Saturday, October 25, 2008

Tea Collection

In our line of work we’ve done quite a number of works for different children clothing companies throughout the years. We thought we’ve seen them all, I mean how much difference can children’s wear differ right? Well not till we’ve seen Tea Collection at where you will find hundreds of stylish children clothing at amazing prices. Their designs are quite unique and very original so if you’re looking children clothing you know where to go.

Well prepared for the summer heat

We finally got our air-conditioner installed for downstairs. The installers came bright and early yesterday morning to install the units in place but without an electrician license they weren't able to install the cabling. Another installer will have to come to finish the job.

The second installer came in the afternoon and took the rest of the day to finish installing the cabling. Because of the distance of the unit from the switch board he had to running cables through the garage and along the external wall of the house in conduits to get to the air-con. It didn't look too bad and he's done a good clean job. We're happy with it and well prepared for the summer heat.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Get our own office supplies

Working from home we have to get our office supplies ourselves now that we are working for ourselves. Gone are the days when we just tell our boss what we needed and miraculously we’ll get them the next day! These days the office supply fairy doesn’t exist anymore, we have to get off our butts to organize fresh supplies unless we risk running out of simple things like A4 papers or staples. The joy of working for yourself.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Building Fine Molds Millennium Falcon Step 11: The sides

In step 11 we start work on the two sides of the ship. There's not a lot involved in this step so we'll basically breeze through it. However there are still a lot of tiny parts involved so bring out your magnifying glass.

The two sides are almost identical so once you've done the left the right side will seem quite monotonous. Listen to some Star Wars music track while you're doing this.

Like I said; not much involved in this step but gluing tiny parts all over the different panels. I supposed that's what makes the whole thing fun; putting all the bits together.

Next step we'll start work on the lower hull so stay tuned.

Webhosting made easy

As a blogger I should know a thing or two about web hosting but unfortunately I’m quite clueless when it comes to this issue. All I know is writing about the things that matter to me and not much else. Thank goodness for blogs and the internet I can always seek help from other bloggers that are experts in the fields that I’m not. So whenever I need help on web hosting or anything concerning web hosting I’d go and read up all about it at the webhosting blog at where they have a separate page dedicated to blogging about web hosting.

Whether you are a seasoned expert in the field or a novice like the rest of us, everyone can benefit from reading what they post at the web hosting blog. They are written in simple and easy to understand English so you won’t feel like a dummy there. I’ve learned a lot since being a regular reader there now I know what to look for the next time I have to renew my domain hosting for my blogs. Plus I can also compare the different prices of all the different web hosts that they have listed there so it makes finding and choosing my next web hosts easy and fast. This way I spend less time looking for a web host and more time writing what I know best.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Building Fine Molds Millennium Falcon Step 10: The front

In step 10 we move on to the two triangles on the front of the ship. Basically its still a matter of putting more details to the ship. As usual I spray painted the parts on the trees before applying them.

The diagram in the instruction manual may looks daunting with so many tiny parts but once you get into it you'll find the task rather enjoyable and before you know it you're done.

Of course they're not all complete yet; I've only just done the initial bits and more will be installed at a later stage. But at least progress is coming along and I hope to get the whole thing done soon.

Eventually when all the parts have been glued onto the ship I will give the whole thing another coat of paint just to cover some parts that didn't get spray painted and to cover the glue stains.

Car insurance quote

We have two cars in our household and with the current economy uncertainty it can get a bit expensive in maintaining both cars. That’s why we are always doing our best to minimize expenses incurred by these two cars like buying gas on Tuesdays when the price is at its lowest and always get the car insurance quote from two or three sources before picking the cheapest one.

Building Fine Molds Millennium Falcon Step 9: Starting on the upper hull.

Sorry for the lack of update on my little project here. Thing is I've been busy but better I do it at my own pace than in a rush and risk fouling it isn't it? Well let's get on from where I left off before.

In step 9 I finally get a chance to work with the main body. Up till now I've only been playing around with the cockpit and other smaller parts of the ship. Now I get to play with the ship's hull.

The hull is actually made of 2 parts; the upper hull and the lower hull. I decided to give the upper hull a coat of paint before applying the details to it. I also gave all the smaller parts a coat of paint while they were still on the trees, I just think it'll make my work a little bit easier.

In this step we're concentrating on the 'nose' of the ship. A lot of the details had to be glued onto it with a steady hand and plenty of patience. Some parts are only 2 mm in size!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Every home must have one

Nowadays it is not uncommon for new houses to come with a home theater. In fact most developers are putting it in all their new home plans to make their houses sell better. We went to visit our friends a few weeks ago in their newly built house and they had a big home theater though it wasn’t complete yet. They even have raised floors like in the cinema. I can only imagine how cool it’s going to be when it’s fully complete. I hope they invite us over for a movie soon!

Go in the way of the dinosaurs

My CD collection is so old I'm too ashame to play any of them while working. Thank goodness for the internet I can download all the latest songs and albums and make my own CD collection.

CDs are a dying technology nowadays with most music lovers opting for mp3 formats so they can carry thousands of songs in their mp3 players and iPods. Well we can't stop progress so we'll just have to change ourselves to fit in with the time or we'll all go in the way of the dinosaurs.

Chicago accident attorney

Road accidents are part and parcel of the risks involved for us motorists. That’s why experience is of the utmost importance for young drivers just starting to drive. Give them plenty of opportunity to drive, be it rain or shine it’s the only way of improving their driving skill and build up their confidence. But no matter how experienced we are behind the wheel, accidents can happen to anyone and the last thing you want to do is get someone from Chicago accident attorney to sort out your mess.

Deal's done!

We've finally decided which air-con unit we're going to get; Daiken 9KW. This little baby is going to set us back a fair bit but it'll be all worth it. Then we're contemplating which dealer to buy it from; Coldflow or Camberwell Electrics.

Camberwell Electrics is more established but their quote was higher so I rang them up to find out if they would price match with Coldflow. They agreed to the price match so the deal's done!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Take some Baby Clothes with you

It always buffled me everytime I see new parents going out. They always have to carry so many things with them; their baby of course, diapers, milk bottles, toys and Baby Clothes. It's like an excursion everytime they go out, even for short trips. Ahh..the joy of parenting. No wonder they're always tired during that time of the baby's life.

Mr & Mrs Kiamsiap Boss came to visit

Mr & Mrs Kiamsiap Boss came to visit today. They needed me to help them list a couple of items on eBay for them; one was a wood heater and the other is their son's old car!

They wanted $7000 for it but I don't think anyone in their right mind would want to buy a bomb like that for that money. You can probably get a very decent car for $7000 but not what they have, a Hyundai Accent.

Lots of mens wedding rings on their hands!

Some men like wearing rings on their fingers but not me. I hate it, I just feel like there’s something in the way when I’m working with my hands. I don’t know how some men can appreciate all those blings on their fingers. The only ring I’ve ever worn on my hand was my wedding ring and now I don’t even wear that anymore. But some men have lots of mens wedding rings on their hands! *roll eyes*


We're getting some quotes for the air-conditioning downstairs. No choice, we MUST get air-conditioning or else we wouldn't be able to work in summer. It does get scorchingly hot downstairs when we get 40C days. Sweltering!

I rang up 3 places asking them to come for quotation but so far only 2 of them arrived. The third one representing Fujitsu never show up but the other 2 showed up and both gave me very competitive quotes. I'm still deciding who I should go with.

Friday, October 03, 2008

New office chairs

Well it has been over three months now since we set up our home business and all the equipments and furniture are actually hand-me-down from the previous business. It’s alright; we’ll just have to keep using this old furniture until we can afford to buy new ones. The first furniture we’ll be getting will be some new office chairs because the ones we’re sitting on now are falling apart!

New client

In any business it is most important to know people, lots and lots of people so with words of mouth your good work will be spread all over the industry and ultimately you will find new clients through that.

And that's exactly what happened to us; a client of ours has introduced a new client to us and we're going to meet this new client this afternoon. Even better this new client is in our local area and we pass his shop almost everyday!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Free audio books

There’s nothing better to spend the weekend than with a good book. Unfortunately I’m one of those people who tend to fall asleep 2 pages into the book! LOL I don’t know why but I just can’t finish a book anymore; I’d rather watch a movie, listen to music or do something interactively. But I think I’ve found a way back to books again and that’s with audio books. There are a lot of free audio books for us to try out on the internet. It’s good to have someone read it for you!

Conveniently forget

Where did the month go? Its the start of a new month again! Seems like only yesterday when September started but now we're into October now. Time to start calling all the clients haunting them for payments again.

You have to keep at them before they pay you. That's how everybody works around here. They take their sweet time paying so you have to keep calling them and remind them to pay or else they will conveniently forget!