Sunday, May 29, 2011


I have a full schedule this month; I have so many invitations and I think I may have to decline some of them. Now I just have to decide which invitations to turn down, I hope they’ll understand. There are just not enough hours in a day for me and I’m just talking about my social life! Wait till I tell you about my work life which is even more hectic.

Cheap plants

The cheapest and best way to buy plants is to purchase them in small pots known as ‘tubes’. Tubes are long and thin, with ridges running down the sides to encourage the roots of the plant to grow downwards, rather than coiling around the sides. Although tubestock is small compared to plants sold in say, 200mm or 8” pots, the plants not only establish more quickly but they grow more vigorously for their entire lives.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

OxyElite Pro review

Yes I know you are quite sick of so call magic pills that promise to loose weighs but you should seriously have a read on the oxyelite pro review. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised, most of my friends have tried it and swear by it so it can’t be wrong. I know I’ll be getting some of it today, how about you?

Tips for growing vegetables

  • Vegetables need full sun and shelter from winds - a north-facing situation is best with at least six hours direct sun, including morning sun.
  • Vegetables should be grown rapidly for best flavour - this is achieved with regular, usually daily watering, and regular applications of liquid food (every fortnight).
  • Vegetables need a well-drained soil, with a loose, crumbly structure - digging well-rotted manure in to a spade's depth before planting will improve the structure of any soil.
  • Use additional fertiliser to encourage good growth - leaf vegetables need fertilisers that are high in nitrogen, while fruit and root vegetables need a good supply of phosphorus.
  • Spread your harvest - make repeated plantings (or sowings if growing from seed) every few weeks, also eat some vegetables when they are small and succulent, but leave others in the ground to develop further.
  • Protect your vegetables from snails and slugs by using snail baits - but take care as snail baits are toxic to pets, especially dogs and native animals (follow the directions on the packet). Other methods of snail control include collecting and squashing, and traps such as beer traps or barriers.

MD Clear review

I’m always on a look out for new acne treatments and one that caught my eyes recently is md clear. I reckon this product is worth having a try out because I’ve heard lots of great feedback on it. I’m reading up on another md clear review now and it looks like another winner. Okay, time to get my hands on some of these and try it for myself.

Fresh Vegies

Everyone knows that vegetables are good for you. To gain full nutritional benefits from vegetables it is important that they are eaten when they are as fresh as possible. Vitamin content is highest in raw vegetables or those that are cooked so as to preserve their vitamins.

The best way to have fresh vegetables is to grow your own to pick fresh each day. If you buy vegetables from a greengrocer or supermarket, it is important to know how to choose the freshest vegetables available and how to store them to keep them fresh. Here are Rosemary's tips for choosing the freshest vegetables: Buy from a greengrocer or supermarket with a good turn over. Select vegetables which look, feel and smell fresh. If you can bend a carrot it will have lost most of its goodness. Spinach or other greens which are wilted have lost most of their water soluble vitamins B and C. Buy small amounts often (so they keep fresh) and vary the way you serve them.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Inpatient rehab treatment centers

I’m really worried for my friend; his drinking is getting worse and I worry he’ll hit rock bottom soon. There are more fighting between him and his partner and sooner rather than later she’s going to leave him. He needs help and fast. I’m looking at some inpatient rehab treatment centers so he can get help. I can’t stand by and watch him slip away like this.


The Australian native Archerfish (Toxotes jaculator) shoots strong jets of water to bring down insects and other small prey resting on overhanging vegetation. It does this by pushing its tongue against a groove on the roof of its mouth to form a tube. It then snaps its gill covers shut, forcing out a powerful spurt of water. The jets of water reach up to 3m (10'), but the Archerfish is only accurate to about 1.5m (5'). This fish has good binocular vision with large eyes located close to its mouth, allowing it to judge distances and focus well. It learns to correct for refraction between the water and the air, usually shooting from directly below the target where there is the least amount of distortion. When the insect falls into the water the Archerfish is waiting to gobble it up.

Motorhome repair

Last year we bought a used motorhome for our holidays. We drove down the west coast and had a wonderful time until the motorhome broke down. Now we know why we bought it at such a low price. Turns out it needed so many repairs and we were out in the middle of nowhere when it broke down and there was not a single motorhome repair shop around. We learned our lesson.

Siamese Fighting Fish

The Siamese Fighting Fish is native to the South-East Asian region of Thailand (formerly Siam), Cambodia and Vietnam. It survives in the wild anywhere where still water lies, such as rice paddies, stagnant ponds and road-side drains.

The species attracted its name because of the aggressive nature of the males towards each other. Because the fish are common to very small bodies of water, even water-filled buffalo hoofprints, males must fiercely protect their territory, or lose their breeding ground to a stronger male.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Treasure metal detectors

I heard about people going out to the old gold fields in the hope of striking it rich with their metal detectors. That’s why I also wanted to join in the treasure hunt but first I’ll have to get myself a good metal detector. I did some research on these equipments and it seems like the treasure metal detectors are the most popular choice in the market. Well if most people are happy with them I think I won’t go wrong with them.


When people talk about orchids they usually mean the common cymbidium orchid, which is often used in corsages and flower arrangements. However, there are over 20,000 species of orchids, and they make up the largest of all the plant families. Many are epiphytes (ie they live on other plants but do not parasitise those plants), others live on rocks, on the ground or even underground. Epiphytes usually grow from a creeping root stock, and produce thickened stems called pseudobulbs to store their moisture and food. When it comes to growing requirements, orchids vary tremendously.