Thursday, June 11, 2009

Undermount sink

I find normal kitchen sinks too small to work with sometimes, especially when you need to clean your pots and pans. I’d prefer an undermount sink because with its deep and wide basin I can do my dishes easier, including pots and pans. Furthermore it’s handy because you can dump a lot of stuff into it like when you’re washing food and stuff. Well that’s got to be on my top must have list of things.

Sick again

Damnit! I'm sick again. Just when I thought I've gotten over a mild cold, bang! The virus hit me again and this time its even worse. Started out with a bit of nasal infection, then sore throat, coughing and last night high temperature and body ache.

I gotta see a doctor today. Blardy not be swine flu but I won't be surprised since I live right in the middle of swine flu central! Just exactly how I catch a virus I wonder coz I don't mix with other people so often...hmmm.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009


There are so many fat burning dieting pills out there in the market and for some one like me to choose the right ones that suit me can be really daunting. I think the important thing to do here is to do lots and lots of research into each and everyone of them so that we can have make informed decisions on which ones best suit us. I’m currently looking into Atrophex which I think will best suit me. You should check it out too if you’ve never heard of it.

Being your own boss

Yesterday was a holiday; Queen's Birthday in Australia which means everyone in the country got the day off work, us also. Sort of. It was good because it was quiet and we managed to keep up with our work so we can start a new lot this week.

The thing with owning your own business is that you don't necessarily get your holiday just because everyone else does. We have to work when its busy and relax when its not so that's just part and parcel of being your own boss.