Friday, August 17, 2012

Life insurance quotes at

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Compost Net

In my garden I compost everything. I've got a large compost heap in the corner for garden refuse, and a small bin for kitchen scraps. But in summer the materials ferment quickly and can get clouds of vinegar and fruit flies breeding in the compost. But there is a simple solution.

Just use some shade cloth and wire. Use the wire to stitch together an open cylinder – stitch it along the edge, so that it's open at both ends. Then slip this into the compost heap and tuck it underneath the base of the compost heap. This means that nothing can get underneath. But keep it open at the top so it’s easy to add the kitchen scraps. In between visits to the compost heap just twist the top together, and hold it down with a stone. That way you have absolutely no problem with flies and you get perfect compost.

Friday, August 03, 2012

Pool heat pump

I love the idea of having my own pool in my backyard. This way I can swim whenever I want and as many time as I need. However it is important that it comes with a good pool heat pump to warm the water in winter but at the same time saving some money maintaining it. Nothing worse than jumping into a pool of freezing water on a cold cold night.

Correcting Iron Deficiency

Yellow leaves on a green plant can indicate a number of problems, including lime-induced chlorosis. The symptoms of this condition are yellow leaves with darker green veins. It occurs on the new growth and when it's severe it can cause the whole leaf to become pale yellow or almost white. Lime-induced chlorosis affects many types of plants and happens when iron in the soil is 'locked up' and not available to the plant.

Alkaline soil is the major source of this problem and this is caused by the application of alkaline water, mulch or compost (such as spent mushroom compost). Sometimes it can be caused by lime leeching out of the render in walls and buildings.

To correct this problem, apply iron chelates. This should be mixed with water and can be applied as a foliar spray or around the root zone. If the weather is still warm, the leaves should start to green up within a week, however it will probably take a couple more applications at the rate of one application every two to four weeks until the leaves are as green as they should be. 

Treating your plants with iron chelates is only a short-term solution to the symptoms of chlorosis and it doesn't actually treat the soil. For a long-term solution, apply agricultural sulphur.