Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Memes are being replaced by Bloggy tags

This is a long overdue tag. Sorry Pelf but better late than never ya! Right, here are the rules;

# Do a written task or answer a question. Then tag 1-5 others to do as you did.
# Tag your post with the cute little glowing “Bloggy tag” button to alert readers that you’re playing.
# Link the button to the post of the person who tagged you, if you didn’t start the game.
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Tell us about the nicknames you were called when you were younger.

Ho! I used to get so many nicknames thrown at me by all those evil bullying kids in school and people in my neighbourhood like Hoo Jing lah, Hoo Li Jin lah, Big Ears lah, Ah Niu Kor lah and not so long ago even Elvis pulak! People are so mean, I have feeling too OK! Hurt my feeling lidat, lucky for them I'm not the revenging kind.

Hoo Jing used to be a Hong Kong movie star long long time ago when I was still a kid. If you're not as old as me then you probably dunno who she is but you just need to know that she used to play hiaw hiaw san ku liu poh kinda characters so imagine my hurt when kids call me by her name simply because my name sounds like hers. That really scar me for life!

Hoo Li Jin is a mandarin word literally meaning 'vixen demon' a type of evil spirit that prey on innocent men by seducing them into adultery or something lidat. Did I explain correct onot? Help me out here anyone? Reason people called me that is more or less the same as the reason for Hoo Jing coz my name sounds lidat mah. Ahhhh...I damn angry and tulan when people called me that before!

Big Ears was actually a nickname my family gave me. Yeah, what a great family I had didn't I? Why? Coz when I was growing up I had very big ears so all the relatives call me Big Ears lor. I didn't like it and would punch and kick them back when they called me that and then get told off by my parents! You say crappy onot? Then some uncle would say big ears mean good life but up till today I still searching for my good life. Here...good life, where are you good life?

Ah Niu Kor you probably know is something to do with cow or bull. Reason is my surname sounds like it and so people would call me that, even my ex-boss used to call me that every now and then! I should've sue him kau kau for workplace bully and bankrupt him!

Last but not least would be Elvis which was given to me only about 10 years ago by my friend coz I used to style my hair like Elvis punya hairstyle mah! You know Elvis' hair back in his younger days? But now I cut my hair short short so no more Elvis for me, infact not anymore nicknames for a long long time so it's good! I like it that way so don't you guys start calling me by my nicknames again har!

Go tag yourself!

The End.


Anonymous said...

WHOA! That was a good piece! I'm sure you hated your parents for giving you your name, which in turn attracted a few "bad nicknames".

But then, I do think there should be a nice meaning behind your name, so don't be too sad about it. Hahha :)

Thanks for being a sport! :)

5xmom.com said...

Never tag me! *pouts*

Anonymous said...

I call u sith now ok? You like that? :P

CLare said...

What a variety of nicknames you got there...Big Ears to Elvis...ROFL!

Dabido said...

Well, Mister Elvis, can you explain the difference between a Meme and a Tag? I can't tell the difference. I've seen this same question before as a meme, and now I keep hearing people say it is a Tag and not a Meme. It just seems like a new name for the same old same old.

Anonymous said...

Funny nicknames!

Wuching said...

pelf: you're welcome! next time i tag u!

5xmom: dun worry, you are first on my list to tag!

che-cheh: oh yes, i like that a lot!

clare: dun laugh so hard la..

dabido: bugger if i know!

neo: yeah, not nice cool nicknames like some ppl get like neo from the matrix lidat!

Simple American said...

Kids are so mean!!!

Wuching said...

SA: we were all kids once.