Saturday, September 30, 2006

What've I Done On Grand Final Day?

Today is such a lazy day eventhough the grand final was on coz I'm just not into footballs like the rest of the country. So what did I do on the 1 day in september? The usual house chores, so boring but they had to be done.

I also managed to clean out the half barrel fish pond outside and by the time I'm finish, I didn't want to do anything anymore so I put on a DVD, sat on the comfy chair and just a few minutes into the show I snored away!

So that was my exciting grand final day, I hope you had a better day than mine. Tomorrow I'll go check out the Peruvian Festival in the city, should be fun and the weather will be good too. Yayness! Oh yes, Cocka it is aussie rules and Westcoast Eagles won so Dabido should be happy eventhough the rest of Melbourne really don't give a damn!

Friday, September 29, 2006

Grand Final Parade

Melbourne is in the midst of the grand final fever today. There was the grand final parade this morning follows by the big day tomorrow at the MCG.

The streets were full of interstate visitors from Perth and Sydney to support their teams the Westcoast Eagles and the Sydney Swans who will be playing for the premiership this year.

The parade started with the next generation of football players.

There will always have bands in every parades!

How can you have football without beer and lots of it!

All the teams that played in the AFL have their flags carried in the parade even if they didn't make it into the final.

This is what everyone is playing so hard for. The holy grail of the AFL carried like the ark of the covenant!

Here comes the mascots from the other teams; Melbourne Demon, Adelaide Crow and the Western Bulldog!

Then there's more band..

Then finally what the supporters were here for, the football players from both teams. The Westcoast Eagles came out first, sitting in the back of these Toyota Hilux.

Followed by the Sydney Swans with their mascot leading the way.

This is Adam Goodes of the Sydney Swans who won this year's Brownlow Medal for the fairest and best player in the AFL competition this year. Hey Adam, don't you know you shouldn't stick your tongue out when you're being photographed?

Here comes the rest of the team.

over it! Have a good wee Followed by the supporters. Big day tomorrow but I don't follow football so I'm not too fussedkend people!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

General Grievous

Yesterday I asked you whether you want to see more Star Wars figurines posts and I got these reponses from some of you..

Neo said; "Thank God no more Star Wars Figures :)"

Dabido said; "I vote for more Star Wars Figures Lord Wuching! :-)"

And Simple America said; "More Star Wars figs. Dude! Am I a geek of what? :P"

Majority rules! Case closed. I know what you want so I'm too happy to please you with this latest addition to my ever expanding Star Wars collection, General Grievous!

General Grievous was borned Qymaen jai Sheelal on Kalee, a Kaleesh warlord but was later tricked into leading the Separatist Army. He suffered a fatal attempt to maim him by Count Dooku and to blame it on the Republic. He survived with just his vital organs which the Geonosians later built a droid body to house them!

The droid body was built to resemble Krath war droids. Unfortunately this figurine is not very flexible in its movements and the arms do not split into 4 arms! And there was only 1 blaster and 1 light saber. There is another model that will split the arms with 4 light sabers but its not on the shelves yet.

This model however can be taken apart. You can separate the top half from the bottom half. Don't really know why they make it like that though, there's no point to it.

But the back can also be opened up to reveal the internal organs! Lets say one day you had a car accident and all thats left is your vital organs but you can be kept alive in a mechanical machine. How cool is that!

So did you like that post on General Grievous? Do you want to see more Star Wars figurines coz there's more to come! Just say when!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Time for some food I reckon, its been a while since I posted on foods and restaurants so might as well be now coz I've got nothing else to post unless you wanna see more Star Wars figurines!

We decided to try something new for lunch today. This little japanese eatery on 372 Victoria street in North Melbourne's been here for quite a while and we've driven past it countless times but never went in. Its called Bentokyo and today we will patronise it.

The place is small but cosy with lots of japanese decors to brighten up the place but it wouldn't be able to cater for too many people by the looks of things. Not to worry, they do a lot of takeaways as well.

I think the place probably underwent some recent renovation judging by the brightly coloured walls and wooden tables and shelves. It does have a strong japanese theme and that makes the atmosphere quite relaxing.

Well as the name of the place suggested, they do specialise on bentos, there are chicken bentos, seafood bentos and just about any kinds of bento you can think of so we thought we'll try them.

This is Bento Yakitori with teriyaki sauce. Comes with rice, seasonal fruits & teppan veg. The chicken was very tasty but I wasn't so sure about the bean sprouts though. Not enough taste but the chicken pretty much made up for it.

This is Bento Chicken Karaage with plum sauce. Also comes with the rice, fruits and veg. The chicken was good again but still, same problem with the bean sprouts..tastless! If you have a big appetite like Suituapui then this is probably not enough for you! Its like playing masak-masak!

But we did find the miso soups very tasty indeed! Mmm..its better than the bentos. I'll probably will come back in the future..just for the miso soup alone! Yumm!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Last Of The Sith Lords

I've been bad, very bad indeed. Can't help myself again, had to get it coz it was on sale again. I am too weak to resist, the Force is too strong with the dark side and I am seduced!

Here's my latest addition to my Star Wars figurines that I got on Sunday in Kmart when they had the 20% off. Its the dark lord of the Sith himself, the epitome of evil, Darth Vader!

One beef I have with it though, it doesn't want to stand on its own! I had to use blue tag to hold it in place, what kind of Sith Lord is that! But still kewl though don't you think? Comes complete with his red light saber!

Come with me Luke, join me and we will rule the galaxy as father and son! It is your destiny! The Emperor has forseen this and together we can defeat him and bring order to the galaxy!

Do not be fooled by what Obiwan told you, search your feelings, you know it to be true..your feelings have betrayed you. You will join me or die!

All he needs now are his band of stormtroopers which I don't have yet but clonetroopers will do for now. Why not? This can be at the start of the Empire before the Rebellion. Embrace the dark side!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Music Festival

I went to the Northcote Music Festival on Sunday. Apparently the festival has been going on for the last 5 years and this is the first time I've ever been there just to check out what they have.

They had to close up High Street from Clarke Street right up till Separation Street. The festival was expected to be held between 10 am till 10 pm filled with musics of all types and from all corners of the world.

I got there quite early, around 11.30 am when the street was still quiet and vendors were just setting up their stalls. Did you know that it is illegal to drink alcohol in public places except for the pubs and restaurants?

It was a mild morning when I got there but the weather soon changed and we had a cold front coming through bringing heavy downpours of rain with gusty cold air. It was freezing after that but that didn't stop people from coming out after the rain eased and the party continued.

There were a lot of venues where you can watch live bands and performers but you can also see them performing in the street like this group here which I never knew who they were or what they were performing. I was just there to see the camel toes!

This bohemian drum band performed really nice drum music from Africa. All venues along High Street were free but you were supposed to make a gold coin or fold donation to keep the festival running in the years to come because money from the government is never enough for events like this.

I went into the town hall to see the opening ceremony and also because it was warmer and dryer inside! When I got there this band was playing, they're the Velika Buka, I think they're greek but I could be wrong but they played nice music but in a different language which I did not know.

Then came the opening ceremony with the usual speeches by the politicians which I'm not going to bore you with but during the ceremony they had this group of Aborigines women who came all the way from the outskirts of Alice Spring to perform their Walpiri Dances. Guys, please don't get too sexcited because of the NNTTL! If you don't know what NNTTL is, ask 5xmom. Enjoy their dance below;

Sunday, September 24, 2006

See The World!

I went to see the world today and it only took me a few minutes. Yes, you read right..I saw the world in a few minutes! Its the cruise ship "The World" just arrived in Melbourne for a couple of days.

Unfortunately the ship nor the pier is open to the general public so we can just look at it from afar! This is a gigantic ship with 11 decks complete with pool and sports decks. Inside is even more spectacular but I'll never get a chance to see it. But you can have a virtual tour here!

This is the closest I could get to see it, from the shoreline. Its a floating city that cruises to the 4 corners of the earth while living a life of luxury onboard. They have everything they need on board so residences just enjoy their sheer quality of life across the surface of the globe.

I tried to compare it to the Spirit of Tasmania but from this angle it looks like its no larger than the Tasmanian ferry which is on the contrary because it is way bigger than that. Unker Ho, try paddling this boat!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Eagle Has Landed

I've been borrowing classic 70's chinese Shaw Brothers martial arts DVDs from the public library and catching up on all these nostalgic yet crappy movies from my childhood. Didn't know better when we were growing up watching them in the cinema but now realising how bad the movies were made but yet I could not look away! I love watching crappy Shaw Brothers martial arts movies! Maybe I'll blog about them when I've finish watching them so in the mean time, no time to blog but enjoy this Eagle from Docklands.

This 25 metre high sculpture by Bruce Armstrong sits on the southern entry of Docklands. It is made of timber, aluminium and glass. The Eagle was inspired by Bunjil, the spirit creator of the Kulin nation and it keeps a watchful eye over the Docklands development.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Made In Malaysia

When I went back to Malaysia in 2003 after being away for 13 years I discovered a drink that I learnt to love straight away and practically everyday when I was there I'd be drinking it coz its just so good!

I'm talking about 100 Plus the isotonic drink that restores your body's hydration and electrolyte balance, so says the manufacturer. But I like it because of its taste and because it tastes better than tasteless bottled water!

Here in Australia it is quite hard to find this drink because it hasn't catch up with the general population yet but even if you do find them like when I was pleasantly surprised to see them selling in a Safeway supermarket, they are overpriced and I just don't feel justified paying so much for it. 98 cents for a 325ml can! I'll drink coke which is cheaper.

One thing that's got more bang for your buck is these Foh San Mooncakes all the way from Ipoh which I posted last week. Thanks to all the people who supported us and do tell your friends and family about it. There's still plenty available and you can still grab some for the Mooncake Festival on the 1st of October. Priced at A$27.00 a box with the exception of the red bean paste at A$18.00 a box of 4 these little babies are flying out the door! Email me with your orders at and have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

My Clone Trooper

I've been bad and bought myself another Star Wars figurine to add to my collection. And it wasn't even on sales! I'm starting to get an itch to gather, gather all these figurines that they keep putting out there in the market! Must control myself, must control..

This time I got the Clone Trooper, yay! I've always like the Clone Troopers and the Storm Troopers, don't know why but maybe they're like little toy soldiers the child in me never got over playing with. Hold on, they are toy soldiers but in a Star Wars kind of way.

As usual they must try to seduce me to buy more by advertising the other figurines at the back of the package but I'm only interested in the Troopers but maybe I'll get General Grevious next time!

This Clone Trooper is the last kind in the linear transformation of the earliest Clone Troopers we see in Star Wars Episode II: Attack Of The Clones to the Storm Troopers we see in the original trilogy. You can see that it is starting to look very similar to the Storm Trooper now especially the helmet and the weapon of choice which is a short hand blaster as compared with the longer guns they had before.

The great thing about this figurine is that it is very flexible and you can get it to assume different stance and position you want unlike the Destroyer Droid I got the last time. George Lucas was very clever when he made Revenge Of The Sith with so many different types of Clone Troopers, each for different combat situation so that idiots like me have to go and collect all the different types!

Here's a view from the side rear. Notice that it is much stable than the other Clone Troopers I had from the Clone Wars cartoon. This one can stand quite steadily by itself whereas the ones before were quite flimsy and wouldn't stand properly sometimes.

Here's the frontal view, isn't that cool? I'm such a sucker for Star Wars figurines especially the Troopers! I probably want to collect them all but will do it slowly and in no haste.

So all I need is 1 of each kind coz I can make a whole legion of them with photoshop! One day when I'm in the mood I might even use them to make a short Star Wars story of my own!