Monday, August 31, 2009

Medical coding training courses

Well I have to take time off work again soon but at least the company will be paying for it. They’re sending me to do some medical coding training courses. Since I’m in charge of the company’s insurance claims I have to take these courses so I can do my job better. It’ll be a few months before I’ll be back at work so in the mean time my assistant will be doing my work. If you need any help do call her because I’ll be away.

A week to recuperate

Another weekend has past with tiring bones and muscles. Seriously I'm definitely getting old, can't even enjoy a weekend without tiring myself out. Saturday was the birthday and we all went to dinner followed by desserts at the Chan's. Sunday we went to the fashion expo and since we parked far away because we didn't want to pay for parking we had to do lots of walking. But it was a good day; we met many new people, exchanged business cards and checked out all the new trends and stuff. Now we need another week to recuperate.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Outdoor lighting

I love my backyard, it’s the one place I enjoy working during the weekend. I could spend all weekend digging till the sun goes down. I’ve planted roses, veggies and fruit trees. I’ve also built garden structures like pergolas where we can relax and enjoy the garden. My next project is to get some outdoor lighting so that the garden will look amazing after dark so we can enjoy the balmy summer nights coming.

Looking for a pattern maker

Pattern making is a dying trade, even though we are in the industry we don't really have much time to do pattern making. We're too busy with grading so sometimes we need to sub-contract pattern making to a third party. Unfortunately it is hard to find a good pattern maker, they're an endangered species.

So yes we're constantly looking for good pattern makers. We don't want to hire them but rather work with a freelance pattern maker. So if you're a pattern maker looking for work please let us know.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The upcoming event

With the upcoming fashion expo this spring we have been rather busy organizing the event from dawn till dusk. There are so many things to organize and the most important thing right now is crowd control. With visitors expected to be in the thousands for the 3 day event it is imperative that everything runs smoothly and steadily.

We had to hire quite a number of stanchions which are going to be mainly set up at the entrance and further into the great hall. This is to ensure traffic moves in an orderly manner through the expo. The best thing about these stanchions is they come with velvet rope and retractable belt that you can print your company names and logos on.

Barricades will also be set in the car parks to direct cars coming in and out of the ground. Its going to be a busy weekend but I think we can get through it with flying colors.

Time to do something with my life.

Done! The venue has been organised and booked for this Saturday and my wish list has been broadcast to all. Now all that's left to do is wait for Saturday when it's going to be my 44th birthday, sounds pretty old doesn't it? So what have I achieved in my 44 year existence on this planet? Not much at all; I don't contribute to society in a great way, all I do is take up room breath in air. Time to do something with my life.

Orlando vacations

I think I should take the opportunity to take the family down to Orlando for a short break before I start my new job in the coming month. Haven’t taken any time off for quite some times and the kids are getting cranky, not to mention the wife! Growing up I can still remember Dad taking us on one of these orlando vacations whenever he could. I should be more like my dad to my children.

No one wins

At last we're getting some response to our little strike. We've been refusing to do any work for this particular client of ours because they haven't been paying us regularly. Even when they've come up with a repayment plan themselves they weren't keeping up to their part of the bargain.

Well now that we've stopped their work the matter has been referred up higher to the CEO. I hope to resolve this problem quickly because no one wins in these sort of situation.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Colon cleaning

The weekend has been a weekend of indulgence. We ate out just about every meal of the day and we’ve been stuffing ourselves without giving a thought for what our bodies could endure. Live for the day and worry about the consequences later. I wouldn’t recommend it though; it’s a rather bad habit of ours. Right now we need colon cleaning to get rid of all the baddies we put in our bodies!

Spring is here?

It has been a rather warm winter this year. In fact even though we're still in august which is the last month of winter here it sure feels like spring already. We've been having warm sunny days for the last few weeks. Even up north they're experiencing temperatures in the low 30's!

Having said that, just when we thought winter is over we got a cold spell last night. I woke up in the middle of the night by the cold temperature and had to use a second blanket. Just goes to show that its not really spring till September comes.

Monday, August 24, 2009


Television has come a long way since the days of black & white programs I used to watch while growing up. It has never been more exciting with the way television is heading; HDTV is the best thing to happen to television since color broadcast. The picture is crystal clear and audio is terrific. No more ghost images or snow anymore like in the old days. I love my television.

Not much fun getting old

I must be getting old. I remember years ago I was able to go out all weekend and still have plenty of energy on Monday morning for work. Now after going out on both Saturday and Sunday I was dead tired on Sunday night. Not that I did anything physically demanding, just hanging out at friend's house! Definitely a sign that my body is no longer what it was before. I'm going to have to slow down from now on. Not much fun getting old.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Colon cleanse reviews

I’ve heard so much of these colon cleansing programs that many people swear by them. They all recommend them to me but I’m still a little hesitating on whether to take it up. I think what I really like to do is read a bit more on the programs first before jumping into them. What I need is good unbiased colon cleanse reviews so I can make informed choices before committing.

I miss home cooked meals

I never thought I'd say this; I miss home cooked meals! This weekend we've been eating out just about every meal we had. Lunches and dinners were all eaten out so much so I'm sick of restaurant food now. Yesterday lunch was yumcha at Plume, dinner was at Taipan, Today's lunch was at Wheelers Hills Hotel and dinner at some Korean restaurant in Glen Waverley. I've had enough of eating out thank you very much. Gimme home cooked meals please.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

GPS systems

Remember when every car on the street has a street directory in it? Nowadays street directories are on the decline, thanks to gps systems floating the market. Prices for these new gadgets are dropping like flies and the ease of use is making them a more attractive accessory to get for your car than the old heavy street directory. But I’m old school; I’ve yet to catch up with the rest of the modern world. Still using my 10 year old torn street directory!

Loose loose situation

I really don't know what to do with this client. They're owing me more and more now and its getting harder and harder for them to pay me. First they came up with a plan to pay me every week but after a couple of week they missed a few payments. Now they've cut their repayments in half. At the rate they're going it'll take forever for them to pay me off fully, if ever. Maybe I should think about suing them for all the unpaid invoices. But if I do that then I must be prepared to loose them as a long time client and go to court as well. And I might not get all the money back. Its a loose loose situation.

Friday, August 21, 2009

A good sale

I’m one who’s always on the lookout for a good sale. Very rarely do I buy anything retail, there’s always somewhere you can buy what you want cheaper. Therefore it always pays to shop around; check the prices in other stores, look for special offers, check the web for other vendors. You’ll be surprised what you can find so before you splurge out on that special item you want from the store, shop around.

Birthdays & anniversary

This Saturday is a big day for us; its our 16th wedding anniversary. But we've also accepted an invitation to celebrate a friend's birthday so we can't back out now. So instead we are going to have our little wedding anniversary celebration during lunchtime and go to our friend's birthday bash for dinner in the evening.

A week from Saturday is going to be my birthday and it will be my turn to invite our friends out for dinner. I have a place in mind where we can go but hasn't book the place yet. My friends will probably ask me what I want for my birthday, its list is too long!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Car accessories

I can still remember when I first got my Honda. It was my pride and joy and I loved it to bits. I would wash it frequently and wax it regularly. The interior was spotless and I even went to the point of not driving it when the weather was bad. Ahh..those were the days when your car is the only thing you care about in the world. Every weekend would be spent shopping for whatever cool car accessories I could find for it and money was never a factor.

The Terminator

I feel like a Terminator, hunting and destroying the earwigs that have been plaguing my veggie patch. Seems to be like millions of them when I first saw them in the cover of darkness, munching away the tender seedlings I've just planted barely a week ago.

The first night was a massacre, I think I killed the vast majority of them. They hide in the crevices of the timber frames and I had to flush them out with squirts of pyrethrum. Last night I went hunting again but this time the body count was less, much less.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

LSAT prep

I’m thinking of going back to school. Can’t continue doing what I’m doing for the rest of my life, I’m thinking of studying law but I don’t have to give up work just to go back to school. Knewton LSAT prep can help me do that. I can do the study on my own pace from anywhere in the world which is handy since I travel a lot in my work. Yes, I’m definitely going back to school!

Keep looking

Wanting to get a cheap desktop PC without the monitor as well as the keyboard and mouse so I can hook it up to the LCD TV to act as a media machine. I have to wireless keyboard and mouse all-in-one that will make the experience more enjoyable.

So I've been looking everywhere for that special desktop PC but still haven't found it yet. It has to be sleek, slimline or compact and not a clunker like normal PC. There are some that I quite like but either its too expensive or the processing power isn't good enough. So I'll keep looking.