Wednesday, March 25, 2009

UGG boots

Probably it started as footwear for warmth and comfort in the cold months but looks like it has turned into a fashion statement. I’m talking about UGG boots of course, they’re not very glamorous, in fact quite ugly thus the name UGG but seems that they’re gaining popularity across the globe. Nowadays almost every woman must have at least a pair of the ugly UGG boots in their shoe collection. Have you got yours yet?

Seminar tonight

I'm going to a seminar tonight. I'm not really looking forward to it but I feel that I should go for the simple reason that it might help me with our business. Since the business isn't doing well at the moment I feel I should at least give this seminar a go.

I hope its not one of those feel good seminars or those trying to get you to part with your hard earned money. Better not or I'll be out of there the minute I smell a rat!

CAD Drawings

Another good reason for me to get a new and better PC is that I’ll be needing to run some serious CAD programs with the new PC. Therefore it has to be powerful enough to handle some serious cad drawings. A good monitor and a great video card are essential plus enough RAM and CPU power are all needed in the new system. Spare no expense!

My PC is dying

Just my luck, my desktop PC is dying on me. Well it has been enduring my use and abuse for so many years now so its only fair that it can finally rest in peace. Now I'm looking around for a replacement. Been looking at Dell's PC since I'm quite happy with the notebook I bought from them.

I think I'll just get a bare minimum PC and add in whatever I want later because its cheaper to get the parts later than from Dell. Next is the matter of paying for it, I think I'll use my stimulus cheque that I'll be getting from Uncle Kev to pay for it.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Automotive lifts

Living in the city can have its advantages and disadvantages. One of the disadvantages is parking; there are just not enough of them for everyone. If you’re one of those people lucky enough to own two cars then you’re in even worse situation unless you get yourself one of those automotive lifts that allow you to literally stack one car above the other. Parking problem solved!

A little extra

When my neighbor Adam moved to London he left me some of his stuff from his garage like his gardening products. Some of these products are liquid & granule fertilizers. I've been meaning to use them but never got around to doing it until now.

This morning I decided to pop open the liquid feed he gave me & to my surprise it was never open! So this morning instead of getting the usual watering all my plants got a little extra in the water and I still have half of it left.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Jillian Michaels workouts

With summer over and the weather getting cooler day by day one can get slack and put on some extra kilos especially if you don’t get out and about during the cooler months. One should always make an effort to keep fit irrespective of the weather; we can always achieve this by keeping active indoor when the weather is not too kind. Do some simple exercises like the Jillian Michaels workouts would be perfect and we can all do it at our pwn pace. So lets get on it.

A beautiful day

Not so long ago we define a beautiful day as a sunny day, blue sky, no rain and ambient temperature. Nowadays the definition of a beautiful day should be an overcast day with constant rain! Funny how a long drought can do that to you where you look forward to rainy days rather than sunny days.

And that's what we all got for the last couple of days with good rainfall all over the states. It even rained on the day of the concerts held for the the bushfire relief but there was no one complaining. Bring on the rain.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Immigration lawyers

This country is made up of people from all over the world and that’s what makes it great. Since the days of our forefathers people’s been coming here to give a better life for their children and it continues to be the norm today. Just about in every community I know needs immigration lawyers in their areas to help the new arrivals and I’m glad I can do my part as well for the communities.

What a relief

The rain is bringing some much needed relief from the dreadful summer heat we just had not long ago. Its bee raining for a couple of days, though lightly its still a great relief. I even manage to collect 2 wheelie bins of rain water and the garden is getting a good soaking. I finally get a break from carding out the shower water for the garden too. Lets hope the rain keeps up.