Friday, August 27, 2010

Door locks

There was a burglary attempt on the holiday house last weekend. They almost made it into the house but I think the neighbour’s dog scared them off. I went to check it out this morning after the neighbour called me and found the lock had been badly damaged by the attempt. So I spent the whole morning getting a locksmith down there to change the door locks including all the other external doors of the house. I had better locks put it just to be extra secure.

Growing egg plants in Australia

Eggplants require a position in full sun and a long, warm growing season. In warm, frost-free zones (for example the tropical and subtropical parts of the Northern Territory and coastal areas of north Queensland) they can be grown all year round. In temperate climates (coastal and near coastal districts of southern Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia) seed can be planted from August to December. In cool to cold climates (southern Australia, mountain and frost-prone inland districts), delay planting until September and make last plantings by the end of November.


I must admit years ago I was obsessed with wearing tights. Yes, thinking back now it can be funny but I had the figure and legs for it then. I was able to get away with almost any kind of pants like tight jeans, leggings and breeches too. But not now though, not leggings and tight jeans anymore but breeches are still okay. Speaking of which I want to get some more.

Growing okra

Okra is a tropical plant that is grown as an annual vegetable. The seed pods are especially useful for thickening stews because of their gummy mucilage. Okra plants are extremely drought and heat resistant and okra is a popular vegetable in many countries with difficult growing conditions. Okra seeds are large and easy to handle. Some gardeners like to pre-soak their seeds the night before planting, but you should get good germination if you keep the soil moist until the plants break through. Okra can be direct sown or started indoors and transplanted. Starting seedlings in peat pots will lessen transplant shock. Start indoor seeds 6-8 weeks before transplant date.

Monday, August 23, 2010


The best thing I’ve done for my business is putting it out there in the internet. My business got a huge exposure to more potential clients than it ever did before. When I first started I was a bit apprehensive about it mainly because of price. But then I realized that it wasn’t that costly after all. All I needed was some good web hosting guide that I can research on the internet.

I did need some help setting up my website and hosting it though. Fortunately for me one of my blogging friends is in the web hosting industry and he was able to help me set up my website, host it on his server and all I had to do was organise the online ad campaign. Quick and simple and the business has never been better and will continue to do so into the future as long as I keep up the webhosting.

Hung parliament

So we've just had our federal election on the weekend but we still haven't got a government yet. The country is pretty much split into half over who should be the government and we won't know for another week or two for the rest of the votes to be counted. It would be most embarrassing for the current government to loose this election; there hasn't been a one term government since 1945. They have no one else to blame but themselves for their mishandling of everything that went went during their governance.