Wednesday, May 30, 2007

One Two Three Four Hi 5!

Criz Lai tagged me with this Hi 5 meme so c'mon let's together gather sing along to the Hi 5 song now; One Two Three Four Hi 5! One Two Three Four Hi 5!

5 things found in your bag
Chey! I'm not a woman so I don't carry a bag and no I don't even carry a man bag either! OKlah I do have a backpack that I carry around with me when I go out sometimes lah so;

1) My silver tripod I bought secondhand from the Salvation Army Opp Shop which is broken now! The blardy screw that screws onto the camera is 'screw loose' ledi so the camera sits on top but wobbly wobbly lidat how to shoot steady?

2) My Gorillapod which is better than that stewpig silver tripod I mentioned in #1 but I don't get to use it often enough. Best $40 I've spent on my camera accessories.

3) A small Clinique cosmetic bag Terese gave me to put all my little USB cables, phone charger, USB stick, battery charger, phone earpiece, etc, etc...

4) My Traveler DV5040 mini DV camera I bought from Aldi for $179, great little camera but best use in bright light or else too dark cannot see anything. Too bad I don't use it too often, not even for home video!

5) My double sided dildo...oops! lau chui!

5 things found in your purse/wallet
Aiyo why you wanna know what's in my wallet oh? So kaypo can die! I'll tell you but I'll have to kill you later so;

1) My driver's lesen lah, you want to see my pikchure onot?

2) My credit cards lah, you want to know the credit card nombor?

3) My Flybuy card, video rental card and Medicare card lor though why i bother carrying the Medicare card I also dunno since I use it only once in a blue moon.

4) Lots and lots of cold hard cash in denomination of hundreds, fifties, twenties and fivers. Oh, that's from my wishlist meme, dunno why it got mixed in here.

5) My unopened specially 'ribbed' for pleasure and more satisfaction condom from my bujang lapok years. Oh wait, it's not...just my satchet of viagra tablets.

5 favourite things in your room

Apalah lu! Now moving into my bedroom pulak! I shy shy wor...

1) My jockstraps and thongs in my top linen drawer.

2) My personal lubricant.
3) My secondhand iPiaoMei I bought from Tan Sri Linpeh.

4) My collection of ladies underwears.
5) My money hidden under the bed.

5 things you’ve always wanted to do
Why? You wanna do with me issit?

1) Ménage à Troi
2) Go to Mars

3) Win Malaysian Idol, Singapore Idol and Australian Idol.

4) Perform miracles like Yehsou.
5) Live my life from the start again.

5 things YOU currently into

Oh so you can help right?
1) Blogging lor.
2) Eating lor.

3) Sleeping lor.

4) Pangsai lor.

5) Tah Fei Kei lor.

5 people WANT TO tag comes the fun part;
1) 5xmom again, don't care if she done or not done before.

2) Dabido again coz he good sport wan.

3) Clement lor coz its revenge!

4) Kayatan coz she didn't do my last tag.

5) Neo just becoz he foochow mah.


Anonymous said...

Hehe..I was giggling at the Clinique bag until I read it was for your USB stuff :p I thought Wuching had gone metro! :)

CRIZ LAI said... are a damn sporting guy :) I like the way you put it...I still can't stop laughing now :P

Anonymous said...

Done! :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I didn't mention, Anonymous was me again. lol So I've done the meme. ;-)
- Dabido

clement said...

revenge for which one? ha ha, ok, i'll do it, with pictures... ha ha, not soon, but soon enough... :P said...

Eeek! You pervert (pointing to things in your room)
Ok, ok, this wan, I haven't done yet, so must do mah. After all, five is my lucky number hor?

Anonymous said...


Wuching,...........I really dunno what to say lah. Only can *salute* Hahahah! said...

Anonymous said...

Humor! :D

Anonymous said...

Good, can I use your iPiaoMei? Share share lar...

Wuching said...

pinkelle: but i am metro!

criz lai: nolah, i just eat full nothing to do ma..

dabido: i knew i could count on u!

clement: u better or else!

5xmom: i no pervert, i just have a healthy sex life! hahahaha

clare: why u speechless? i salute u back lah

che-cheh: :P

neo: make sure u wash it before u return ah!

Anonymous said...

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