Monday, July 28, 2008

Sick fish

One of my fish has been sick for sometimes; its tail is rotting away and it couldn't even stay upright. Yesterday I decided to quarantine it by separating it from the others in its own little space treated with multi-cure treatment I got from the Aquarium.

I must say the medicine is doing it good coz this morning its upright! Still not swimming nor eating though but at least there's improvement. I just hope it makes it, would be a shame to see it die.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Running all over town

You don't have to run all across town looking for that wedding rings for your wedding. Just log on to and you'll find all the rings you need including a huge selection of mens wedding bands. I'm pretty sure you will find the rings you both like. Go on, do check them out today. Don't waste anymore time running all over town now.

Mouth ulcers

Dang! I have a mouth ulcer today, must've got it after the fried chicken from KFC yesterday. I'm very prone to mouth ulcers especially if I take fried food like fried chicken or chips. I used to get it even worse years ago before I use Listerine as mouth wash. But ever since using Listerine twice a day after brushing I'm getting less mouth ulcers nowadays, I still get them but not as often nowadays. So I conclude it must be due to bacteria rather than fried food!

Contemporary Jewelry

While we're at the subject of rings the same people that bring you tungsten rings also bring you titanium rings; another stylish and durable jewelry from where not only can you find rings but cuff links, ear rings and necklaces too. More and more people are getting into these contemporary jewelry, do check them out today.

A balance between the two

I saw a mouse in my compost bin the other day. No wonder the neighborhood cat likes to hang around the bin so much; it was looking for a meal! Anyway I put some rat poison in there hoping to kill it. I just hope it won't die inside the bin but rather outside because it will stink like hell if it did.

That's the problem with having a compost bin; we try to do our best for the environment by reducing waste but we get vermin along the way. What to do? There has to be a balance between the two.


I've been checking out these tungsten rings that are sleek, stylish and extremely durable on and I gotta say I like what I see! These rings are made by forging tungsten and carbide powders together to form this virtually indestructible rings. More and more people are swaying away from conventional rings to these modern stylish rings for any occasions.

I'm happy with it

I've told you already that my neighbor's moving to UK right? He left an old 17 inch ViewSonic monitor outside for anyone who wants it. Guess what? I grabbed it! Why not? It's a much better monitor than what I have now; it even has built in speakers and microphone and all the cables came with it.

So I've hooked it up with the work PC that I use everyday and I can hear sound! LOL. Then again I couldn't get the microphone to work but I'm not fuzz over that..and the stand is a little dodgy which is of no concern. I'm happy with it.

Better sense

We went down to the local Salvation Army depot to drop off some old clothes for charity. While we were there we were amazed at what we saw; there were thousands of old clothes that people didn't want especially baby clothes. I think it's because babies grow out of their clothes before they wear them out. Goes to show sometimes hand me down clothes make better sense than buying new ones.

There's just no stopping them.

What a start to the morning; as soon as I walked into the kitchen this morning I was greeted by hundreds of ants marching along a trail from the window down the wall, across the stove and into the wall. I know Terese would freak out if she sees this so I quickly wiped them off with a wet rag and put some ant sand that would kill them.

Last I checked there wasn't any but you never know, they might just keep coming but that's what the ant sand's for; to kill them all. We've always had problems with ants and we thought we've eradicated the problem but now they're starting to come back. There's just no stopping them.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Contemporary stylish rings

Getting married doesn't mean you have to get the traditional wedding rings that most young people dislike. There are new contemporary stylish rings that will appeal to all ages from, even mens wedding bands so do check them out today. You'll be glad you did.

A surprise visit

Just got a surprise visit from my ex-Kiamsiap Boss and his wife. They were in the neighborhood suburb and decided to drop in to see how we're going with our business. The last time they were here was 10 years ago when we just bought the house.

Well it was kind of nice to see them drop in, they didn't stay very long though coz they're on their way to the solicitor to get the contract that would finalize our buying the business from him.


Our neighbors left in quite a haste; they're off to live in the UK for a few years because the husband has been promoted to work there for a number of years. In the haste of moving they've forgotten to bring some of their essential furniture like the crib for the baby. Luckily they can get another crib bedding from quite readily.

So cold

Golly its so cold today! I'm freezing my butt off in the office. I used to complain about my Kiamsiap Boss not turning on the heater but now that I'm paying for the gas I'm being the Kiamsiap Boss myself!

Anyway its good to know that I can go play a game of two of tennis on the Wii to keep myself warm. Now that I'm all warmed up I'm back in the chair again. I'll probably jump back on the Wii as soon as I'm frozen up again!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Gotta be happy with that

I’m no wine connoisseur but I have two friends who are and boy do they love their wine. Just about every birthday and Christmas presents can be wrapped up with a bottle or two of fine wine that these two wine lovers will adore. Now that I’ve found a site that has all the award winning wine of the month clubs I have plenty of fine wine to choose from as gifts for them. They got to be happy about that.

It's good to be frugal

I've been a really good boy all weekend; I stayed home all weekend and didn't even went out. Well maybe down to the shops to buy some food but that's about it. Saturday was spent babysitting Terese's niece and nephew and Sunday was spent doing the odd jobs around the house like mowing the backyard's lawn, changing the water in the fish tank and just lazed around the house!

I'm not complaining since I'm working from home now so it doesn't really matter if I went out on the weekend or not. Actually not going out means I save some money since going out only means spending more money. It's good to be frugal!

My Recipes

I like to think that I’m quite well trained in that I can pretty much do anything in the house like cleaning up and washing up. But there’s just one thing I’m not too good in and that’s cooking. Sure I think I can cook up a meal or two that are very basic but if it’s something gourmets you’re looking for then I throw in my towel. But it’s good to know that I can get recipes for more exotic cooking from that can help me improve my cooking skill.

Sabrina came to visit.

Sabrina & her brother came to visit on Saturday with their parents. They've come to play the Nintendo Wii, they seem to have fallen in love with the game console and even their dad has decided to get one sooner rather than later.

They pretty much stayed the whole day here at our house, playing Wii. It was a God sent for the parents because they were even able to go out by themselves for a couple of hours while we babysat their kids. Well, they're good kids and easy to take care of..I thoroughly enjoyed the day with them.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Personalized Baby Gifts

When going to a baby shower one is expected to bring along a gift either for the baby or the mother. Wouldn’t it be better if one could bring along Personalized Baby Gifts that are different to the other gifts the other guests bring? Well you can at where personalized gifts are a specialty. Check them out today.

The Pope in Sydney

The Pope's in Sydney this week and there are thousands of pilgrims around the world that came to the harbor city just to see him, to cheer him on, to hear him speak and just to be in the same city as he is.

The Pope's being treated like a royal, a superstar enjoying all the attention, the glamor and the splendor that money can buy. Too bad Jesus never got to enjoy all those when he was around but all the popes do. Religion aside I think this does good to the city and the country on the whole cause it brings in visitors and put us in the eyes of the world.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

First time parents

I think for first time parents they will be very tempted to buy all the new baby furniture for their nursery in anticipation of the new baby. Then when the second baby comes along they can use all the furniture from the first nursery.

Once you've decided not to have anymore kids you'd want to get rid of all those furniture you bought! Do your good deed for the day; give them to first time parents!

Quiet day

Today's quite a contrast to yesterday; yesterday we worked from dawn till dusk but today it's been quiet, too quiet for my liking. But then again we usually had days like these at the old place and we used to loved it! Now that we're working for ourselves it's a different thing.

Well it wasn't a total wasted day, I did went out to see my clients in the morning so that got to count for something. Just no new work came in today that's all. Gave me a chance to catch up on all those things I was meaning to do. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

Best grow lights

When setting up your greenhouses you should always use the high pressure sodium grow lights systems from Access Discounts. These 100% American made systems are the best priced and of the best quality in the industry. Anything less is a waste of your money and time. So remember Access Discounts when you need grow lights.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The move part 4

The guys all started rocking up after 6 and by 7 everyone was here. I asked for too many helpers but it was better to be safe than sorry. There was Selwyn and Paul, Terese's brothers Heng and Sang all came to help. Sure makes heavy work light.

But it was dark already at that time of the night but luck for us there was a spot light inside the truck and with my porch light we were able to see what we were doing. Easy peasy, the 2 plotters were soon in the garage in no time!

Mens wedding bands

One thing you got to remember when you’re getting married is never to let your parents do any of the planning. A friend of mine had these parents who thought they knew best so they must be in any decision making regarding the wedding like the wedding rings. Never let them choose the wedding rings for you, find the right rings including mens wedding bands that you like, not what the parents like!

The move part 3

When we got home Terese and I started moving the lighter things into the house ourselves. We even managed to move in the 2 filing cabinets and the heavy digitizing table! We emptied the contents of the 2 filing cabinets before moving them with the aid of the hand trolley.

The digitizing table though it's heavy but when the table top was taken off the weigh was lessen and I was able to move the stand with the hand trolley and the table top was carried in. We still had the 2 plotters to be unloaded from the truck and my helpers should be arriving around 7 in the evening...

Crib bedding

Not only did our friends bought the moses basket from the shop they also bought a crib bedding set to go in the nursery. I gotta say some of the beddings I saw in their catalog were really quite beautiful. Maybe I should start thinking of having babies of my own soon!

The move part 2

The Kiamsiap Boss arrived at the factory not long after but we needed more than 2 able persons to move the plotters so we had to wait for his son Scotty to come help us. Took him a while but it's better we had more help than none at all.

Surprisingly we managed to load up the whole truck by lunch time. The trolleys and the hydraulic lift of the truck help a lot and soon we were out of there and heading home...

Moses basket

Some friends of us were out looking for a bed for their newborn when they found the cutest baby bed they’ve ever seen. It was practically like a basket, a moses basket to be precise. Like how Moses was sent down the river in a basket. It was so cute they had to get it!

The move part 1

Well the move went better than I anticipated. We started dismantling the computers and plotters on Thursday afternoon and were able to take all the computers home in 2 cars! All that was left were the 2 plotters which had to be moved with a truck the next day.

Friday morning I had to wake up at 6 to be ready for the truck. Terese drove me to the rental place to pick it up and we were both at the factory by 8:30 am. Then it was a matter of waiting for some able bodies to help load up the plotters.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Thinking twice

I guess the reason why I never wear any rings on my hands is because I’ve never like rings. But then when I saw those Titanium Rings I’m beginning to think twice. They are stylish and very elegant in designs plus they last a lifetime. Maybe I should start thinking of wearing some blinks on my hands from now on.

We'll be right

I think we're doing the right thing; risking the security of working for someone else to go out and be our own boss. I'm pretty sure we are doing the right thing. Well if it's not then we have to make it right. There's no alternative, we either make it or we go bust and I choose to make it. We'll be right.

Think of the freedom we're going to have working for ourselves. The money we'll be making, nothing motivates better than making money for ourselves. Makes hard work easy. Makes working weekends all worth it.

All that blinks

I for one don’t like wearing jewelry; I don’t even wear my wedding ring! I know some men who like jewelry a lot and they like wearing those sparkling blinks all over their bodies. But that’s just going over the top and it looks ridiculous. If you’re going to wear jewelry wear some nice mens jewelry from

A happier man

You know with all the stress I get from setting up this new business I've neglected to do my Yoga and exercises on the WiiFit. Yes I know it's terrible, my whole routine is thrown out of place. I'm not exercising, I'm not blogging, I haven't done any house chores, my garden has been neglected and I'm not having any fun!

Well hopefully after this weekend when we've moved the equipments into my house and we can start working at home things will start to go back to normal and I'll be a happier man.

Firstborns get the best

Most first time parents would want everything to be perfect for their firstborn. So before the baby arrives they’ll have everything set up nicely like the bed and baby furniture for the nursery. But as soon as the second baby comes they tend to slack off a bit, they won’t mind old hand me down stuff and old furniture. I’ve seen it far too many times.

Friday's the day

Friday is the day we've planned to move the office into our house. I've booked the truck and will be picking it up at 8 in the morning. The 2 plotters and the digitizing table are the heaviest items so the truck is mainly for carrying them. The computers are relatively light so we might even just transport them with our own car.

There will be people at work to help load up the truck before I drive it home in the evening where my friends and brothers in law will be there to help unload. Hopefully everything will run smoothly on the day.

Hand me down crib

Most people when having a baby will get the hand me down crib bedding from their friends or other family members. It’s a rather good idea; you save money and you know for sure your baby’s going to outgrown that crib in no time. Then you can give it away to another friend who’s having another baby!


I'm totally stressed! All these being my own boss isn't quite as easy as I thought it would be. There's so much to do, so many things I gotta get done properly before I could even begin to call myself boss!

Today we went to see the accountant who will be looking after our books. His name is Ron and he seems like a man who knows what he's talking about. Well he better coz I'm clueless in terms of book-keeping but he assured me he's got something easy for me to work with. Let's hope for the best.

Saturday, July 05, 2008


A kid’s brain is like a sponge; it will absorb any kind of information you throw at it. That explains why most kids love to read, they just can’t get enough of them. Even before they learn how to read they still fall in love with books, they’ll get an adult to read the books for them and as soon as they know how to read there’s just no stopping them. It’s hard trying to keep up with their reading and thank God there are plenty of children's books out there.


I've been neglecting my blogging lately. No choice, there's too much to do with the new business so blogging will just have to take a step backward. I'll be happy when everything is up and running and things calm down a bit so I'll have some spare time to catch up on the blogosphere.

I haven't been reading up on my friends' blogs either and have not had contact with them for quite sometimes. Hopefully I can get back to my blog socializing with them soon rather than later. I hope they still remember who I am!

Unlocked phones

I remember when cellular phones just came out they used to cost a bomb. Nowadays they’re practically giving them away or selling for a fraction of what they are worth. The reason for service providers to do that is to attract more customers, what they make a loss on the phones they can make it back from the calls. It’s a win-win situation for both parties but the problem is these phones are locked to their networks. There are places where you can get Nokia unlocked phones and they don’t necessarily cost a fortune.

Working on Saturday's been a while since I last work on a Saturday and today I am! Well, just trying to catch up on all the works so I can go see the accountant and other appointments next week. If I don't do it the works will never get done and that means I won't get paid!

It's kind of nice working on Saturday; there's no interruption so works can be done quicker. No stress, taking my own sweet time and when I've moved the office into my house next week I'll be able to work Saturdays every week if I want..not that I'd want to but it's possible if I have to.

Home gym

Yes I know I’m putting on a few pounds lately. There’s no excuse for not doing more exercises but work’s been really busy. I’m thinking of setting up a home gym so that I wouldn’t have to spend too much time going to the gym as I’ll be able to do my exercises at home. All I need is good exercise equipment and all the other accessories to go with it.