Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Colon cleanser reviews

People are more health conscious nowadays than the previous generations. We eat better, look after ourselves better and generally take better care of ourselves. One of the things we can do for our health is colon cleansing and detox. There are a lot of products on the market that claim to do just that but many are just out to make a quick buck due to the popularity of colon cleansing. What we need are unbiased colon cleanser reviews so we can make informed decisions on what are best suited for us. Different methods might suit different people.

All's done now

I woke up this morning with aches all over my body due to the back breaking work I had to do yesterday. I ordered 1 and a half cubic meter of top premium soil for the veggie patch from the local nursery supplier. The soil was dump on my driveway so I had to cart the lot into the backyard with buckets! Don't know how many bucketload I had to cart in but it took forever. Lucky for me Terese helped shovel the soil into the buckets while I brought them in. All's done now.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

San Diego California hotel

One of the places in America that we’d love to visit is California. Terese has her relations still there, aunts, uncles, cousins and nephews I think. Though we keep in touch through the internet its not the same as seeing each other face to face. Like most Asian families we’d be asked to stay with them when we visit but I think its better to find ourselves accommodation like the San Diego California hotel which is very near where the families are.

Good news

Terese just called, she's been out seeing a potential client in Brunswick East. They've given her a style to try out first and I think this is a highly potential future client. They make lingerie and get their works done mainly in China so they've asked us to grade and create markers for them to take to China. This is good news indeed.

Ferrari parts

One of my dream cars has got to be a Ferrari. If I start saving my pennies now perhaps I will be able to afford to buy an old second-hand one when I retire! It’s a good time to get it since I would have plenty of time to spend restoring it in my garage fixing it up and replacing faulty parts with genuine Ferrari parts to its original glory. I’m dreaming aren’t I?

Kudos to her

I was walking behind a woman who wore a short summer dress. All of a sudden a gush of wind blew her skirt up to reveal her underwear right in front of me! I can tell you she wasn't wearing G-string but a BIG polka dot undies big enough to cover her big asset! Too bad I didn't have my camera with me but you know what? She wasn't bothered about it at all..kudos to her.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Do diet pills work?

Losing weigh is a multi million dollar industry and all around the world millions of people struggle to loose that excess weigh that they don’t want. People will do just about anything to achieve that figure they want like exercise, diet pills and surgery. Take diet pills first; do diet pills work in the way the manufacturers claim they do? And if they do then why do people keep taking them? You shouldn’t have to keep taking them just to maintain your figure. There has to be a better way.

Easter break is over

Well the long Easter weekend went as quick as it came. Just a blink of an eye the 4 day break is over...and I didn't even get to do anything! Actually I did get to finish my little project that went on for 14 months but after that its just doing some chores around the house and not much else.

Yesterday we did managed to go into town and met up with some relations for lunch. Apart from that its a pretty quiet break which in itself is actually quite good, or maybe not.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Diet pill

A long time friend of mine has always had problems with his weigh. He’s always been trying to loose some weigh for the sake of his health but for some people losing weigh is just too hard. It doesn’t matter how he diet, how he exercise, nothing seems to work. He’s at a stage where he’s thinking of taking diet pill but I stress to him that he better do his homework first, never like the idea of popping a pill to solve your problem.

Interest's down

Whoopie! The interest rate has fallen again to just 3% from 3.25% yesterday. But if you think this is going to save you some money on your mortgage you are sadly mistaken because the major banks have no intention of passing on the savings to you!

Bastards! Only one of the major banks has decided to pass 0.01% to the borrowers and the rest nada. Blood suckers the banks are, if I had a choice I'll hide my money under my bed. I'll be safer that way.