Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Living On Credit

Gone are the days when cash is the only way we could do our purchases. Nowadays just about everyone has at least 1 credit card in their wallet. My wife and I only ever had 2 Credit Cards to use between the 2 of us and they’re more for convenience than anything else.

We do most of our purchases be them large or small with our credit cards and then paid them off whenever the statements arrived thus not getting slugged with interest. Plus the 2 credit cards are both linked to the same reward company so we earn points while we shop and reap the rewards later! It’s great having credit cards but we must be disciplined not to overspend or we’ll get into financial trouble. Here are a couple of articles about overspending on your credit cards which I find interesting, one is about credit card debt and the second is about paying off your credit card.


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