Friday, March 31, 2006

Safer Blogging

Today is a sad day in the blogosphere. Today we lost a fantastic blogger. Today we wake up to ourself from our so called 'safe' anonymity behind our blogger nickname and rethink our situation in the blogosphere.

Blogging is like sex, you don't have to be good to enjoy it! Anybody can do it and everybody enjoys it either maintaining one or reading one. I've always approached blogging with a open mind and tolerated most jokes that people may put on me. Similarly I've always be careful not to poke too much fun at the expense of someone's good nature. I know when to pull back when I think I may be going too far coz everyone has a limit and we should respect that. And we should also be humble enough to apologize if we pushed the limit a bit too far.

If we get upset easily then we might as well watch TV. Threatening people's job and dropping big shot's name is just a bit too much! What do you get to show for? That you know people high high up? That you are so childish and you need some big shot to bring people down? What you've done is really uncalled for and I hope you see that one day.

Try to have a good weekend everyone...

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Everybody Loves Jeremy

OK so I have to do this meme myself. Jeremy said so! Jeremy done his so I should at least try! So here goes;

Jeremy is a popular guy and everybody loves him so when he asked us to go over to his place for a sleepover everybody was too eager to please him (like when he asks us to do this meme!). Lilian was asked to bring along a whip, Siao Cha Bor to bring some handcuffs and Yvy to wear her sexy leather bondage gears! What has Jeremy got in mind for the night? Wingz and I were too sexcited about the sleepover we couldn't wait! Is he going to get the 3 girls to perform a threesome? We were shaking with anticipation!

When we all got to Jeremy's place we found him in his dungeon in his hairy birthday suit only, ready for action! Eww! What a terrible sight said Wingz and I. While the girls were getting on, Jeremy was playing with his 'shotgun'. After just 1 minute watching the girls he accidentally squeeze his gun a little too hard and an explosion went off and it was all over!

The End.

170 words.

Lame meme but if you want to tag yourself, knock yourself out!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Not Another Meme

That meme crazy Jeremy tagged me again! Summore he hasn't even done the meme but has the nerve to tag others! Lucky I hired Amelia as my secretary so she can do the meme for me!

So take it away Amelia!

Once upon a time, there were three desperate gardeners…namely KNB, JC and QV. These three men have been inseparable since their first camping trip to Bako last year. One fateful evening, they were getting themselves ready for a threesome.

KNB proudly took out his whip and handcuffs. All he needs to do now is to put on his ski mask. JC was already clad in leather made from pig-skin and his long legs which runs up to his tight butt were absolutely sexy in those fish-net stockings. QV was standing in front of a mirror, taking a last look at his once-upon a time hairy chest. Earlier he had to squeeze what was left from the very last remaining tube of hair-removing cream.

Suddenly, they all heard a gigantic grunt that sounded more like an explosion. They all went out to the patio and standing there was STP with a shotgun in his right hand. All three of them trembled with fear. STP asked with tears in his eyes, “Why wasn’t I invited to this sleepover? Don’t you guys love me anymore?” Before they could stop him, he blew them all a kiss & he pulled the trigger on himself.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Bollywood @ The Bowl

Last Saturday as part of the Festival Melbourne2006 there was a free Bollywood concert at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl just behind Alexandra Gardens. This show was organised by the delegates from India who will be hosting the next Commonwealth Games in Delhi.

Because this was the only show and because it was free we knew we had to get there quick if we wanted to get a good view of the stage or even just to get in! We arrived at 4 o'clock and there was already a queue forming!

On the entrance of the Bowl there was a list of all the things that are not allowed into the venue like alcohol, any kinds of drink bottles that are opened, weapons (huh?) chairs, skateboards...the list goes on.

The show doesn't start until 7.30 pm and they won't let people in until 5.30 pm so we had to wait in the stinking hot sun for an hour and a half! Meanwhile the queue was getting longer and longer until it reached St. Kilda road which was about 1 km away!

Finally came 5.30 pm and everyone had to go through bag checks to make sure none of the prohibited things were smuggled in. Terese decided to carry the bag leaving me with no bag for security check so I could go in first to secure good seats and it paid off! We were seated 6th row from the stage which was pretty good!

The late comers didn't even get a seat but they were able to sit on the lawn behind which was ok with some people but I don't think I like to sit all the way back here with or without a big screen.

Come 7.30 pm we still had to endure a speech from Mary Delahunty who is the Minister for Arts telling us what a wonderful job the government is doing spending our tax dollars for the Commonwealth Games! After her Indira Naidu a TV presenter from SBS was our announcer for the rest of the evening. By this time everyone was getting excited from the anticipation!

Finally the performers came out from the back, an entourage coming down the aisle amidst roaring cheers and applause! Most of the audience were of Indian descent and they were cheering their guts out!

I've never seen so many Indians in one place in Australia! This was the first time I've ever been to a Bollywood concert! Actually I can't remember the last time I went to a concert!

These are the Bollywood dancers, you can be forgiven if you think they're not very Indian that's because I believe they are local dancers! Can't bring everyone over from India!

And this is the star of the night, Indian's rising star Miss Sunidhi Chauhan who has sang in 100 Hindi movies so I heard! Sorry Yvy if you were expecting Aishwarya Rai I'm sorry to disappoint you. She's at the Closing Ceremony but not here tonight.

The show started with the joyous Jaipur Kawa Brass Band, all the way from Rajasthan and the Musafir Gypsies before they had to take 20 minute break to reset the stage for the main attraction.

This is the lady everyone came here to see tonight, Sunidhi Chauhan! The audience went ballistic! I felt so out of place. She actually has a really good voice!

All her songs were in Hindi but she did do 1 english song originally by Whitney Houston from The Bodyguard movie, I can't remember what its called!

Halfway through the concert the audience was getting more and more excited and they were starting to let their hair down! They were singing and dancing in the aisles from the very young to the very old! I've never thought Indians love to dance so much!

Sunidhi had a strong stamina, she didn't even take a break, only to swap costumes quickly and she's back on stage again rocking away much to everyone's delight. We were enjoying the show too though I couldn't shake my ass like them!

By the end of the show everyone was standing! No one was sitting, everyone was jumping up and down, singing and dancing with Sunidhi. Indians love to dance, why can't Chinese love to dance like them I wondered. Chinese are too stiff and boring!

When it was time to say goodbye, people were shouting encores begging Sunidhi to do 1 more song and 1 more song until she couldn't delay the inevitable anymore and had to call it the night.

There was fireworks outside to finish off the evening! I didn't get to capture any of it coz I couldn't get a nice view of it from inside. It was a night to be remembered. I've never knew Bollywood could be this much fun. I saw it in the movies but this was the first time I experienced it first hand!

Watch Sunidhi performs below;

Monday, March 27, 2006

A Disappointing Closing Ceremony

Due to the excitements of the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony just over a week ago Melburnians were expecting another incredible night at the Closing Ceremony.

Thousands flocked to the Yarra River to grab a spot on the banks to get a front seat view of the Ceremony, we did too! Worried that there might not be any spot left we got there really early at 4.30 in the afternoon! We found a good spot by the Yarra and set up camp, claiming our territory! Yippie!

It was a rather long wait, my friends and us took turn guarding our camp while the others go wondered about at the festival which was still going on. By 8 o'clock when it was dark and the Ceremony started inside the MCG we were greeted by the very well known lightshow with the fountain fish on the water. The only thing was they took away all the big screens from the banks of the river so we couldn't watch the ceremony that was going on inside the MCG! There were big screens at other places like the Alexandra Gardens and Federation Square but we wanted to have a front row seat view of the fireworks later. We decided to stay put and waited, and waited, and waited, and was such a long night! Why or why did they take away the big screens! What a major disappointment! The fireworks won't be starting until 10.00 pm!

We did get to see a bit of fireworks coming from the MCG every now and then but that was just parts of the show from the Ceremony inside the MCG which we didn't even get to watch! They told us to watch it at the other venues but then we would lose our spot on the river bank and if I wanted to watch it on the big screen which was like watching TV, I might as well watch it on TV in the comfort of my home! Damn the organiser! Why take off the screens on the banks!

Finally after 10.00 pm when the Ceremony inside the MCG finished we finally got to see the fireworks. It was as expected, there were coming from the MCG, from the fish on the river and from the building in the background. It was a magnificent display of fireworks! Only after 5 1/2 hours!

These are just some of the fireworks photos I took using my Sony Cybershot DSCP-10 using nightshot mode but only a couple came out good because you're supposed to use a tripod for these shots that requires longer exposure, handheld is never steady.

Well do I think it was worth the wait for a few minutes of fireworks? Probably not, the thing that ruined the night was the missing screens. We were left with nothing to do before the fireworks but wait and wait..what a disappointing night but the fireworks was good though. Watch the short video clip of the fireworks below.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Te Matarae I Orehu

Last Friday at the Festival Melbourne there was a Maori Dance Troupe called Te Matarae I Orehu and it was one of the best shows I've seen here at the festival.

The troupe is made up of 26 Maori kapa haka dancers both men and women. Check out these lovely Maori ladies, aren't they a pretty sight.

While the women sing and dance and swing their ball thingy in the foreground, the men played musical instruments and sang along with them. This is all too mellow for me...

...until the men started doing the haka! Kamateh! Kamateh! Ho! They even jumped off the stage and danced right infront of us!

Look how mean looking they are with their tattooed faces and legs even on their butts! I learnt that night that 'ha' means 'breath' and 'ka' means 'fire' so 'haka' means 'fire breath'. I didn't see them breathing fire though.

Each dance tells a story of some sort and not all stories are about war and killing your enemies, there were songs of love like what these 2 are singing about. Hmm...

Yay! More haka! This time they got their women to join in and they are just as fierce and mean as the men! I'm scared of Maori men and women liao!

Mine is bigger than yours! When they were swinging their spears around I was worried that they may drop them and hit someone in the audience! I'm so wimpy.

Well scary or not, they are one of the best performers I've seen here at the festival. Remember all performances and shows during the festival are free but you may have to queue a long time to see them but they're all worth it!

Before they finish up they grab some males young and old to join in the haka. Lucky I was spared! I would've look really stupid with my stiff joints and silly grin :).

Ok I just had to take this one when they were leaving the stage for all you females out there! 5xmom and Helen, your noses are bleeding so go have a lie down. Amelia and Che-cheh, don't get too sexcited and settle down girls!

Watch the haka below;

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Men's 50km Walk Final

Yesterday I 'catch snake' again at Docklands for the Men's 50km Walk Final. This is more than twice the distance than the 20km final and twice as challenging.

I got there quite late coz they started at 8 am and was expected to finish in 4 hour time which I don't have the luxury of time to watch the whole thing. When I got there around 10 am they were already half way through the race.

10 athletes were supposed to be in it starting with Steve Partington #1535 from the Isle Of Man. Steve finished at number 6 in 4 hours, 25 minutes and 39 seconds.

Next was Australian Christopher Erickson #1037 who finished at number 3 in 3 hours, 58 minutes and 22 seconds. Go Aussies!

3rd was Craig Barrett from New Zealand #1837 here walking alongside Aussie Duane Cousins #1031. Craig later finished at number 4 whereas Duane got disqualified!

Canadian Tim Berrett #1215 is seen here crossing path with Malaysian Abdullah Mohd Sharrulhaizy #1693. Tim finished at number 5 in 4 hours, 8 minutes and 18 seconds and Abdullah finished at number 7 in 5 hours, 7 minutes and 32 seconds. Malaysia Boleh!

Australian Nathan Deakes #1033 was the winner of the race finishing in 3 hours, 42 minutes and 53 seconds. He's seen here walking behind Kiwi Tony Sargisson #1847 who finished at number 2 in 3 hours, 58 minutes and 5 seconds.

I didn't get the picture for Nigerian Charles Arosanyin because he got disqualified at the start of the race. Another walker from Fiji Dip Chand who was supposed to be in it did not even start!

So the Gold medal went to Aussie Nathan Deakes, Silver to New Zealander Tony Sargisson and Bronze to Aussie Christopher Erickson.

I was only there for about an hour before I had to scrample back to the office coz the boss was coming in! But on the way back to my car I met some cyclists from Jamaica practising for Sunday's race and I had a rare chance of camwhoring them. 5xmom, stop staring at their tight fitting lycra pant and wipe the drool of your mouth!

Its A Small World After All

Tonight (rather yesterday) I went to Festival Melbourne again and guess who I bump into?

Its Mei the Meow! Its a small world after all, always talked about bumping into her and now it really happened! She was with her friends Ade (and sorry I forgot the other one). We were all watching the same show at the Big Top and I saw her when the show finish and we were all leaving. Went to ask her if she was who she was and she confirmed it. Shook hands, small chit chat, camwhore and then we say goodbye! It was great meeting you Mei!

Mei is actually the second blogger I've met, the first one was Alex from Gray Matter Meganova who happens to be from my hometown of Sibu. Alex helped me get a copy of King Kong from Sibu (he's my drug carrier) so that's how we got to meet up. Thanks Alex I owe you one, I'll remember that. Shout you kopi-o one day!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Snake King

I've been 'catching snakes' a lot this week and I'm starting to become a Snake King! Been sneaking out of work to peek at the games at Docklands and St.Kilda and in the evenings, gone to the festival in Alexandra Gardens. *Psst! I just got back from Docklands again to watch the 50km Men's Walk, will post that another time.

So I apologize to you all if I haven't been posting a lot lately coz I've been coming home late after the festival (having too much fun). I can't afford to stay up late till 3.00am blogging like a lot of bloggers I know for example 5xmom! Well hopefully after the Closing Ceremony this Sunday things will quiet down a bit so I can catch up on posting all my other 'catch snake' stories! hehe!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I Want A Dinosaur For Pet

I've been 'catching snake' too much in the last couple of days that my works had been piling up so had to catch up thus blogging had to be put in the back burner. But nevertheless I've managed to catch up so here I am again!

Taking a break from the Commonwealth Games and went back to Festival Melbourne2006 to get a bit of R&R and I was greeted with a creature from our past, a dinosaur!

I believe this is a herbivorous dinosaur so it is vegetarian and we're all safe! Its very popular with the kids though, big and small. It walked aound Alexandra Gardens sniffing everyone and sticking its nose into everything.

Ok if you really must spoil it for all its actually a person inside a suit and manipulated some mechanisms to move its head, open its small mouth, blink its eyes and even make a small growl! Ain't it cool! I want a dinosaur for pet now, if it was real and just eat plants...

...but not if it was a T-Rex! This is a carnivorous dinosaur and it eats anything that moves! Bigger than the previous one it has to be animated by 2 persons, one to walk it around and the other to move its head, open its massive mouth to show its enormous teeth, blink its eyes and roar out loud when its angry!

Still the kids love it! Everywhere it went children would follow wanting to touch it, growl at it and provoke it to bite them! Just pretend its not a model operated by 2 people and enjoy the terror!

This is just one of the many attractions happening down at Festival Melbourne2006 last night when we went to Alexandra Gardens for the free show at the Big Top which hopefully I'll post next.