Monday, January 31, 2011

Order chocolate covered strawberries

I have a sweet tooth; I need something sweet almost everyday and I just cannot resist chocolate or anything chocolaty. That’s why I want to order chocolate covered strawberries when I found this website that makes me drool. They have all sorts of chocolaty sweets and indulgence. It’s heavenly! I get out of control picking the orders and I think I overspent my budget!

Flowering and Ornamental Trees

Trees can be flowering trees, fruit trees, shade trees, ornamentals etc. Some attractiveTecoma argentea dwarf/medium height flowering trees or ornamental trees would be ideal for a home garden. Like, Cornus Florida (Flowering Dogwood), Magnolia, Hydrangea Paniculata, Cassia fistula, Jacaranda, Tecoma argentea, Cassia javanica etc. Tree saplings can be planted in trenches filled with a mixture of garden earth and manure in the ratio of 2:1. Support the saplings with stakes. Trees take a number of years to mature. In the first year, remove weak or unruly shoots. In the second or third year remove poorly spaced branches, leaving alone the central trunk. Once they settle, trees need to be watered only once in a while. But the watering should be deep and applied directly to the soil. Shade trees and ornamentals grow on a framework of older branches and need only infrequent maintenance pruning. Prune only dead, diseased or damaged wood or to correct a poor shape. Flowering trees can be pruned after flowering or fruition.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Best diet pills for women that work

She’s tried so many things but always ended up in disappointment. Is there anyone out there that can help? What are the best diet pills for women that work in reducing weight gradually and keep it off as well? After all the disappointments I think she’s given up hope on finding the right ones. Fortunately a friend got her in touch with someone who’s had success with some better ones and she might give them a go.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Aphids are tiny sap sucking insects usually about one to two millimetres long that appear when the weather warms. Colonies can build up very quickly. They eat developing shoots and flower buds by piercing the plant's surface and sucking out the plant's juices, which can result in deformed buds, flower loss and even defoliation of the plant. They do not just affect roses. Peach trees and hibiscus are tasty treats for aphids too.

There are chemical-free ways of dealing with aphids. The first strategy of aphid control is the most environmentally friendly, and that's to let nature do the work for you. Shortly after the aphids appear, watch for the appearance of the aphid’s natural predators. The best-known of these is the ladybird. And the ladybird larvae, which look a bit like a crocodile and eat more aphids than the ladybirds themselves.


Aphids are tiny sap sucking insects usually about one to two millimetres long that appear when the weather warms. Colonies can build up very quickly. They eat developing shoots and flower buds by piercing the plant's surface and sucking out the plant's juices, which can result in deformed buds, flower loss and even defoliation of the plant. They do not just affect roses. Peach trees and hibiscus are tasty treats for aphids too.

There are chemical-free ways of dealing with aphids. The first strategy of aphid control is the most environmentally friendly, and that's to let nature do the work for you. Shortly after the aphids appear, watch for the appearance of the aphid’s natural predators. The best-known of these is the ladybird. And the ladybird larvae, which look a bit like a crocodile and eat more aphids than the ladybirds themselves.

Weight loss diets

Growing up I was a big boy eating whatever I wanted and anything I wanted. At one stage I was so big that I just couldn’t keep up with my friends in school with their physical activities. That’s when my parents decided to put me on weight loss diets hoping to get my weight down to a healthier level. We tried a few diets but didn’t work but finally found one that was more suitable for me. Then the transformation began with a few pounds a week dropping off until I was normal again.

Sooty mold

Sooty mold is a charcoal black fungus that appears as a black coating on the surface of leaves, fruits, twigs and branches of many deciduous and evergreen shrubs and trees. This fungus is not pathogenic to plants but obtains its nourishment from insect honeydew.

Honeydew is a sweet, clear, sticky substance secreted by insects such as aphids, mealybugs, scale, and whiteflies. The honeydew drops from the insects to the leaves and twigs. Wind-blown sooty mold spores that stick to the honeydew then have a suitable medium for growth. When spores germinate, they send out black fungal strands (mycelial threads) that cover the plant tissue and cause the discoloration. A heavy coat of black mold may build up on needles and twigs over more than one growing season.On leaves, this coat of mold screens out light and reduces the plant's capacity to produce food. On some trees no obvious damage can be noticed. Shrubs under trees that are heavily infested with honeydew producing insects may be seriously damaged or killed because the leaf chlorophyll cannot function properly under the thick layer of sooty mold that develops. Azalea, Rhododendron, Pieris, Cotoneaster, holly and other low-growing shrubs, growing under shady conditions are susceptible to serious damage.

Sooty mold may be washed off plants, but unless the causal insects are controlled, it may reappear. To prevent sooty mold, you need to manage the insects. The insects involved are small and may be present in large numbers before the black strands of sooty mold appear. Trees and shrubs should be observed frequently during the growing season for honeydew and insects. Remember -- look for insects not only on the affected plants--but on overstory plants as well for evidence of an infestation when sooty mold appears.

Top diet supplements

Back when I was little we were all told to eat reasonable proportions of fish, meat and vegetables alongside diary products and fruits. But even if we do we still need other diet supplements like vitamins and other minerals which are usually taken in pill forms. One of the top diet supplements is fish oil which contains high levels of omega 3 that is supposed to be very beneficial to us.

Ash whitefly

Ash whitefly is a small white sap sucking insect which occurs in both temperate and Mediterranean climates. The first record of this pest for Australia was in Adelaide in autumn of 1998. A subsequent survey in June 1998 of greater metropolitan Adelaide and important fruit growing country regions found this new pest widely distributed in Adelaide from Hallet Cove in the south to the Barossa Valley in the north. There was only one record from the Adelaide Hills and none from the country regions surveyed. Interstate surveys in late June 1998 also found the whitefly in Wagga Wagga, Dubbo, Griffith, Gundagai in NSW and Canberra.

There are a number of natural enemies of ash whitefly that are important in its ecology. These include parasitoids, predators and diseases. The most successful of these is a small parasitic wasp, Encarcia inaron. In the USA and NZ, very good biological control has been achieved by this wasp. Initial surveys of the Adelaide area have not found E. inaron but as it is the best candidate, it is the highest priority task to introduce this parasitoid into Australia, after AQIS approval, if it has not already accompanied its host into the country

Refurbished laptops

My friend said he wants to get a laptop for his son for school but didn’t want to spend too much money on it since technology moves fast and soon his son would want a better one. So I suggested checking out some refurbished laptops; they’re pre-used but cost far less than new and most of them still have manufacturers’ warranties. It would be ideal for kids to use for a couple of years before upgrading.


There are 7,400 species of thrips in the world and quite a few are serious pests of plants. Some of the more commonly known thrips are Greenhouse thrip (Heliothrips haemorrhoidalis_), Western Flower Thrips (Frankliniella occidentalis_) and Plague thrips (Thrips imaginis).

Thrips are 0.5mm – 15 mm long and range in colour from white to yellow to black. Thrips generally have wings that are fringed but this can only be seen with magnification. Thrips attack the flowers, fruit and foliage of a variety of plants. Roses, fruit trees, azaleas, gladioli and a variety of vegetables such as tomatoes, onions and beans all suffer from thrip attacks. Thrips lay eggs inside plant tissue and the pupae feed on plant juices. Thrips also lay eggs in unopened buds making it difficult to control the insect. Thrips also spread plant viruses; for example tomato thrips and western flower thrips spread the tomato spotted wilt virus.

Thrips scrape the surface of the leaves and petals, and suck the sap, leaving a white mottled appearance on leaves. Other symptoms are browning on petals and fruit, and flower drop. If left unchecked the leaves, new shoots and flowers will become deformed and stunted. Wilting and browning can also occur.

Restaurant delivery

Usually on a Friday night after a long week, I just couldn’t be bothered with cooking. That’s when I would be looking for restaurant delivery in my local area. I usually ended up ordering pizzas, although Chinese and Japanese follow closely behind. Last Friday we had Indian which gave us some upset tummies so I wouldn’t be going back to them again. I think we’ll have Greek this week.

Rose canker

Rose canker is usually the result of careless pruning or breaking of stems. Dark reddish lesions and cracking bark of rose canes are symptoms of rose canker. They are caused by a fungus that enters through pruning cuts or wounds to the shrub. Cankers can encircle stems and cut off the flow of nutrients and water to growth further up.

Prune off and burn diseased canes. Canker can be spread from plant to plant by infected secateurs. Make a neat slanting cut to just above a good outward-facing bud and disinfect secateurs often.

Girls shorts

Funny how this year we haven’t seen much in term of girls shorts in fashion than previous years. I remember one year when girls shorts were very popular and I think it was due to that Duke of Hazard movie coming out where a very famous actress was wearing a very tiny shorts. Nowadays the style has died down again and less and less people are wanting to go for that style, instead going for something calls Batwing dresses!

Black spot

Roses are the world's favourite flower, and black spot is the scourge of rose growers. Black spot is a fungal disease and it thrives in warm humid climates. It starts off as a black spot in the leaf and then it turns yellow and eventually the leaf falls off, and if it's really bad, the plant can die.

When the black spot spore lands on the leaf, it germinates and sends its little root system through the cell wall into the sap stream below and it proliferates. If you thicken that cell wall, the spore lands on the top, the root system germinates and it goes halfway through and then fizzles out, and so you get less black spot. But how do you thicken that cell wall? It's easy - just use sulphate of potash and give them about 100 to 150 grams per bush about four times a year – this should guarantee a lot less black spot.

Nutrition and spraying will control most black spot but from time to time some bushes will be chronically affected. The only thing to do is to rip these out so they don’t infect any of the others.

Cutting tools

If sone one asks me what I want for my birthday this year I would say cutting tools. Yes I’ve wanted some of these for all the DIY projects I have started but yet to finish simply because I need some cutting tools to do what I need to do with them. I’ve also been telling myself to go get some myself from the hardware store but everyone who knows me knows that I’m the greatest procrastinator. So if I was to finish my projects I’m going to need some one to get me the cutting tools I need this year. That is so bad of me.

Rust disease

Rusts are diseases caused by fungal pathogens of the order Pucciniales. About 7800 species are known. The taxonomy of Pucciniales is complex and the darker coloured smut is often mistaken for rust. Rusts are so named after the reddish rusty looking sori and the disease is usually noticed after the first rains. The group is considered as one of the most dangerous pathogens to agriculture and horticulture. All rusts are obligate parasites, meaning that they require a living host to complete their life cycle. They generally do not kill the host plant but can severely reduce growth and yield. Cereal crops can be devastated in one season and trees that get infected in the main stem within the first five years, invariably die.

Rust fungi can be categorized by their life cycle. Heteroecious rust fungi require two unrelated hosts to complete their life cycle, with the primary host being infected by aeciospores and the alternate host being infected with basidiospores. This can be contrasted with an autoecious fungus which can complete its life cylce on a single host species.

Rust fungi can be further categorized by how many spores are produced during the life cycle. Fungi that produce all five spores (sometimes excluding pycniospores) are termed macrocyclic. Fungi that lack pycniospores, aeciospores, and urediniospores in their life cycle are termed microcyclic and always have an autoecious life cycle. Demicyclic fungi delete the uredial (repeating) stage from the life cycle. Understanding the life cycles of rust fungi allows for proper disease management.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Food storage

We’re heading into a bumper year in my veggie garden and there will be a lot of excess; we’ll eat some, give some away but will have to store some for future use. There are many food storage ideas like drying them or pickle them in brine. We can even sell some of them right outside our porch! Home gardens are great ways of saving on food and eating healthy.

Cabbage moth

The cabbage moth is greyish and small and is around 10mm across. The moths and butterflies lay their eggs on the underside of leaves. The larvae of caterpillars hatch from the eggs and then feed on the leaves or fruit, so it’s the caterpillar of the cabbage white butterfly or cabbage moth which does the damage. The blue-green smooth textured caterpillar is that of the cabbage white butterfly, while the caterpillar which is green-brown is that of the cabbage moth. They both start eating the outer leaves before moving to the inner heart of the cabbage. It is a good idea to try and either pick off the caterpillars or spray them when they are still on the outside of the leaf, before they tunnel into the heart. Plants favoured by cabbage moth and cabbage white butterfly include cabbage, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, Chinese cabbage, celery, beetroot, rocket and watercress.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Colon cleanse

Okay, so I’ve heard of it many times but I’ve yet to do it myself. I’m talking about colon cleanse which some claim to be very good for your health. A few of my friends have done it and now they’re doing it regularly. I’m still not too sure if I want to do it just yet. I mean like if I don’t do it I won’t feel bad health wise so why the rush to do it? Maybe I need more convincing so reading up on the benefit of it would be a good start.

Garden snails

Although we know all too well the diet of the Garden Snail, Australia has many native snails, which in the case of many other native animals much prefer to stay in their natural habitats. Our biggest species occur in Queensland, some with shells up to 70mm across. In Victoria there are two species of carnivorous snails that chase down worms, slugs and other snails in a slow motion battle to the death.

Snails are hermaphrodites; they are equipped as both a male and female. It still takes two to tango, but the odds are a lot better of finding a mate! After mating small clear or white eggs are laid in a moist position. Baby snails have very delicate shells, often a different shape than the parents; however this changes as they grow.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Flash drive

I can still remember the first flash drive I bought; it was years ago, 512 mb and cost a bomb! Nowadays you can get one ten times bigger than that and costs far less. Such is technology; they will always come down in price if you’re willing to wait. The flash drive is the best thing to happen to computers since floppy drives, for quite some times computers were stuck with floppy drives until the flash drives came along and did away with the old technology for good. Who knows what’s in store for us in the future.

Sawtooth coriander

Sawtooth Coriander (Eryngium foetidum) also called Thai Coriander, or Pointed Cilantro, Cilentro, Culantro, Thorny Coriander, Ngo Gai, Mexican Coriander, Phak Chee Farang, Daunketumbar Jawa, Chinese Coriander, and Long Leafed Coriander. It belongs to the Apiaceae, like the species listed above; is a biennial to 30-50cm, propagated by seed, sprinkled on top of the soil. Large oblong leaves form as a rosette.

The edge of the leaves are prominently serrated, hence its name, sawtooth coriander. Spiky erect green flower heads form from the centre of the plant, and little raised oval seed heads form in the centre, turning from yellow to brown when mature. If you like the flavour of coriander but have trouble growing the annual species, then sawtooth coriander will give you pleasure to grow and use. The smell and taste is very similar. Sawtooth coriander leaves have good potential for drying as it does retain flavour whereas the annual coriander does not keep its flavour when dried.