Monday, October 31, 2005

The Plane! The Plane!

The Royal Australian Air Force Museum is in Point Cook RAAF Base next to Werribee South. It is open to the public so everyone is welcome.The Museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday and admission is FREE!
Here you can see some of our retired military airplanes used by the RAAF.
Inside the museum there are lots of displays showing everything you like to know about the Air Force such as engineering..
They have lots of dummies like these showing how interesting working with planes can be!
I even got to join the boys in one of their missions! Cool eh! Spot the odd one out.
There are heaps of airplanes to check out for airplane enthusiasts.
I supposed these are obsolete airplanes or else they wouldn't make it into the museum!
They also have really old planes like this bi-plane.
..or this one.
Jet fighters to get you excited..
Can't remember what this one is..
Outside you can watch pilots training on their take-offs and landings..
Inside this hangar we will see how these planes are restored.
Today they are restoring this A520-600 Mosquito.
In another hangar we can see more airplanes on display.
These are recently restored airplanes..
..mostly two seater fighters, in single and double winged.
There's even a helicopter..
..and more bizarre looking airplanes.

It was fantastic coming here and best of all it's all free! All you have to do when you get here is report to the guard house, show them some identifications and you'll be issued these passes that let you access all areas they zoned as public areas. You're sure to enjoy yourself here like we did!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Conservatory Revisited

You may recall a previous post I did on the Conservatory in Fitzroy Garden last month.As you may remember, I did mention that they change their display 4 times a year. Last time it was the Cineraria and Cyclamen display.
Today I'm going to show you their latest display for the months of September to November using Schizanthus and Calceolaria.
They also add in other genus of plants like these orchids to compliment the Schizanthus.
Schizanthus are sometimes called Poor Man's Orchids but are more related to the petunias family. These annuals do look like miniature orchids and come in shades of pink, mauve, red, purple and white.
Calceolaria or Slipper Flowers are native to the Americas and comes in over 300 species ranging from tiny annuals to herbaceous perenials. Sometimes they are called Ladies' Purses because of their shape that resemble a purse.

Well I must say, though pretty as this display may be, it wasn't as nice as the previous one with the cineraria and cyclamen. This display will be on show until November when the Hydrangea and Fuchsia display will take it's place in the Fitzroy Conservatory and I'll be posting that in my blog as well so watch this space!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Bye Bye Goldie

Today is a sad day, I'm mourning for one of my goldfishes that sadly passed away. It had been with me for the last couple of years now but sadly it is gone. I had it when it was just a baby when I brought it home from the aquarium, it had grown big and at the time of it's passing was the biggest fish in the tank.The cause of dead; dropsy, a mystery illness that is still not understood yet. It causes the fish to bloat and it's scales to stick out from it's body and death soon follows after a few days. No one really know what causes this but I have had a few fishes died because of this disease before.

Now I've only got 5 fishes left in the tank, kinda think of it I'm not very good in keeping goldfishes! They keep dying on me! Oh I don't know what I've done wrong, the pH was right, water condition was good but they still die on me! Damn! Maybe I'll put plastic fishes in there from now on..

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Suck On These Balls!

Arnott's Tim Tam Balls have been around for sometimes now but I've yet to sample them so when we were at the supermarket yesterday, I just gotta give it a go.

I've had Tim Tam biscuits for many years and it is one of the best biscuits I know. So it's only appropriate that I give these balls a try.

Pop open the box and out come these chocolate balls about 15-20 mm in diameters. According to the packaging, you can suck on it, kiss it, crunch it, seduce it, chomp it or melt them in your mouth. I tried all the different ways but they all taste the same any way, DUH!

Bite one in half and you can see the biscuit wafer covered in thick chocolate. Crunchy but still taste exactly the same as the biscuit form so I'm not too impressed with the new ball shape. Maybe they just make it so you can suck on it. Go on, suck on these balls!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Hard At Work

Let me introduce you to D my boss. D is a fantastic boss so fantastic that we can do whatever we want.
Here he is hard at work catching some zzz, it's been a hard day's work and he needs his beauty sleep. But seriously, it was a very quiet day and that makes us all fell asleep. Happens to me too but I'm the one who's got the camera! HAHAHAHA...

Monday, October 24, 2005

Check Out My Brick Phone

This post is in response to narrowband's post today on his beloved Nokia phone, recently passed into phone heaven..
Have a look at my phone, Nokia 5110 the ultimate brick phone. This is my first phone and is still my current phone! No joke here! It is tough as brick, dropped countless times but still working. Why would I need to get a newer fancier phone with all the latest gizmos and gimmicks. (I'm actually waiting for it to die but it just doesn't want to die!)

The only problems I have with my dinosaur phone is that it doesn't show caller's numbers and the battery is wasting quick and it's loose so it disconnects sometimes. Other than that, it's still working for me so before it dies, I'm not getting another one. It'll get jealous!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Down By The Yarra

Last weekend, Terese and I decided to go for a walk down by the Yarra river. This part of the city is called Southbank and on the weekends it is usually full of people.
There's a craft market under the Arts Centre.
Street performers every few yards apart. This guy thinks he's Houdini.
Children taking advantage of the warm day to get wet on the water display.
This is the Eureka Tower, right in the heart of Southbank. It is still under construction and will be the tallest residential building in the southern hemisphere or something like that.
Across the river on the other side is the Melbourne Aquarium. I've been there twice but I don't think it's worth the money you have to pay to get in unless you can get a special deal on group booking or some promotional deal that they come out every now and then.
And who can walk past the Crown Casino on Southbank, let's go check it out.
A bit quiet today, maybe it's still early. This place is usually packed full of chinese patrons, we all know how much the chinese like to gamble. Some are so hooked on it that they would sell their family homes just to feed their insatiable habits.

Well at least the State Government is happily racking in millions of dollars from this money making beast from the taxes it collects at the expense of the poor pathetic losers we all are!

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Hello..would you like sex service with me?

Today I had a business proposition from someone. I was doing some shopping at my local shopping centre when I went back to my car and heard someone calling out to me "Hello, hello, hello".I looked up and saw this woman probably in her 40's not very pretty but also not overly ugly either but she looked kind of spaced out a little. She had messy hair and bad make-up on. She kept calling out to me "Hello, hello" and I wasn't too sure about her so I just replied "Yes?" She then came close to me so that she didn't have to speak too loudly. She didn't want anyone but me to hear her say "Would you like sex service with me?" Straight away I said "No thanks!" to which she replied "Thank you" and she walked away.

I must say this is the first time I've been offered a proposition for a sex service by a hooker. Fair enough she was just offering her services because that was her profession but do I look desperate enough to have to pay for sex? Prostitution is not illegal in here but soliciting clients in a public place like this car park is. She probably need some quick bucks for drugs but she's not gonna get it from me, sorry but I'm too scared about sex with prostitutes or strangers!

Friday, October 21, 2005

Melbourne's Stargate

There's a new park/playground in the heart of the Docklands and I must say it's quite amazing.It has the usual amenities you find in a playground but there's this structure that caught everyone's eyes..'s the big round thingy with colourful balls surrounding it. The balls will actually swing round the rim of the big circle when the wind blows on it so you can imagine how cool it looks.

Kinda reminds me of the Stargate where aliens from other worlds could travel to Earth and vice-versa. I was hoping to see them flying through the worm hole that forms from the big circle but no such luck today, it's just another statue, a nice one I might say.

If you like to watch the wheel turning in the wind, you can watch it here (3.12MB).

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Welcome To New Quay

Welcome to New Quay, Melbourne's latest suburb in the Docklands.It is basically a stretch of residential apartment buildings with great restaurants and some retail shops by the water.
This is where all of us should have our apartments, close to the city but far from the traffic jams.
Have your pick of the apartments, they all have nice restaurants downstairs so you can just have your brunch when you get out of bed. Don't worry about cooking, stuff that, enjoy the good living!
Then you should also get a boat or a yacht, park it right infront of your apartment building so you can take it out for a ride around the bay on a nice day like today.

And when there's a game on at the Telstra Dome, you can just walk across the road and you're there. Who needs a car!

That penthouse on the top floor is mine (not).