Monday, March 29, 2010

Credit card

I’m one of those people that like using our credit cards for purchasing anything. Why wouldn’t you? You get things on credit and get reward points as well. But you have to be very disciplined and pay off the bill when it comes, or else you’ll be slugged with a hefty interest. I use my credit card for everything and anything and I always manage to pay it off before the interest kicks in. I’m a smart credit card user.

A good drenching

I've been waiting for the rain to come and it did come but in the middle of the night when I couldn't be stuffed getting up to organize anything. We did had a good downpour last night but if I was up I'd have been able to collect more rain than what we got. Oh well, its not all wasted, at least the gardens had a good drenching.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Life insurance

I’m not one to spend my hard earned money on insurance but there’s one insurance I think is worth every penny I put in and that’s my life insurance policy. It gives me a peace of mind knowing that my family will be taken care of should heaven forbids something happens to me. I’ve known friends who don’t have life insurance or don’t have enough covers and as a consequence their families have to suffer. I don’t wish that on my family nor any other family.

It better be worth it

Well its inevitable that we have to upgrade the software for our work. We've put it off for this long and now we've finally taken the step to upgrade. Its not cheap at all; has to work a long time to pay for it but we don't have a choice if we want to keep up with our competitors and keep our customers. We paid a third as deposit yesterday and will have to pay another third when the software is installed and the rest 30 days later. It better be worth it.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Protein powder

I’ve been going to the gym for 3 months now and I’m loving it. First it was hard, really hard and I ended up with aches all over my body the first day. But I persevere and now I’m getting into the routine and I’m full of energy and enjoying it very much. I need to get some protein powder supplement so I can get a killer body to show off on the beach this summer. Ladies, watch out!

So so lucky...

I nearly ran someone off the road today; some woman jogger not paying attention to where she was walking and I didn't look left before driving. What a dangerous combination, it could have ended up badly but lucky I stop the car just in time and gave her a fright instead of something worse. This is the closest I've ever come across to a serious injury so I'm thanking my lucky star that I saw her before I accelerated on the gas. So so lucky..for both of us.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hair loss cure

You know you’re getting old when you start getting receding hairlines. Like my father before me who started getting receding hairlines, now he has a full bald head and it looks like I’ll be heading that way too. But I don’t want to follow my father in those footsteps, I want a full head of hair for as long as I live. I need to find a hair loss cure so I can step ahead of my hair loss. I need help!

So sad

I remember years ago when 17 inch CRT monitors used to cost a bomb. All we could aford were 14 inch or 15 inch CRTs. Nowadays you can't even give away the 17 inch CRTs! Almost everyday you can find them sitting outside people's houses begging to be adopted but sadly few are ever fortunate enough to find a second loving home. Now users prefer 21 inch LCD monitors so the old CRTs are all forgotten. So sad.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Best Multi Vitamins

I try my best to take care of myself; I eat well and exercise regularly but sometimes we still need a bit of help because we don’t get enough vitamins and other minerals in our diet. That’s why I take multi-vitamins to supplement my nutrition. I learn all I can about the vitamins I take at to get an informed idea about what vitamins to take.

Fairfield's first farmers narket

We go to farmers markets all the time, sometimes once a week usually on the Sundays. Today Fairfield is having its own very first farmers market and we've decided to go have a look around. Its at the Fairfield primary school which is just down the street where we live. I hope it will become a good market coz its so close to us for the convenience. Well enough talking, I have to get ready to go to market now!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Adult acne

I’m not exactly spring chicken anymore, more like summer chicken so I thought I’m over the ‘Oh no I gotta acne so I’m staying home for the rest of my life!’ dilemma. But even as a mature adult I still occasionally get adult acne every now and then. I tell myself maybe I’m still a spring chicken just to make myself feel better but seriously adult acne can be fixed quite easily so don’t let your peers tell you little boy or girl!

3 years old

Its Thursday already today, the week's gone by quick. There's a birthday to go to this weekend; it's Sang's son Sebastian's 3 year old celebration. According to the Vietnamese tradition 3 year old sons birthdays are to be celebrated in a big way. There's going to be a roasted pig among other food so it will be a big feast for all. Time to find the birthday boy a good present.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cheap auto insurance

I’ve been a loyal customer with my auto insurance company for years until I found out that they don’t care about loyalty. All they’re interested is take, take, take. So instead of paying them tons of my hard earned money I’m hunting for cheap auto insurance elsewhere now. Now I’m looking out for myself since I’ve realized loyalty doesn’t pay when it comes to auto insurance.

Indian Summer

I've always wondered what the term 'Indian Summer' mean. That's what people are saying about the weather in Melbourne these few days. Though we are officially into autumn the temperature is still quite warm, up to the low thirties on certain days. Well I supposed we should enjoy the warm weather while it lasts because it won't be long before it's gone for a while when the cooler weather sets in starting around next month until spring. So bring on the Indian Summer!

Sunday, March 07, 2010


I try to exercise everyday but can’t do those heavy workouts so I walk daily. Some days I could walk for 2 hours when I’m up to it. I’m really wearing out my old sneakers and I think it’s time I get a proper walking shoes. A friend of mine suggested mbt shoes. It’s supposed to be very comfortable and great for walking so it’ll be perfect for me.

Weirdest weather

What a day it was yesterday; we had the weirdest weather happening yesterday around 3 in the afternoon. First we noticed the dark luminous clouds moving in, then all of a sudden the wind blew up a gale and down came golf ball size hails smashing roofs, cars and trees all over Melbourne! Then the rain followed, torrential rain flooding the streets of Melbourne stalling cars and flooding buildings. We're lucky we haven't any damages in our house and gardens.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

No rain

Well I'm disappointed again; the forecast was for plenty of rain but I haven't seen much of it. In fact all I can see today is sunshine and blue sky. There's a bit of clouds around but no rain clouds. I want it to rain and water my gardens and fill up my water tanks! I don't want sunshine today, come back another day. Funny how rain is more welcome than sunshine here in this dry arid continent of ours down under.


Television has come a long way since the first day I watched it; it came in a huge heavy box and the picture was in black and white. After so many years television is still the number one ‘must have’ in every household even though the PC is catching up. Nowadays television sets come in light, stylish and flat screen like the LCD HDTV. A contrast to the old idiot box I used to sit glued to everyday.

Long weekend

It's a long weekend this weekend because Labor Day falls on the Monday. Plus Moomba Festival is also on so there's a lot going on in town. It's been a while since I went to Moomba and I wouldn't mind going again this year. Problem is parking; there's not much parking so public transport is a better option. Unfortunately I hate using public transport; it's unreliable and time consuming, not to mention inconvenient. So should I go to Moomba this year? I want to go but...wish I have someone to drop me off and pick me up when I'm done!