Monday, October 22, 2012

Custom stress balls here

So do you like me have trouble finding the right gift to get for a birthday? How about getting one of these custom stress balls here. They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and rather cute too. I’m sure they will be very popular amongst the receivers. As a matter of fact I think I’ll get some for myself too.

Sprayer Care

Fungicides are important for controlling a range of diseases. In my Brisbane garden, I use solutions of milk, wettable sulphur and copper based fungicides. Sprayers are important pieces of equipment, which should always be ready for action and so it’s essential that they are properly maintained. When you’ve finished spraying, it’s time to service the equipment. Use fresh water to thoroughly rinse the whole device and empty the rinsing water into the garden – don’t put it down the drain. Certain chemical fungicides can actually corrode the brass nozzle. Others can block the nozzle. But just use a sewing needle to unblock it. Rinse three times. This might sound fussy, but it’s important to ensure there’s no residue in the tank and not in the pipe. Sometimes fungicides form a lime scale that might be similar to what you get in your kettle. It’s important to rinse and clean because any residue from a previous spray may chemically react with future sprays. And the result might be harmful to plants, which undermines the reason for spraying.

Friday, October 05, 2012

Camp equipment deals

With the weather warming up its time to think about going camping again. There are a few things I need to get for this year so I’ll be looking out for some great camp equipment deals. Let’s see..I’ll need a bigger tent because the family’s grown, we have to get portable toilet because the missus refuses to do it in the bushes and we’ll need more lamps also.

Blooming marvelous!

Spring is just around the corner, blooming marvelous!

Mens scrubs

With the transport strike going on for a week now, we’re starting to run out of supplies. Essentials like drugs, tools and even mens scrubs are all running low. I hope the strike ends soon or we’ll be forced to close shop very soon. An alternative is to ship in the supplies ourselves but we might not be able to cross the picket lines.

Basic tools

All gardeners need some basic tools. You can always find a hand trowel, fork and dipper in any garden. They're a must for good gardening, apart from good soil, location and good maintenance but we'll leave those for another post.