Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wuching Playing With Shits!

I meant to post this on the weekend but I forgot so here it is now. It's just an update on my little project in my backyard, I'm re-cultivating the garden bed down the back fence so I can grow something else to replace the plants that's died over summer. I've dug up the ground and laid the root barriers and now I have to feed the soil before I plant anything.

There's this ahpek who sells sheep manure by the roadside not too far from my house on the weekend. I've bought sheep manure from him before, he gets them from the farm and sells them here.

I bought 2 bags costing $8 a bag. When I first bought them years ago they were only $6 but now...anyway they don't smell too bad because they've 'aged' so don't have that terrible smell shit has! Still, shit is shit and my garden loves shits!

This is soil wetting granules, they help the soil if the soil does not soak up water anymore which is what mine is doing so handfuls of these will help the soil absorbs moisture better.

This is blood and bone made from the leftovers from the abattoirs. Basically animal remains like bones and blood from cow, pig, chicken and all those animals we eat for granted! It also will feed your soil very well and it does not smell at all.

This one will smell a bit but I don't really mind coz I'm used to it ledi! It's chicken manure made into pellets sold as Dynamic Lifter but shit is still shit OK?

So then I poured all those things onto the flower bed, raked them in and mixed them all up. Back breaking work but I love doing it, so much fun. I could dig and dig and dig till the sun goes down.

Here's the end result, the soil is revitalised and ready for planting. I don't know what I should plant there yet, maybe you can help me decide. Tell me what I should plant there and then I'll make up my mind later.


nyx said...

wah.. looks good.

My mother also loves gardening and has a little plot of land where she plants all sorts of things.

She also has a little koi pond, maybe you want to start one also?

Cocka Doodle said...

I'm sending over a bag of my shit...with compliments. LOL

JamyTan said...

Wow, u are one rajin guy ! Very fortunate wify !

cc said...

You're quite a gardener. Good job on prepping the soil. How about some lavender plants? They smell divine and very pretty! :)

Anonymous said...

Err.. What are you planning to plant in your backyard? Will you also make a pond to keep turtles? :)

narrowband said...

Papaya trees. Then you can brag about being in a Papaya Farm day in, day out.

CRIZ LAI said...

Vegetables for the table:
carrots, cabbage, lettuce, cauliflower, tomatoes, spring onion (in case u need to garnish something), etc

Flowers for the room:
Lavender, carnation, rose, bird of paradise, hydrangea, etc

Fruits for the dessert:
cherries, apricot, peach, apples, plum, macadamia,etc (but i doubt u can plant these as it's too near the fence)

Happy Gardening :)

Simple American said...

I would plant a row of rose bushes. Might keep the cat away and flowers are so nice. :)

Anonymous said...

hydrangeas, in blues and whites. Nice.

Anonymous said...

dig this post! wow..i don't even step in my garden now unless i need to hahahahah. mayb is bcoz my garden oledi mature can't do much anyway and dont want to tempt my dog to dig up after me :) have a nice day

ah nel said...

plant ur ass thre...

me said...

ya, me too! i can contribute!! plus my children's too.....full of nourishment you know. kaka.

Anonymous said...

Plant red roses.

Jonzz said...

Whoa *holding nose* that's a plot full of shit!


Plant whatever makes your garden looks nicer.

Anonymous said...

Plat durian there can or not?

Anonymous said...

I mean plant. :)

Wuching said...

nyx: unfortunately its illegal to keep koi here in victoria but i do have a goldfish pond tho.

cocka: thank u! chicken poo is very good especially from cocka doodle!

kayatan: yalor, read my next post to see what a fortunate wifey i got!

cc: lavender is a great idea, i'll keep that in mind...thankz!

pelf: i got a small fish pond ledi, u sponsor the turtles?

narrowband: cannot grow papaya trees here, too cold.

criz lai: go easy, i only got small piece of area!

SA: i tried those before but didn't do well so now i wanna try something else.

C4STP: hydrangeas need shady area but that area full hot sun in summer!

bengbeng: u have durians in ur garden ledi!

ah nel: yeah, i'll shit there tonight!

me: good idea, more contribution! send it over please!

che-cheh: i tried that before but didn't do well there so wanna try something else now.

jonzz: yes, i'm still thinking of what to plant there..

neo: cannot lah

Anonymous said...

how about sunflower???

whole row of sunflower look fresh hehe..(^o^)

Wuching said...

mspretty: sunflowers are nice but they're annual meaning they last 1 year only, i need something more permanent.