Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Affordable life insurance quotes

I’ve never used to think about life insurances when I was young and stupid. Now that I’m older and wiser I think of my family and how to protect them should anything happens to me. That’s why life insurance is so critical but there are so many insurance providers out there and that makes it hard for me to choose whom to go with. I need to get affordable life insurance quotes for me to choose the best one that suits my family and me. And I need to do it quick.

Iron Man 2

Woohoo! I've won tickets to see Iron Man 2 at Crown tonight! Got a call from a girl from Paramount Pictures late last night telling me I've won so I'll be going to the premiere screening of this much anticipated movie at Crown Village at 7 tonight. Its been a while since we went to premiere screenings, we used to win tickets very frequently but lately we haven't won anything until now.

How long has it been since the last Iron Man movie? Maybe I should watch the first one again before watching the second one. I know I have a copy of the first movie somewhere, just have to go find it. Now where could it be..

Friday, April 23, 2010

Flowers that mothers love

It’s nearly that time of the year again; mother’s day. So time to get something really nice for her and don’t forget to get her flowers. Not just any flowers, has to be flowers that mothers love and don’t be stingy about it either! We only have one mother and it’s only one day in a year so it’s time to spoil her silly.

So there!

I received a letter from my supplier reminding me about my 2nd installment to them. So I decided to call them to ask them about the credit note I'm supposed to get from them for the 4 small invoices that we agreed on. Of course their accountant knows nothing about it so I told her to talk to her boss since it was him who promised me the credit note. This is so annoying, I told her I'm not paying the installment until the credit note has been issued. So there!

Chicago auto repair

When it comes to auto service and auto repair, which I have no clue of, I’m glad I have a friend who’s in the industry. That’s why I always bring my cars to him instead of other mechanics simply because he will not try to rip me off. I’ve heard terrible things about dodgy mechanics preying on people like me. So it’s good to know that I’m in good hands.

My mechanic always does a thorough job whenever I bring my Toyota Camry in for a service. He’ll treat my car like his own taking time to go through all the process carefully so as not to miss out on anything and he’s always cautious to me even though we’ve known each other for years. I don't have to remind him to check engine light, he'll do everything before I can think of anything. So next time you need a mechanic go to Chicago auto repair and tell him I sent you there and he’ll look after you.

What a shame

A well know criminal got murdered in jail recently. Nothing unusual right? These things happen all the time in prison but it takes a well known criminal's murder to highlight the lack of security in our prison system. There are currently 3 investigations into this incident. Heads must roll over this lack of security. If it wasn't for the CCTV the murderer would have gotten away with murder. Took the guards 20 minutes to find out the man's dead! What a shame.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


I’m not the type to take supplements. Some of my friends do it regularly but I’m too lazy to do that. In fact if I can survive without food I’ll be happy! Too lazy to eat or take supplements for my own health. I’m just terrible when it comes to my health. No wonder my wife tells me off all the time regarding this issue.

2nd day

Today's the 2nd day of Lectra software training. Last week the trainer said we'll have it today but she said she'll email and confirm with us this week. So far I've not heard from her. I never got a call back from her on Monday when I left a message for her to call back last Friday. This trainer is bad when it comes to people skill but she's good with the software so I'll let her go this time.

Joint pain

Once I thought I’d never grow old and I’ll live forever in my youth. Yeah dream on! Nowadays I can feel my body giving up. I feel pain here and there especially joint pain on elbows. Not good, I need to do something about it. I refuse to go down like this so I’m going to seek help so I’ve already made an appointment to see my doctor. I’m hoping for a miracle cure here but I wouldn’t keep my hopes up.

My embarrassing problem

What I'm about to tell you is rather embarrassing. You see I have a problem; it's a skin condition where I'd break up in hives every now and then. It's some kind of allergic reaction to what I don't know but I noticed that the hives come back to the same areas of my body when it breaks out and it also then to happen when there's a change in weather or season. I take anti-histamine and use lotion to help cope but it never goes away.

Colon cleanser reviews

I’ve heard of colon cleansing but never had it before. I wonder if it’s any good like what I’ve heard from some people I know who’s had it. Some of them swear by it but I’m skeptical. I think I need to do a bit more research on it. I’m going to read more about colon cleanser reviews that are available out there and I’ll make up my mind then.

We are all humans

Silly me. I fell for the oldest trick in the book; downloading a dodgy executive file AND opening it! So obviously the computer got infected and Windows wouldn't even start. Tried everything I know how but in the end I had to do a drastic format and restore. This goes to show it doesn't matter how much you know about technology or how cautious you are, we are all humans and as humans we do stupid things like what I did yesterday and had to spend all day fixing it.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Security cameras

I’ve always had this problem with possums eating my roses in the middle of the night. There are telltale signs that indicate the possums are the culprit but I’ve never actually saw one. I think what I need is night vision cameras to be set up in the backyard to capture these pests but I don’t know where to start. Maybe I should start looking at places that sell security cameras; if they can’t help me then they might be able to point me in the right direction.

Who the hell is Justin Bieber?

Who the hell is Justin Bieber? Until yesterday I've never heard of this name. Now he's playing outside Channel 7's Sunrise program studio in Sydney in front of thousands of screaming teenagers. In the world of show biz and entertainment it is not hard to achieve fame nowadays thanks to the internet and YouTube.

Justin Bieber is a 16 year old kid from Canada who's shot to fame for his singing. I heard his mentor is Usher and using the power of YouTube he's managed to reach his fans quicker than bushfire. But then again it is just as fast to fade into oblivion when the next best thing comes along.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I have a friend who has a very sick child at home. I went to see him the other day and met his family including the poor kid. His room is like a hospital ward; there are medical equipments all over the place like spirometer, inhaler and things I can’t even put names to them. What can you do with a sick child? You just have to love him the best you can.

Money well spent

I finally got to meet Peter from Lectra yesterday. We spoke on the phone a few times but had never met until yesterday. He came over with some paper for me to sign. We're buying some upgraded programs from him for our work. It is utterly expensive but we have no choice; we have to upgrade to keep up with time and our customers and Lectra is the only people we can get their programs from. It's an investment for the business so it's money well spent.