear!

After dinner and after futile attempts to have a go at getting the damn thing to work I finally had an idea to call my ISP who happily showed me how to get the setting right when the Netgear support guy couldn't. So thank you to my ISP who didn't have to help me coz I didn't even buy the router from them and I only have one thing to say to Netgear, you suck big time! I'm expecting them to call me back so when they do call they're gonna hear a lot from me!

Still can't decide...

I still haven't got my router yet, problem is I still haven't decided which one to get. People's been great and helpful telling me which one I should get but I want to get something simple, reliable and cheap!

So I was recommended by a friend of mine who works for this bank where they have a techie who knows these things and he recommended the Netgear WGR614 which should do the trick for me. I hope so coz I worry it might conflict with my modem/router but they say the router can overrides the routing part of the modem so that the Netgear router will take over the routing. If that doesn't work then I can physically purge the routing function of the modem/router which I haven't figured out how yet. Well at least I have the weekend to look around. I'm sick of using a cable to hook up from my notebook to the modem. I want to be able to blog in my bed!

Hotel Bookings Made Easy

If you’re thinking of travelling in the near future you may want to consider checking out EasyToBook.com for some easy and fast hotel booking to take the hassle off your travel plan. They are based in Barcelona and have hotels all over Europe on their website making it easy for you to find your hotels in any major city in Europe like London, Prague or even New York!

Every time you use them to book your hotel you’re already saving money because they offer discounts of up to 75% off normal rates in some cases. They sell heaps of hotel rooms on their website thus able to get them at a cheaper rate and pass on the savings to you. There is no fee to use their booking system and you can search by price, hotel names and date.

So for ease and convenience in hotel bookings you must check out this easy-to-use website before you even consider any other plan.


There’s a great fashion website where you can find lots of beautiful fashionable accessories like scarves, ties and handbags. Basically anything to do with fashion they have it there like designer fashions in both men’s and ladies’ fashions.

So if you want to get dressed up or just wanting to find a gift for someone special just log on to Belisi.com to find some Belisi Fashions Handbags Shoes & Jewelry that are to die for! Other than their beautiful products you can also read all about their fashion and products on their blogs like SharpByDesignBlog.com and radio initiatives at Pandora.com where you can listen to the hottest artists and music legends.


Thursday, July 26, 2007

Getting to know my notebook

Today I got my new Dell notebook and right now I'm writing this entry from it! I must say that I'm still learning to get the hang of it, everything's different especially the operating system.

This is the first time I've actually come across Windows Vista and I have no idea how it works, I supposed it's not too different from Windows XP but still I need to find my way around things so bear with me ya. I need to get to know my new notebook first so a lot still has to be done like installing the appropriate software I need to do my things and reading the manuals so I know how this notebook works! So I'll be spending some time getting to know my notebook well so won't have much time to read your blogs so don't jeles ah!

The Story Of D Part 6

To read previous chapters;
The last time I talked about how D was asked to leave the company he built and worked for 12 years behind and to get himself a job elsewhere. Since then he's actually found a business venture that might just suit him.

It's actually a lawn mowing business that a friend of his is willing to sell to him for $20K coz he's going overseas to live. So D's been quite excited about this venture and it looks like he might just get the whole thing up and running soon. He'll basically be taking over all his friend's customers and his areas of business so things are looking up for him.

There is however 1 little issue that needs to be address though and that's how he's going to come up with the $20K to buy the business. His credit is in the red and he has no savings so it looks like he might have to ask his Dad B for a loan again. Its history repeating itself all over again, the last time he asked B for a loan to start his business he got shafted but if not B where else will he find the money?

To be continued...

Kill Those Nasty Fire Ants!

I seem to recall blogging about ants in my home recently and how hard it is trying to get rid of them. I’m just grateful that they’re not fire ants which make it even worse if we have that infestation especially the fire ants stings which are very painful indeed! There is a website I came across that gives us information of how to kill these nasty pests or at least help control them to the best we can, go check it out now at ControlFireAnts.com to find out more.


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Elegant Furniture For The Whole House

I found a website that sells elegant and beautiful furniture. They have quality furniture in a separate page just for bedroom furniture, another for living room furniture and a page where you can find some of the best looking furniture for home office.

Nowadays more and more people are working from home and if you need to set up a computer desk furniture home office then you just have to visit FurnitureFromHome.com for ideas on how to decorate your home office.


I'm just sick lidat

Just now after work we went to get some food from the local shopping center near our house when we saw a pack of seagulls fighting over a loaf of bread that someone has thrown out.

Dunno why but I felt like taking pictures of them and even took a video of the whole thing! Maybe deep down I like to see chaos and mayhems in the world, would be better still if it was people fighting over a piece of bread...I'm just sick lidat.

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Seems that a lot of you didn't get my memo over a month ago when I announced that I have a new blog at http://wuching.com so I'm gonna have to send out another invitation begging you to come visit my over 1 month old new home!

For those of you who's been coming here I do appreciate your patronage and hope to keep seeing you here but just bear in mind that if paid posts and ads get a little too much for you then come to wuching.com where there's no paid posts and ads! It's a totally "non-profit" blog created from the revenue generated from this blog for you the readers for your kind patronage and support over what, 2 and a half of my blogging years now? Anyway, if this blog is getting too quiet for you then you'll be happy to know the party's over at the other blog. See you there.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Battle Droids

Today for lunch I went to Coles supermarket at Mitcham to buy some ham for sandwich. While I was there I saw that they sell Star Wars figurines there too!

This one caught my eyes coz I've never seen it before. It's a pack of a couple of Battle Droids so I faiti faiti grabbed it and went to pay for it at the checkout. But while the checkout chick was scanning the item it scanned up $10 nia and not $15 like normal!

So I kept quiet quiet and walked out of the store saving $5. I dunno if their scanner was wrong with the price or the price was that low but if it was then I should go back and buy more and sell them to Sengkor to make some profit!

More Savings!

Now I remember telling you people about KeepCash.com so I’m going to tell you again to go get your free coupon codes so you can save heaps of money shopping at the participating stores. Go and check out what discount codes you can take advantage of now, I keep going back there because they update their site frequently so I can find new discounts every time I go there!

They have over 1000 participating stores with lots of great discount coupons like PayLess Shoes that got my wife really excited about. We get to save a few dollars off the recommended retail price so it’s still a good buy because we’ll always need shoes! Then there’s Target and Modera and FrangranceNet…the lists goes on and on.


Monday, July 23, 2007

That's it for the winter

Well I've finally finish with my chores in the gardens. Pruned all the rose bushes, cleared the undergrowth and fertilised the flower beds. Took me 2 weekends to complete and the weather helped a lot by not raining!

That's it for the winter. Now at least I can relax a bit on my weekends...until Spring when I'll have more chores waiting for me in the gardens. At the moment there's not much to see in the gardens but just skeletal remains of heavily pruned rose bushes but they should all spring back to life with brilliant blooms and filled up the air with their perfumes. Can hardly wait.

Facts About BP & Lake Michigan

Recently the Chicago Tribune published an article about BP Factory in Whiting, Indiana on how the factory is polluting the environment like releasing sludge into Lake Michigan. BP has come out defending their action and released a fact sheet about their factory. They’ve emphasized that what was released into Lake Michigan is not sludge but treated water. They also announced that they fully comply with the federal environmental guidelines and are within the legal limits of the new water discharge permit. There is no reason to be alarmed about the impact of harm to people or the environment, the factory is continuously improving its environmental impact by voluntarily reducing its suspended solids in its water discharge by 40% in the last 4 years.

Moreover BP is committed to the environment and providing jobs for the community it served under. The refinery currently employs 1,700 employees and 1,500 contract workers and will continue to create new jobs right into the future but at the same time looking after the environments. They are always working with the governments and community members to develop comprehensive, environmentally sound plans. They have a modern waste water plant in Whiting today and plan to invest 150 million dollars to enhance the refinery's wastewater treatment capability.

Friday, July 20, 2007

The New Modem Arrived

Today I received the modem sent by my new ISP for the ADSL2+ broadband for my home. The courier actually came yesterday but because no one was home they took it back to their depot in Tullamarine and I had to go all the way to Tullamarine in peak hour traffic to pick it up!

Anyway reached home just after 6 and proceed to install the modem and ran all those things they require me to do but still no internet! Rang up technical support and was told it's not activated yet until end of day tomorrow. *Tulan* I've been using dial-up for my internet at home for 1 week and I'm so sick of it, too slow lah. I'm asking you guys to be patient with me 1 more day coz I don't like blog hopping with dial-up speed. It's too painfully slow I could die! So hopefully by tomorrow night everything will be up and running and I'm be visiting all of you soon!

Bring Home Your Loved One

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Thirsty For My Veggies

People are more health conscious nowadays and one of the easiest ways of staying healthy is by consuming more fruits and vegetables and less of animal products like meat. Nutritionists tell us to eat 2 fruits and 5 vegetables a day and that may seems a bit daunting like who can actually eat 5 different vegetables in a day!I know I can’t so that’s why when I heard of My Daily Veggies I knew someone’s on to something big, they put vegetables in liquid forms and you just drink it. What a great idea, I can drink tons of these delicious stuff everyday.

They come in a compact box packed full of the goodness of whole vegetables in every serve. You can drink it straight out of the box or use it for your cooking recipes to make any meal tastier than ever. Right now you can get free samples through their website so if you don’t want to miss out on My Daily Veggies Free Sample then hop over to DrinkYourVegies.com to get your free sample. I had my free sample and I’m hooked! Now I must have them for every meal I cook in my household and I have more energy to keep up my busy daily schedule!


Thursday, July 19, 2007

Red Red Wine

Last Saturday was my friend's birthday. What do you get someone who has everything? I called him up and asked him what he wanted for his birthday to which he replied...

...a bottle of Penfolds Bin 389 year 2004. The bastard's got good taste in wines. Me, I'm clueless coz I don't drink alcohol so off I went to get his wine and then I remember him playing a trick on me on my birthday last year so I think I should return the favor.

So I roped in Terese to help me make a card for him, a box to put the wine bottle in coz they don't come with anything, just the bottle and then I had a cheap white wine that I can't even remember where I got it from but it will play a part in my little trick. We put the Penfolds wine in the box wrapped up all nicely but hid it from him and gave him...

...the white wine wrapped in paper with a Penfolds card on it making him think it was the real one except when he opened the wrapping he was disappointed to find the cheap white wine instead. Well that was the plan but nothing in life ever go according to plan so I just gave him the box with the real Penfolds in it. In the end he got 2 bottles of wine and we had a nice dinner on him at TGI Friday!

The End...what a boring story but I felt compelled to write something tonight!

Big & Beautiful

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My Favourite Graffiti

I hate graffiti, they're ugly and unsightly. Melbourne is full of so called graffiti artists who deface buildings and make the streets look like ghettos.

But there is one particular graffiti I don't mind at all! It's actually stencilled onto a wooden door of an abandoned building in Abbotsford.

And they're stencils of stormtroopers, my favourite baddies! They can stencil these on my walls anytime they like...no, just kidding. Don't graffiti my house please!

Speaking of stormtroopers, meet my team of stormtroopers including sandtrooper, snowtrooper, bike-trooper, AT-AT driver and Death Star gunner! Yeah I know, I'm such a geek...

While you're at it, meet the rest of the family. Don't know which one is Sengkor though.

If you're Irish, have a great St. Patrick's Day!

Find Your Fitness Date

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Amusing The Kiamsiap Boss

Sometimes I just don't understand my kiamsiap boss. He finds himself little projects every now and then to occupy himself and us when he feels bored like he got me to help him started on his little plant propagating in the factory where we work. Got himself some cabbage, carrot and tomato seeds and got me to help him grow them.

The seedlings have sprung but because they don't get enough sunlight they grow very spindly thus are not healthy. Personally for me I wouldn't use these seedlings but he was so amused and proud of his achievement he wanted to thin them out and grow them in bigger pots and roped me into it again! I have some spare containers so I brought them in for him to plant out those seedlings. All that you see in the the picture he got me to do myself, I used the old office trays to hold them so it's easier to move them about! What a waste of time I reckon but what to do? Gotta keep the kiamsiap boss amused so we can keep using the broadband! Hahahahaha...

Design Your Own Golf Shoes

This is got to be the coolest competition on the planet! You get to design your own pair of golf shoes at Golfballs.com and be in the running to win $1000 in gift certificate. Check out what Terese helped design for me at MyJoys Coolest Pair on the Planet below and give me your vote so we can win the $1000 gift certificate and go design your own golf shoes there as well!

FootJoy Golf Shoes
$1000 for the coolest pair!


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Coldest Day In Melbourne

Some say today was the coldest day in Melbourne in 20 years and it was damn cold! There's reports of snow around the hills around Melbourne and the outskirts like Ballarat and Wooden which were blanketed by white powdery snow.

Here in Melbourne we didn't get snow but we did get hails falling all over Melbourne. This afternoon we had hail falling where we work and I had to move my car into the factory in case the hail got bigger and dent the roof of the car like a few years back before!

There's more cold and wet weathers forecast for Melbourne but I think the weekend will be good so that's a relief coz I still got some pruning to finish off this weekend. One good thing from all these cold wet weather is the dams are filling up again!

Renting A House Is Easy With Rentals.com

I landed a lucrative contract last week but the job is actually a 3 year contract in Houston so I guess we’ll be moving down there soon. Gosh, there’s so much to do…find a place to live and schools for the kids. Well at least finding the house will be made easier with Rentals.com where you can find thousands of houses for rent all across the country.

We found this perfect house in Tomball not too far from my work and it’s perfect. It’s a 4 bedroom, 2 story house with all the modern amenities so all we need to do is move in. Looking for houses to rent on Rentals.com is easy and fun, everything is easy to use and you can view all the rooms and surrounding areas of the house to get an informed idea of what you’re renting so if you’re looking for a rental property but have no time to chase houses around town then do yourself a favor and log on to Rentals.com and find that house you like.

Back To 56K!

No internet connection again! Long story but this is intentional coz I cancelled my existing internet service and applying for ADSL2+ with another service provider. But for reasons I don't wanna go into detail right now, I can't get the new ADSL2+ working yet so I have to access the internet using Dial-up connection.

Back to old school with 56K speed! Problem is dial-ups are so dodgy, they slow down to a halt or disconnect after a few minutes so I can forget about reading your blogs this weekend. Hopefully I'll be able to get my ADSL2+ installed sometimes next week so I can surf at 24 Mbps! In the meantime I just have to slog it out on the narrowband.

On another thing, my kiamsiap boss was pissed off with the internet bill at work coz we were on the lowest plan which will incurr excess fee if we go over the limit which we always do. So to avoid that he decided to change to another plan which is double what we paid before but we won't incurr excess fee anymore so I'm gonna be blogging and downloading to the max! We'll never be able to use up the 12 GB allowance we get every month, what a pity I could use it to download some porns!

Property Rental Made Easy

We bought a house some years back as an investment property. This way apart from collecting rents to help finance the mortgage, we can also utilize negative gearing to reduce our taxes. Investing in properties is the best investment any mom and dad investors can make I reckon.

However there are problems facing landlords these days like the right tenants and maintenance of your rental property. That’s why it’s so much easier when we use Rentals.com that brings the renters to the landlords. Renting out our property this way is easy and fun with Rental.com not mentioning cost effective as well. There are over 3 million potential renters visiting the site and there’s a 30-day money back guarantee. You can order a free yard sign with every ad placed on the site with an easy 4 step sign-up process and if you’re not satisfied with their service in 30 days which I seriously doubt it, you can get your money back. So if you have a property you wish to rent out to good quality tenants then give them a go.

Similarly if you’re a renter and looking for a place to rent, hop over to Rental.com now and you’ll find all the nice and reasonably priced houses you can rent to call your home!