Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Rudolph and the 5Xmom

Only 6 more sleeps till Christmas and in case you've been living under a rock, Linpeh has released the final edition of Rudolph in your house song sang by the 21 bloggers like 5Xmom, Cocka and Wingz just to name a few.

Here's the song;

If you like the song so much you can download it from here.

But more importantly 5Xmom is giving away 2 RM50 prizes to 2 lucky bloggers who can tell which lines she sang in that song! To find out more head over to her post here.

Now 1 of the requirements for entering this competition is to complete this slogan:

Reading 5xmom is so...

Aiyo I dare not put here what I was going to say lah! Paiseh, so I'm going to write a lyric to the Rudolph song since we are so into Rudolph now. So just sing the words to the Rudolph tune below;

Lilian the 5Xmommy
Has a very generous heart!
This year she's giving money
2 bloggers are gonna win!

So if you want to win it
You just have to join the game
Head over to her weblog
It will tell you what to do

Lilian the yummy mummy!
You'll go down in history!

OK..if I don't win the RM50 then the competition must be rigged! Oh one more thing..I have to say which line she sang and the line is;

...Rudolph with your nose so bright...
...Won't you guide my sleigh tonight...

Apa ini? What kind of competition that requires I put my answer on the blog for all the other competitors to see! But just knowing the lines is not going to win it coz the judges are Linpeh and Wingz so...Psst! Linpeh and Wingz..if I give both of you RM10 each you let me win onot? Don't tell people lah, quiet quiet say I'm the winner OK?


5xmom.com said...

Wuah...you clever la, simply give wrong answer, kasi everyone guessed wrongly and then, you come up with the right one later on ah? Eh, my voice got sound so young meh? Aiyoh, now everyone confused liao. Hahaha.

Lin Peh said...

OK! Set !

Sweetpea said...

A Malaysian Melburnian!! Woohoo! I love the pics you took. Sorry I know it may not be the drill but where is The Boulevard? Would love to bring Aidan there. Tima kacih, tima kacih!

Simple American said...

Heck I cannnot figure which lines I sang. LOL

Wuching said...

5xmom: hah? u mean my answer is wrong? damn! miss out liao!

lin peh: tenkiu tan sli!

sweetpea: The Boulevard is in Ivanhoe, just ask any Melburnian & they'll tell u where!

SA: hehehe..ask linpeh!

Anonymous said...

Hey, want to wish you merry Christmas in advance!

Wuching said...

thankz angel! merry christmas to u too!